S Surnames

SANDERS, Edgar J., born 6 Dec 1883.

SANDERS, John W., born 1 Aug, 1911 to mother Mary Lotimer.

SANDERS, William Hobart, born 1 Aug 1896.

SANDLIN, Effa, born 7 Aug, 1915 to mother Jane Couch.

SANDLIN, Peggie, born 8 Sep, 1916 to mother Addie Gay.

SARGEANT, Cecil, born 15 Jan, 1918 to mother Oma Wells.

SARGEANT, Dora F., born 3 Jun, 1920 to mother Minnie Vastine.

SARGENT, Clarence, born 8 Jun, 1915 to mother Ginna Sharpe.

SARGENT, Edward E., born 23 Oct, 1915 to mother Oma Wells.

SARGENT, Mary K., born 25 Oct, 1919 to mother Ada Gill.

SARGENT, Ray, born 23 Oct, 1915 to mother Kate Stith.

SARGENT, Viola E., born 21 Jun, 1918 to mother Katie Zoller.

SARGENT, Walter Leo, born 16 Aug, 1920 to mother Kate Zoller.

SARGENT Jr., Dollie, born 15 Nov, 1911 to mother Dottie Sargent, Sr.

SAYERS, Earl F., born 25 Jul, 1915 to mother Hettie Price.

SCHAEFER, Izetta, born 20 Feb, 1918 to mother Pearl Gosney.

SCHAFFIN, Adia L., born 17 Feb, 1919 to mother Viola Gowens.

SCHALCK, Clyde, born 2 Oct, 1913 to mother Minnie Viers.

SCHALER, Mabel M., born 15 Dec, 1915 to mother Minnie Viers.

SCHANDING, Charles E., born 27 Jul, 1918 to mother Emma Sargent.

SCHANDING, Robert L., born 26 Aug, 1917 to mother Emma Sargent.

SCHANDING, Russell E., born 14 Apr, 1919 to mother Emma Ritter.

SCHEIDT, Russell E., born 1 Jul, 1912 to mother Clara McClanahan.

SCHEUTZ, John E., born 4 Jan, 1915 to mother Helen Aylward.

SCHEUTZ, Stella M., born 3 Jan, 1913 to mother Helen Aylward.

SCHLUETER, Donald V., born 28 Jan, 1914 to mother Mattie Delaney.

SCHLUETER, Talton L., born 21 Mar, 1920 to mother Shirley Belew.

SCHNEIDER, Charley, born 27 Sep, 1915 to mother Pearl Ammerman.

SCHNEIDER, Euella A., born 12 Aug, 1912 to mother Minnie Ammerman.

SCHREAK, Albert W., born 12 Aug, 1917 to mother Ora Dougherty.

SCHRECK, Frances A., born 5 Dec, 1920 to mother Ora Doughtery.

SCHRECK, Ruby J., born 19 Jan, 1920 to mother Flora Sullivan.

SCHRECK, Viola F., born 16 Mar, 1916 to mother Ora Daugherty.

SCHUETZ, female child, born Nov 1910, parents Mr. & Mrs. John Schuetz.

SCHUETZ, Helen L., born 4 Nov, 1913 to mother Julia Duffy.

SCHUETZ, Katherine, born 18 Oct, 1914 to mother Katherine Crawford.

SCHULTZ, Cora M., born 26 Feb, 1913 to mother Georgia Ashcraft.

SCHULTZ, R. S., born 22 Apr, 1911 to mother Georgeann Ashcraft.

SCHULTZ, Stella M., born 10 May, 1915 to mother Annie Ashcraft.

SCHUTTER, male child, born Aug 1910, parents Mr. & Mrs. John Schutter.

SCHUTTER, George E., born 27 May, 1913 to mother Lucy Messmer.

SCHUTTER, Herman C., born 21 Oct, 1919 to mother Margaret Myers.

SCHWALLER, Carl J., born 14 Nov, 1916 to mother Anna Unknown.

SCHWALLOW, Joseph C., born 8 Jul, 1914 to mother Annie Muchring.

SCOTT, Isabel H., born 31 Mar, 1916 to mother Minnie Greene.

SCOTT, Lislie W., born 17 Aug, 1916 to mother Laura Pugh.

SCOTT, Robert L., born 14 May, 1919 to mother Fannie Pugh.

SCULLY, John B., born 16 Oct, 1920 to mother Laura Redman.

SELLERS, Clarence, born 20 Feb 1880.

SELLERS, Harvey, born 17 May 1893.

SHAFER, Augustus Edward, born 4 Feb 1886.

SHAFER, Beulah M., born 2 Jan, 1912 to mother Viola Gowers.

SHAFER, Charles W., born 20 Feb, 1913 to mother Verlie Handcock.

SHAFER, Joseph I., born 3 Sep, 1916 to mother Viola Gowers.

SHAFER, Marion Thomas, born 11 May 1892.

SHAFER, Oral S., born 15 Oct, 1913 to mother Edna Gowers.

SHAFER, Wilford T., born 6 Aug, 1911 to mother Verley Hancock.

SHARP, Albert S., born 2 Apr, 1915 to mother Mary Thompson.

SHARP, Annie, born 11 Jun, 1920 to mother Mary Workman.

SHARP, Beula, born 22 Jul, 1912 to mother Nellie Skinner.

SHARP, Carrie, born 28 Sep, 1912 to mother Mary Marknan.

SHARP, Charles T., born 4 Dec, 1916 to mother Anna Hardin.

SHARP, Charlie, born 9 Sep 1883.

SHARP, Edna E., born 9 Oct, 1918 to mother Ruth Bradford.

SHARP, Elizabeth L., born 8 Apr, 1914 to mother Nora Baily.

SHARP, Elmer, born 16 Dec 1894.

SHARP, Joseph W., born 29 Jul, 1915 to mother Sally Blackburn.

SHARP, Lea, born 14 Mar, 1915 to mother Mary Workman.

SHARP, Lorene I., born 26 Jan, 1920 to mother Josie Chapman.

SHARP, Malcolm G., born 31 Jan, 1914 to mother Nellie Skinner.

SHARP, Mary M., born 24 Oct, 1911 to mother Annie Martz.

SHARP, May B., born 26 Oct, 1920 to mother Rosa Routt.

SHARP, Mildred M., born 22 Aug, 1920 to mother Lexa McClanahan.

SHARP, Oscar, born 28 Jul, 1911 to mother Hattie Florence.

SHARP, Ralph E., born 3 Nov, 1917 to mother Gertrude Pangburn.

SHARP, Roger B., born 28 Nov, 1912 to mother Scllier Sharp.

SHARP, Roger E., born 17 May, 1919 to mother Rosa Hardin.

SHARP, Roman E., born 7 Jul, 1913 to mother Gertrude Pangburn.

SHARP, Roy R., born 19 Aug, 1918 to mother Rosie Routt.

SHARP, Sanford, born 21 Aug, 1917 to mother Mary Workman.

SHARP, Velva A., born 6 Nov, 1914 to mother Maude Lonaker.

SHARP, Wendell F., born 2 Nov, 1915 to mother Gertrude Pangburn.

SHARP, William D., born 28 Mar, 1920 to mother Zadah Wiles.

SHATWELL, William H., born 5 Feb., 1917 to mother Dollie Biddle.

SHAVER, Alta C., born 29 July, 1916 to mother Jessie Cummins.

SHAVER, Cora M., born 22 Nov., 1914 to mother Vergie Hancock.

SHAVER, Walter F., born 17 Dec., 1911 to mother Laura Campbell.

SHEEHAN, James G., born 7 June, 1918 to mother Loretta Kelley.

SHEHAN, Marcella M., born 11 Jan., 1918 to mother Hellen Finn.

SHELTON, male child, born Nov 1910, parents Mr. & Mrs. Ingram Shelton.

SHELTON, Frederick L., born 1 Oct., 1916 to mother Jessie Burlew.

SHELTON, Louise, born 30 June, 1912 to mother Orpha Kennedy.

SHEPHERD, Lorene M., born 13 Dec., 1915 to mother Dora Mullins.

SHEWALTER, Samuel C., born 28 Oct., 1915 to mother Edna Moore.

SHIELDS, Anna M., born 16 Jan., 1919 to mother Mary Wells.

SHIELDS, Elizabeth J., born 21 July, 1920 to mother Louise Houston.

SHIELDS, Ruth, born 15 Aug., 1919 to mother Sarah Flynn.

SHIELDS, William A., born 12 Aug., 1913 to mother Sarah Flynn.

SHIPP, Andrew W., born 9 Dec., 1914 to mother Luella Brown.

SHIPP, Joseph R., born 6 Sept., 1915 to mother Alpha Asbury.

SHOEMAKER, male child, born Jul 1910, parents Mr. & Mrs. Jason Shoemaker.

SHOEMAKER, Alicia F., born 27 Feb., 1916 to mother Myrtie Foley.

SHOEMAKER, James M., born 21 Oct., 1916 to mother Maude Yelton.

SHOEMAKER, Kyle G., born 23 June, 1911 to mother L. Gedge.

SHOEMAKER, Mildred Y., born 18 Dec., 1913 to mother Maude Yelton.

SHOEMAKER, Ruth E., born 19 June, 1919 to mother Myrtle Foley.

SHOEMAKER, William W., born 26 Apr., 1911 to mother Annie Smith.

SHOEMAKER, Woodrow L., born 7 Oct., 1918 to mother Maude Yelton.

SHOMAKER, Genivieve E.., born 27 July, 1915 to mother Edna Ledge.

SHOOP, Samuel 1., born 28 Oct., 1912 to mother Mary Lovelace.

SHORP, Muncie F., born 11 July, 1919 to mother Anna Horden.

SHOTWELL, Claudie R., born 27 Jan., 1920 to mother Bertha Hamm.

SHOTWELL, George T., born 28 Apr., 1920 to mother Florence Sorrel.

SHOTWELL, Raymond E., born 11 Sept., 1918 to mother Dolly Biddle.

SHOWALTER, Melbourne D., born 12 July, 1913 to mother Margaurett Kabler.

SHUMACHER, Arthur A., born 1 Dec., 1912 to mother Annie Perkins.

SIMMONS, Gladys L., born 6 Sept., 1914 to mother Lola Bush.

SIMMONS, John Franklin, born 3 Jan 1897.

SIMMONS, Randolph R., born 13 Oct., 1912 to mother Hazel Ransom.

SIMONS, Garnett L., born 12 Apr., 1911 to mother Mary Dotson.

SIMONS, Rosa, born 3 May, 1916 to mother Mollie Dotson.

SIMPSOMS, Harrett, born 20 Jan., 1929 to mother Rosa Ford.

SIMPSON, female child, born Oct 1910, parents Mr. & Mrs. Richard Simpson.

SIMPSON, male child, born Oct 1910, parents Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Simpson.

SIMPSON, Chester R., born9 Mar., 1916 to mother Mary Bush.

SIMPSON, Edna O., born 11 Jan., 1913 to mother Elizabeth Rainey.

SIMPSON, Everett C., born 5 Sept., 1913 to mother Ida McKinley.

SIMPSON, Florence P., born 4 Sept., 1917 to mother May Brister.

SIMPSON, Harvey E., born 11 Aug., 1914 to mother Clara Adams.

SIMPSON, Jessie, born 14 Sept., 1916 to mother Rosa Ford.

SIMPSON, Jno T., born 29 Oct., 1915 to mother Eliza Bristow.

SIMPSON, John T., born 6 May, 1913 to mother Rosa Ford.

SIMPSON, Lillian C., born 29 Apr., 1911 to mother Ida McKinley.

SIMPSON, Mabel L., born 23 Dec., 1915 to mother Elizabeth Simpson.

SIMPSON, Thomas 2, born 16 July, 1911 to mother Rosa Ford.

SIMPSON, William K., born 17 Dec., 1918 to mother May Brislow.

SIMS, Frank R., born20 Aug., 1911 to mother Luna Parish.

SINE, Lula L., born 15 Jan., 1913 to mother Iris Craig.

SINE, Nellie E., born 11 May, 1911 to mother Ivir Craig.

SIPE, Frank E., born 24 Jan., 1911 to mother Della Jayne.

SLATER, Allie 1, born 23 Aug., 1918 to mother Maudie McMillian.

SLATER, Alma M., born 6 Aug., 1916 to mother Maude McMillin.

SLATER, Charles H., born 12 Mar., 1914 to mother Lucy Ashcraft.

SLATER, Clyde F., born 20 Dec., 1917 to mother Lucy Ashcraft.

SLATER, Lelia B., born 1 Oct., 1914 to mother Ethel McMillin.

SLATER, Mildred G., born 17 Sep., 1914 to mother Maud McMullin.

SLATER, Woodrow W., born 18 Mar., 1919 to mother Lucy Ashcraft.

Smalley - Sykind

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