1850 Mortality Schedule

Transcribed from microfilm by Sherri

Schedule 3 - Persons who died during the Year ending June 1st, 1850, in the 1st District, County of Pendleton, State of Kentucky, enumerated by John Wheeler.

Free or Slave
Married or Widowed
Month of Death
Cause of Death
# of Days Ill
Hauser Fields 10/12 M       MO August   Flux 14
James Kennett 1/12 M       KY Octr     6
Joseph Watson 66 M       MO Septr Tanner Tifoid F 26
Easter 60 F B S M KY Decr   Dropsey 60
Thomas C. Houston 3 M       KY Febry   Scalded 22
Thomas H. Clark 11/12 M       KY August   Cholera inf 90
Augustus Robbins Jr. 23 M       KY July Physician Cholera 1
America 40 F B S   KY April   Chonic 30
Henry 1 M B S   KY May   Croupe 30
Rachel Bryan 21 F       KY July   Small Pox 10
Matthew T. Bryan 2/12 M       KY July   Small Pox 4
Elias Parker 2 M       KY Septr   Croupe 21
Nancy Best 2 F       KY July   Cholera Inf 12
--- Sargent 1/12 F       KY March   Cholery Inf 2
Enoch Henrichs 38 M     M KY March Farmer Drowned Sudden
John 4 M B S   KY Septr   Inflamation 30
Michael Welman 65 M     M MO Jany   Dropsy 365
Martha 3 F B S   KY Septr   Congest f 5
Dicy 21 F B S   KY August   Tifoid F 18
John Ellis 46 M       KY March Laborer Cholera 10
Martha Fields 1 F       KY April   Croupe 2
John Rice 25 M     M KY Septr Farmer Typhoid Fever 10
Henretta Bishop 56 F     M MO Febr   Consumption 2 years
Michael N. Rawlings 18 M       KY Janry Laborer Typhoid Fever 25
Henry T. Aulick 8/12 M       KY July   Unknown 1
Edward C. Colvin 1/12 M       KY July   Unknown 4
Martha Haley 7/12 F       KY July   Croupe 10
John Earles 4 M       KY Febry   Epileptic 5
Martha Courtany 86 F       VA April   unknown 25
Elizabeth 4/12 F B S   KY April   Croup 1
Ann G. Holmes 1 F       KY July   Unknown 10
Sarah 95 F B S   VA Septr   Old Age 15
Andrew McClanahan 65 M       VA March   Unknown 7
Robert A. Browning 1/12 M       KY Janry   Unknown 10
Marcus Fields 3/12 M       KY July   Inflamation 15
Margaret King 21 F       KY June   Consumption 60
Jane Pribble 25 F     M KY Feby   Consumption 17
William Gosney 69 M     M VA June Farmer Cholera 5
Richard Gosney 25 M     M Ohio June Farmer Cholera 1
J.H. Payne 33 M     M Penn June Farmer Cholera 1
Margaret Lancaster 1 F       KY July   Cholera 9
Thomas Pribble 58 M     M KY Decr Farmer Rupter 7
Ann James Poston 42 F     M England Janry   Arasepilis 5
Elizabeth McCloud 26 F     M KY August   Palpitations 3
Sarah Cleveland 60 F       VA June   Consumption 90
Thomas Waggoner 68 M     M VA May   Inflamation 14
Henry Hacium 9 M       KY Septr   Flucks 15
Angeline Thornberry 7/12 F       KY July   Flucks 7
Dudley Hotton 43 M     M KY Decr   Pluracy 5
Joseph Cushard 4 M       Ohio Decr   Unknown 7
Lydia Ann Fisher 19 F       Ohio Janry   Consumption 100
James A. Turner 2/12 M       July July   Cholera F. 21
Catherine Maines 35 F     M KY July   Cholera 1
Mariah L. Hobbs 1 F       KY August   Head Plurecy 4
Margaret Flake 3 F       Ohio June   Head Plurecy 6
Sarah Flake 1 F       Ohio July   Lax 21
George Ann Lively 11/12 F       KY May   Scarlet fever 5
Melvira Fossett 2 F       KY July   Cholera Fever 1
Mary Fossitt 1/12 F       KY July   Cholera Fever 3
Nancy Fossett 1/12 F       KY July   Cholera Fever 3
Haney C. Barker 15 M       KY July   Flux Fever 9
Martha J. Barker 17 F       KY July   Flux Fever 9
Hiram James Rice 2 M       KY July   Flux Fever 4
Catherine Fossett 32 F     M KY July   Cholera 1
Joseph Roberts 33 M     M Germany July   Cholera 1
Mary Fossett 77 F     W Penn July   Cholera 1
Catharine Curry 35 F     M Ohio March   Child Birth 1
Philander Kidwell 10/12 M       KY July   Inf. Bronco 8
Elizabeth Woods 15 F       Ohio July   Cholera 1
Hero Amborse Bolley 1 M       KY July   Flux 60
George M. Jones 6 M       KY March   Entation 3
Juliann Dunaway 1 F       KY July   Unknown 10
George W. Clifford 9/12 M       KY July   Diarea 15
--- Hatton 1/12 F       KY Decr   Unknown 1
William Holmes 62 M     W PA May Carpenter Unknown 113
Elizabeth Rarden 13 F       KY June   Inflamation 7
J.G.W. Rardin 52 M     M PA July   S. Brane 182
Charity Snapp 17 F     M KY Ocxtr   Tifoid Fever 25
Thomas Carr 33 M       Ireland July   Cholera 10
Martin Conner 35 M       Ireland July   Cholera 5
James Harvy 12 M       Ind May   Tifoid Fever 18
Jesee Bubart 32 M       KY August Laborer Consumption 5
John Barnhill 25 M       KY August Laborer Consumption 90
Jacob Willis 1/12 M       KY June   Unknown 7
Benjamin Aydelott 29 M     M KY March Laborer Tifoid Fever 30
Eleman W. Howe 5/12 M       KY Decr   Enitiation 5
William Howe   M       KY Octr   Appi F. 1
Emily Childers 34 F     W KY August   Consumption 120
Tilford 3/12 M B S   KY August   Open Head 3
Mary A. Dale 16 F       KY Septr   Consumption 60
Benjamin F. Mullins 1/12 M         Febry   Unknown 2
Inft. Orr 1/12 M         Febry   Unknown 1
Ellender Vastine 27 F     M   June   Consumption 1 year
Daniel Brownfield 17 M         Apr Laborer Tifoid Fever 17


Spelling is as written. Errors most likely exist, between the spelling on the original and difficulties in reading the old handwriting. Please let me know if you find errors so that I can make the corrections.


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