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1860 Mortality Schedule

Transcribed from microfilm by Sherri

Schedule 3 - Persons who died during the Year ending June 1st, 1860, in the ___ District, County of Pendleton, State of Kentucky, enumerated by me, J.S. Coleman, Ass't Marshall.

Page 2

Free or Slave
Married or Widowed
Month of Death
Profession, Occupation or Trade
Disease or Cause of Death
# of Days Ill
Elizabeth Graves 57 F W   M VA May House Worker Lung Fever 8
Amanda Griffen 1 F       KY June   Hooping Cough 30
Nancy Poore 21 F       KY Oct House Worker Consumption 2 years
Nancy Carr 12 F       KY Dec   Scarlot Fever 3
Wm. A. Jackson 7 F       KY Dec   Scarlot Fever 4
Gremazey 2 F       KY Dec   Scarlot Fever 3
Charles W. Dunn 6 M       KY Dec   Scarlot Fever 4
Not Named 2 days M       KY Nov   Not Known 2
Sarah A. Stith 5 F       KY Oct   Scarlot Fever 2
Frances G. Piercefield 20 F       KY Jan   Consumption 64
Richard Belew 69 M       VA Oct Farmer Abses of Lungs 60
Theadore Lummies 5 M       KY Oct   Scarlot Fever 4
Arabelle Livingood 7 F       KY Feb   Inflamatory Rumatism 30
Sarah Rainey 42 F     M KY Nov Core of Family Typhoid Fever 21
Rebecca Thompsonn 60 F     M KY Feb Core of Family Fall from Horse  
Obediah Brock 1 M       KY Feb   Hooping Cough 8
Margaret A. Moore 1 F       KY Mar   Putred Thort 5
Richard S. Thompson 2 M       KY Mar   Putred Thort 7
John M. Bauldwin 4 M       KY Oct   Scarlot Fever 14
Mary E. Bauldwin 2 F       KY Nov   Scarlot Fever 14
Anne Bauldwin 6/12 F       KY Nov   Scarlot Fever 9
Cate Moster T.G. Hall 7 F B S   KY July   Scarlot Fever 4
Louisa A. Moster T.G. Hall 6/12 F B S   KY July   Scarlot Fever 9
John R. Spigle 7/12 F W     KY Apr   Croop 2
Mary S. Brown 44 F       KY Apr   Consumption 180
Mary Coopper 12 F       KY Dec   Milk Sickness 5
Rebecca Y. Montgomory 4 F       KY May   Flux 3
Margaret Y. Biddle 34 F     M KY Nov   Liver Disease 5
Barnard A. Pribble 1 M       KY Nov   Affiction Splean 15
Elizabeth Newkirk 75 F     W VA Apr   Old Age 10
Mormin Rorden 5 M       KY May   Bleeding of Lungs 5
John W. Yatts 1 M       KY Nov   Hooping Cough 7
Mary Houston 53 F     M KY Apr   Disease of Brain 5
Elizabeth Young 74 F     W VA Sept   Bleeding of Lungs 6


Spelling is as written. Errors most likely exist, between the spelling on the original and difficulties in reading the old handwriting.

Please let me know if you find errors so that I can make the corrections.


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