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Page 1: Nora Yelton Allender, Yelton Home Place, Florence Biddle, Florence Fields & Carey Yelton
Page 2: Harrison Fields, Horace Yelton, Sarah Yelton, William Biddle
Page 3: Menzie Montgomery, Alexander Fields, Sanford Yelton, Elizabeth Fields
Page 4: Matilda Bonar, Ralph & Nellie Quinlan, Walter L. Fields & Irma May Watson
Page 5: Emma Foster, Alexander Fields, John & Margaret Foster & Rev. Jasper Fields
Page 6: Oldham Mansion (2 photos), Children of Ray & Rosa Stevens, Weaver Family
Page 7: Members of the I.T.T.S. class of Concord Methodist Church, Airport-1939, Alice Bell home-1939, Alonzo Gibson home-1939
Page 8: Unaka Bad Lands, Beershop Springs cottage, Bob N. Davis home, 1938 Flood
Page 9: Flood backwater on 6th Ave., Flooding at First Creek, Fritt's Farm, G.F. Davis home
Page 10: 1006 Peachtree St.-1939, Hugh Smith & family, J.C. McKinney home, J.D. Walker home
Page 11: James Ray family, Jim Lee home, Lovell's Mill, McKinley home
Page 12: Platt family, Oholoma school, Whiskey still, Preston Booth family
Page 13: Roscoe Oaks home, Stibling farm, Stooksbury home, Virgil Lett tent home
Page 14: W.M. Gistrel, W.W. Hunter, Wolfert Creek bridge, Alma & Elaine Rooney
Page 15: Cook Family (2), Cook farmhouse in Carntown, William Rust
Page 16: Old log house in Carntown, KY, Alma Cook, Cook Family (2)
Page 17: George Cook, Sr., John Marion Mchatton & Lena Hager Mchatton, Mchatton Family - 1937
Page 18: Hall-Biddle sisters, Thomas E. Biddle, Wm. Johnson Biddle, 4 unknown women
Page 19: A. Lemon & A. Tate, Unknown man, Alma & Sarah (last names unknown), Ann Smith, Linda & husband
Page 20: Unknown group, the Arnold girls, At the beach, Aunt Nannie (or Narvil)
Page 21: Unknown baby, Billie Collins, unknown boy (2)
Page 22: The Boyd bridge (2), the Boyd Depot, unknown women
Page 23: The Boyd Mill, Boyd School class photo, the Farnows, unknown children
Page 24: Unidentified possible brothers, camp, Charles E. (Bill) Hall, Charlie Paul
Page 25: Charlie Paul, Chess Collins, unidentified children, six men & a girl
Page 26: Unknown couple, Daisy Foreman, Dewey Hicks, down by the river
Page 27: E. Simpson, eight identified men, eight men & four women (all unidentified), Ella Roberts Aulick
Page 28: Unknown kids, Eureka McGuire, Unknown families (2)
Page 29: Unknown families (2) , Fartherige family, Frances
Page 30: Unknown girls (2), Unknown ladies, Harold Shields
Page 31: Harriet McKinley, Unidentified groups (3)
Page 32: Unknown girl, James Cannon, Jennette & Norin, Jessie & Bertha
Page 33: John Ingeles, John Roberts, Katie Roberts, unknown man
Page 34: Lee McGuire, unknown groups (3)
Page 35: Lionel Riddle, Mattie Branaman, unknown "Little Angel", Mae Unknown
Page 36: Morris Goldberg, unknown Mom & Baby, unknown Mom & Daughter, unknown Mother & Son
Page 37: Mrs. Jerry Bailey, Naomi & Sid Berry, Wm. U. Guerrant, Lucille Heath, Ruth E. Scott, H.S. VanBlarcum, Mary Gerkin, Jean Rankin
Page 38: Nell & Ed McCluralan, Paul Aulick (2 photos), At the Beach (people unknown)
Page 39: Paulette Martin, Postcard to Christine Knox, Postcard from Christine (Knox) Bell to Ella
Page 40: Ralph Thompson, Ruby Poe, Unknown Ladies, Unknown Man
Page 41: Unknown Lady, Sudie Roberts, Juanita & Vernon T. Unknown, Juanita Unknown
Page 42: Standing Rock on Canadian River From Daisy to Christine Knox (1920) (2 photos)
Page 43: Juanita & Vernon T. (2 photos), Ruth Desha Bell & Juanita Morris, "Baby Girl"
Page 44: Swingers, The river divide by WTW, Susan, Tammy & Todd Martin (2 Christmas cards)
Page 45: Susan & Tammy Martin, Thomas Kitchen "Kitch", Tom & Chess Collins, Two unknown men in evening attire
Page 46: Unidentified people
Page 47: Unknown babies, unknown family group
Page 48: Unidentified people
Page 49: Unidentified people
Page 50: Unidentified people
Page 51: Unknown Sailor, Unknown Travelers, Unidentified Women (2 photos, one lady possibly Mary Bell)
Page 52: Unidentified women (3 photos), Unidentified Woman & child
Page 53: W.U. Gurrant, Ward Garrard High School Sophomore Photo, Will Edwards, Unknown Group
Page 54: Mildred Wise & Joe Young, Zunice McKinley, Alletta Kendall Rye (age 70), Unknown Group
Page 55: Archie Tate - 1918, Arthur Unknown, his wife and Mrs. Townsend, Artie & Ida Hutchinson, Bert Bruffitt & Iva Pricker
Page 56: Possibly Betsy Northcutt Bell, Betsy Wyles and unidentified man, Bing Dickerson, Bug Branaman
Page 57: Carrie Knox family group - abt. 1928, Cathren Davis, Cecil Myers, Christine Knox Bell
Page 58: Chuck & Laverne - 1962, Clifford Bell, Cynthia Gail Kittle, Dewey Hicks & Christine Knox
Page 59: Earl Roberts, Elizabeth "Libby" Pigg, Jack McDonald, James Parterson
Page 60: Jane Elizabeth Boyd, possibly John Adkins, John Holt, Mr. Lawson - 1962
Page 61: The Lawson's (3 photos), Lell Bell, Ruth (Bell) Earlywine, Mary Bell
Page 62: Linda Smith & husband, Maglena Baen, Martin Family Christmas 1959, Merolynn unknown
Page 63: Patty Bell, Betty Jean (Cordray) Conner, Christine (Knox) Bell, Irvin Cordray, Irene (Muntz) Cordray, Helen (Cordray) Bell holding Mike Bell, Edgar Bell, Thacker Knox, Patty Bell, Pricker young ladies
Page 64: Martin family Christmas 1966, Martin card, Sheila Bell, Sid Berry
Page 65: T.B. Collins - 1913, Theresa, Bill & Bernice, Will U.
Page 66: Will U at KS, Katie Roberts, James Granville III Cason & Lucinda Ingles-Knox, Sgt. James W. Yelton, Tilberry Arnold Family
Page 67: Several photos of the Joseph Carter Lawrence family in Butler, KY
Page 68:

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