Pendleton County Land Patents

All information and images found in the Public Records of the Kentucky Land Office, Frankfort, Kentucky.

If you have a copy of a Pendleton County family land grant, and would like it added to this page... Contact Suzanne or Sherri!
Charles E. Aulick (no images)   A. P. Kendall (no images)

 A. P. Kendall (no images)

A. P. Kendall (no images)

Frances Marian Aulick (no images) Thomas Kidwell (no images)

Thomas Kidwell (no images)

 Thomas Kidwell (no images)

 William W. Bates  

Benjamin Lancaster


Charles Boner (no images)  

Francis D. Lightfoor & James A.  Watson (no images)


William Caldwell (no images)  

Anthony McGill


John W. C. Clutter  

Samuel McGill


 Henry Crout (no images)  

Thomas Montgomery (no images)


  William Delaney  

Richard Mullins (no images)


John Earles, Sr.

 John Earles, Sr.


William C. Naylor (no images)



Elisha Ford


John Pike
 Noah Ford  

Reuben Pribble


  William Grant Ford

 William Grant Ford


John Shelling (no images)


Samuel D. Hardin  

Francis Wright


Samuel Thomas Hauser (no images)

Samuel T. Hauser

Samuel T. Hauser

Maria Frances Houston



Benjamin F. Hume & Co.