E. E. Barton Papers

Pendleton County Marriages

These marriage records are now complete. They are listed by Groom. They have been transcribed "exactly" as they are shown on the original pages.

If you wish to look up a Bride, please use this reverse index. This reverse index is done in Excel. You can download Excel Viewer here.

FHL US/CAN A-G, Film # 358489






Faby, Samuel - Fishback, Robert L.

Fishback, Robert S. - Fontaine, Sydney T.

Fookes, Henry H. - Free, Wm.
Freeman, Fredrick - Furst, Elmer Richard


Haas, Martin Van Buren - Hamlin, William H.
Hamm, Charles Milton - Harrison, C. H.
Harrison, Chas. B. - Hazelwood, Willis

Headerson, David - Highfill, James H.

Highfill, Jno. L. - Holmes, Jas. E.
Holmes, James M. - Huff, Jos. E.
Huff, Robert E. - Hymer, Benj. F.

"I & J"

Irhig, Ernest - Johns, Columbus
Johns, D. H. - Jones, Westley J.
Jones, William Franklin - Justice, William


Kabler, Elijah - Kidwell, H. T.
Kidwell, Henry G. - Kitzel, Heinz W.
Kuxislaer, James M. - Kyle, John


Labin, Wm. L. - Lawrence, James L.
Lawrence, James A. - Limerick, James
Limerick, Walter T. - Lovelace, James Samuel
Lovelace, John - Lowe, O. C.



Martin, George P. - Messer, Henry

Metcalf, John - Mire, John C.
Mire, Samuel - Moore, Nathan
Moore, Oscar L. - Mullins, G. C.
Mullins, Gebriel S. - Mynhier, Stanley


Naber, Lawrence J. - Nungester, Everett Lonzo


O'Connor, Edwin James - Owings, John



Quantz, Gordon E. - Quinn, W. W.


Raab, Edwin Clyde - Ravenscraft, William
Ravenscraft, Wm. Newton- Rhodes, George

Rhoda, John - Roberts, Ervin

Roberts, J. T. - Rowekamp, William Henry

Rowland, H. G. - Ryan, Thomas


Saben, A. H. - Schuetz, Thomas Ambrosy

Schulkers, John - Sharp, J. H.

Sharp, J. A. - Shomaker, Alexander
Shomaker, Alexander - Sine, Wm. A.
Singer, James A. - Smith, Norman Pitt

Smith, O. H. P. - Spegal, Sherman

Spegal, Teddy Roosevelt - Stevenson, Walter T.
Stewart, A. W. - Sutton, John A.
Sutton, Thos. W. - Sylvester, Richard E.


Taber, Whiter - Thomas, William P.
Thomasson, Julius V. - Trailer, Edward
Trailer, George - Tyre, Thomas


Uhl, Raymond Paul - Utz, Robert


Vanbuskirk, Laurence - Vossler, John


Wachter, William - Wasson, James A. J.

Waters, James - Wells, Walter

Wells, Wm. J. - Wiggins, Ancil

Wiggins, Baker - Wilson, John B.

Wilson, Dr. John E.- Wood, John

Woodard, Ernest C.- Wynn, William R.

No "X" Surnames

"Y & Z"

Yager, B. B. - Young, James S.
Young, John - Zopff, Fred