Pendleton County Marriages


Marriage Date
Cadwallender, John Hathaway, Mary 6 Mar 1840 Oath by Henry Hathaway
Caldwell, Alexander Ellis, Sally 28 Dec 1823 Proof by Henry Ellis.
Caldwell, Alexander Ellis, Sally 8 Jan 1824  
Caldwell, Benjamin Yelton, Polly 23 May 1833  
Caldwell, William M. Shipp, Sarah I. 11 Nov 1835 Proof by Laben Shipp.
Calvin, Clark Taylor, Nora 5 Aug 1915  
Cameron, Robert Vallear, Elizabeth 4 Nov 1821 Proof by Andrew Porter.
Campbell, Will Bradford, Edna Oct 1911  
Cannon, John Mourning, Juda 2 Jan 1817 Proof by Robt. Brown
Carnes, Edmund Newkirk, Jane 9 Mar 1835 Proof by Perry Newkirk.
Carnes, Henry C. Biddle, Margaret E. 1 Jun 1895  
Carney, Wm. Sellers, Lizzie 1895  
Carroll, Wm. Belew, Sarah Frances 11 Jun 1878 Bond date 10 Jun 1878. Married by Thomas Stephens at his house, witnesses John D. Roda & W.G. Stephens. He age 25, she age 19. Her mother gave consent.
Carter, Alden Talbott, Mary 5 Mar 1836 Proof by Martin Pheney.
Carter, Elijah Ship, Frances 21 Oct 1837 Proof by L.C. Carter
Carter, G.W. Fugate, Sarah 9 Mar 1835 Proof by N. Fugate
Carter, Henry Wallace, Eliza Jane 4 Apr 1842  
Carter, Jackson Taylor, Martha 15 Jul 1869  
Carter, Jarrett R. Robinson, Matilda 26 Jul 1832  
Casey, Elijah Taylor, Mollie E. 2 Oct 1881  
Casey, G.S. Taylor, Belle 1 Jun 1882  
Casey, Wm. Hamilton Rawlings, Amanda 1843  
Cason, Thomas Williams, Hamel B. 21 Jan 1841 Oath by Charles Lail.
Cass, Joseph Simis, Eliza 4 Feb 1870 Married at Allen Haseman's by Wm. Ragan; witnessed by Chas Haseman & Stephan Branas.
Marriage Bond
Castator, John Crawford, Mary 8 Dec 1837 Proof by Wm. Crawford.
Chaffin, William Colvin, Jane 7 Feb 1811 Consent of Henry Colvin Jr.
Chambers, James Buoy, Nancy 24 Feb 1818 Proof by Laban Buoy
Chandler, Benj. Justice, Elizabeth 8 Mar 1837 Proof by James Bailey & J. Justice
Chandler, Thomas I. Justis, Susannah 23 Jul 1843 Oath by John Justis.
Chandler, Uriah Simpson, Lidia 1 Feb 1816 Proof by Wm. Cobb
Chaney, James W. Dulaney, Lucinda Jane 16 Sep 1843  
Chaney, Samuel Courtney, Elizabeth 10 Mar 1830 Proof by Pat Courtney.
Chapman, James Frakes, Nancy 5 Aug 1843  
Chapman, Robert Cummins, Margaret 12 Aug 1818  
Chapman, Thomas L. Points, Jane 6 Dec 1819 Proof by Abraham Tucker.
Cherry, Nicholas Taylor, Sarah J. 17 Feb 1858  
Childers, Abraham Morris, Sarah 18 Mar 1814 Consent by guardian, Saml. Hall
Childers, Abraham Monier, Polly 2 Jul 1816 Proof by John James.
Childers, Harmon DeHart, Sally 11 Aug 1814 Consent of Robt. Childers.
Childers, Henry Huffman, Elizabeth 18 Jul 1820  
Childers, Henry Conyer, Elizabeth 9 Apr 1838  
Childers, John Asberry, Eliza 29 Aug 1834 Proof by Henry Asberry.
Childers, Joseph H. Conyers, Margaret 18 Jul 1820 Proof by Jesse Conyers.
Childers, Robert Landmer, Sally 24 Jan 1818 Proof by Jos. Childers.
Childers, Robert Belew, Emily 13 Mar 1834 Consent of her father, Thos. Belew.
Childers, Robert William Taylor, Elizabeth 20 Mar 1806  
Childers, William R. Taylor, Elizabeth 20 Mar 1806  
Childreys, Major Woodyard, Nancy 8 Jul 1815 Widow of Walter Woodyard, dec'd.
Childs, Isachar Robertson, Lethey 12 Jun 1816 Proof by Zachariah Robertson.
Childs, William McCandless, Jane 1 Sep 1841  
Chipman, Samuel McCarty, Frances 24 Oct 1837  
Clark, Abner Hart, Anna 23 Jan 1839  
Clark, Benjamin Oldham, Cynthia 20 Apr 1815  
Clark, George N. Cash, Lizzie 3 Sep 1878 Married by C.W. Miller in Covington, witnessed by A.G. Dejarnett & Mrs. Alice Dejarnett. He age 27 of Grant Co., she age 22 of Robertson Co. Father of bride gave his personal consent.
Clark, J.W. Taylor, Anna L. 18 Dec 1894  
Clark, James Skirwin (or Skirvin), Nancy 27 Dec 1807 Proof by Moses Holaday.
Clark, John Jones, Rebecca 21 Aug 1806 Proof by Joshua Jones, her father.
Clark, John N. New, Caty 6 Feb 1812 Proof by Volentine Jump.
Clark, M.C. Ashcraft, Sarah T. 4 Oct 1866  
Clark, William Hamilton, Polly 8 Jun 1818 Proof by Jas. Hamilton.
Clark, William G. Dougherty, Evalina 24 Oct 1833 Proof by Jno. Dougherty.
Clarke, Thomas Jump, Barbara 16 Feb 1815 Proof by Price B. Hume.
Clarkson, Anselm Clarkson, Nancy P. 2 Oct 1830 Consent by father, Julius W. Clarkson.
Clarkson, David S. Asbury, Mary 19 Jan 1825  
Clarkson, Isaac S. Hobday, Susan 13 Sep 1837  
Clay, Britain Redmon, Fanny 10 Oct 1808 Widow.
Clayton, Coleman Wyatt (or Wiel), Elizabeth 30 Jun 1840  
Clayton, George Fields, Rebecca 7 Nov 1822  Proof by Thos. W. Hart
Clayton, John Pigg, Nancy 1842 Oath by John S. McKinney.
Clayton, John B. Buckhanan, Margaret 10 Aug 1833 Proof by F.R. McKenney.
Clement, Benjamin Ashcraft, Rachel 28 Nov 1831 Proof by Francis Smith.
Clement, Francis Shaw, Prudence 5 Jul 1821 Proof by Jos. Shaw.
Clement, James Boner, Polly 2 Nov 1820 Proof by Wm. Bradfoot.
Clemons, Isaac Henry, Betsy 19 Oct 1805 Proof by Peter Rush.
Clemons, James Vanhorn, Mary 15 Oct 1806 Proof by James Holmes.
Cleveland, Fenton (or Phenton J.) Browning, Polly 5 Nov 1839 Consent of father, Henry Browning.
Clifford, Charles Stewart, Catharine 18 Nov 1839  
Clutter, Henry Irvin, Nancy 9 Feb 1841  
Clutter, Thomas C. Ervine, Mary Ann 17 Apr 1843 Oath by Henry Clutter.
Cobler, Elijah Vaughn, Catherine 10 May 1820 Proof by Benj. Ogden.
Cochran, Ambrose Smiley, Grace V. Nov 1911 Married by Rev. T.C. Kerr at his home in Falmouth.
Coffman, Christopher Orr, Jean 2 Jul 1805 Proof by Saml. Orr.
Coleman, Ambrose Iles, Sarah 5 Sep 1821  
Coleman, Daniel Holiday, Fanny 27 Aug 1823  
Coleman, Thomas Goodwin, Polly 3 Feb 1802 Proof by Julius C. Goodwin.
Coleman, Wm. J Sellers, Martha Jane 1863 Son of Julius G. Coleman.
Coley, Fowler Boner, Margaret 20 Oct 1831  
Coller, William Brann, Franky 21 Apr 1808  
Collier, Coleman Henry, Patsy Ann 20 Aug 1834 Consent of father, Saml. Henry.
Collier, Herman Newton Sellers, Kate   Herman son of Walter Collier.
Collier, James W. Caset, Malinda Ann 21 Apr 1840  
Collier, John Robberts, Nancy 16 Jul 1842  
Collier, Perry Leviton, Doucilla 18 Mar 1819 Widow of Wilson Levity, dec'd.
Collier, Wilkerson Clark, Jane 18 Nov 1832 Proof by Lewis Clark Jr.
Collier, William Brann, Franky 21 Apr 1808 Proof by Jos. Brann
Colliers, Wm. G. Willett, Mary Ann D. 22 Jun 1839  
Collins, James Ashbrook, Rachel 5 Jul 1809  
Collins, John W. Johnson, Elizabeth 27 Oct 1817 Proof by Nelson Johnson
Collins, Ralph Wharton, Margaret 7 Feb 1801 Father William Wharton.
Colvin, Charles B. Mountjoy, Peggy 21 Jul 1808 Proof by Edwd Kemp.
Colvin, Henry Sharp, Margaret 28 Mar 1811 Proof by John Grimes.
Colvin, Josiah Wright, Mary Jane 2 Nov 1840  
Colvin, Nimrod Minor, Melinda 29 May 1821 Proof by Lewis Colvin.
Colvin, Robert F. Wright, Sarah W. 6 Nov 1834 Consent by her father, Lewis Wright.
Compton, Jacob Quillin, Elizabeth 27 Nov 1808 Widow of John Quillin, dec'd.
Conley, Joel J. Taylor, Mary 9 Nov 1865  
Conner, Samuel Spencer, Catherine 26 Oct 1808 Proof by John Spencer.
Connyers, William Jervice, Elizabeth 10 Sep 1812 Consent by father, William Jervice.
Conoway, Samuel Miller, Margery 28 Jun 1812 Widow.
Conoway, Samuel Jr. Gardner, Molly 14 Dec 1815 Proof by Jas. Gardner.
Conyers, James DeHart, Catherine 18 Sep 1820  
Cook, Jesse Williams, Susan 19 Apr 1823  
Cook, Samuel Watklins, Martha A. 2 Apr 1870 He of lawful age, her father's consent personally given. Bond executed and license issued. (Note states "see Bond Bk 9, p. 428")  Marriage Bond
Cook, William Wortman, Rachel 13 Sep 1813 Consent by father, Rich. Wortman.
Cookendorfer, Andrew Amos, Eliza 12 Dec 1822  
Cookendorfer, Christopher Williams, Angelina 14 Aug 1823  
Cooner, Samuel Spencer, Catherine 26 Oct 1808  
Cooper, James McMullin, Lydia 6 Apr 1815 Certificate of mothers consent; proof by Saml. Wilson.
Cortney, Hugh Routt, Lavinia   Proof by W. Mayers.
Courtney, Asberry T. Pike, Zadah 14 Jan 1939  
Courtney, Hugh Porter, Elizabeth 12 Jul 1855  
Courtney, Michael S. McMurry, Leaner 10 Apr 1830  
Cox, Alfred Thomas Porter, Fanny 11 Dec 1872  
Cox, Jeremiah Harod, Catherine Ann 26 Apr 1832 Proof by Jefferson Sharp.
Craddock, Thomas W. Porter, Mary J. 29 Dec 1859  
Craddock, William T. Porter, Sarah F. 13 Nov 1864  
Craig, David Pettit, Nancy 14 Apr 1811  
Craig, Francis S. Woodworth, Rebecca 4 Oct 1837 Consent of guardian, Jared Woodworth.
Craig, Thomas Mountjoy, Phebe 31 Mar 1824 Widow of Wm. Mountjoy, dec'd.
Crail, Absolom Tate, Lydia 31 May 1804  
Crail, John Stephens, Rachiel 25 Oct 1799  
Crail, Lilburn Steves, Henrietta 15 Mar 1824  
Crail, Lilburn Stevens, Henrietta 25 Mar 1824  
Crail, Wilson Purday, Polly 2 Jan 1800  
Cram, John W. Mills, Harriet E. 4 Jul 1878  
Crane, Thomas Manning, Hannah 9 Jan 1823 Proof by Jno. Brown.
Crawford, David Hardin, Matilda 10 May 1832  
Crofford, William Yelton, Cynthie Ann 14 Oct 1839 Proof by Robert Yelton.
Crook, John Stewart, Mary 14 Jan 1808 Proof by Henry Highfill.
Crook, Robert Williams, Elizabeth 12 Dec 1811 Proof by Geo. Williams
Crook, William McCann, Nancy 12 Nov 1815  
Crowder, John Wingate, Martha 28 Jun 1812 Widow.
Croxton, James Robinson, Nancy 19 Oct 1803 Oath of Nathan Robinson.
Crutchlow, John A. Duncan, Susannah 23 May 1822 Proof by Elijah Williams.
Cummins, A.T. Poston, Sallie Jan 1911  
Cummins, George Adams, Sarah 8 Sep 1831 Proof by James Bales.
Cummins, Josephus Hardin, Matenda 6 Apr 1839 Oath by George Cummins.
Curry, Robert Forsythe, Sarah 13 Feb 1817 Consent by father, Jno. Forsythe
Curry, Thomas Points, Nancy 17 Nov 1819 Proof by Wm. Points.
Dail, William Belew, Sarah 11 Dec 1843  
Dale, John P. Cox (or Case), Polly 26 Apr 1819  Daughter of Saml. Cox, proof by Francis Spencer.
Dance, Andrew Jackson Conyers, Amanda 21 Oct 1836 Proof by James Conyers.
Dance, Charles Johnson, Nancy 15 Nov 1824  
Dance, Edward Jones, Jenny 12 May 1808 Proof by Lucas Elder.
Dance, Edward Conyer, Julian 8 Jan 1840 Proof by Coleman Collier.
Dance, John Brann, Rebecca 4 Nov 1814 Proof by Jos. Brann.
Dance, Verten S. Porter, Lucy A. 1 Feb 1877  
Daniel, Charles Simpson, Sarah Ann 11 Oct 1842  
Daniel, Enos Thomas, Mary 4 Sep 1821 Widow of Jas. Thomas, dec'd.
Daniel, Thomas Maines, Sarah 2 Nov 1840  
Daniel, Vivian Duncan, Polly 19 Mar 1805 Proof by Edward Downing.
Daugherty, Benjamin Thrasher, Rachel 14 Aug 1817  
Daugherty, Jno. N. Race, Emily 5 Apr 1841 Oath by Sandy Race.
Daugherty, John M. Daigherty, Elizabeth 1 Feb 1842 Oath by Joseph Daugherty.
Daugherty, Jonathan Thrasher, Sarah 15 Jun 1824  
Daugherty, Obediah Taylor, Mary F. 8 Feb 1877  
Daugherty, Othor Yelton, Elizabeth 25 Aug 1833  
Daugherty, William Smith, Elizabeth 31 Aug 1818  
David, John Frakes, Violet 10 Aug 1807 Proof by Zadock Hawkins.
Davis, Fielding Ellis, Mildred 21 Dec 1816 Proof by James Ellis.
Davis, Howard Webb, Sallie Dec 1911  
Deatherage, G.N. Taylor, Mary A. 24 Dec 1889  
DeCamp, William Earles, Sarah 19 Jul 1841  
Dehart, Daniel B. Hand, Jane 19 Jan 1835 Consent of her father, John R. Hand.
Dehart, Enoch H. Conyers, Arnilda 6 Nov 1833 Proof by James Conyers.
Dehart, Joab Shipp, Elizabeth 1 Apr 1833  
DeLaney, James M. Earles, lucinda 29 Oct 1842  
Delaney, William Porter, Rebecca 8 May 1848  
Dellehauty, Patric, Koch, Rosie 22 Sep 1866 Attest: W.C. Holt & Geo. D. Lee
Delt, Lloyd Miller, Margaret 12 Dec 1840  
DeMoss, John Barker, Sarah 7 Dec 1809 Proof by Jno. H. Barker.
DeMoss, John Power, Elizabeth 9 Feb 1836 Proof by Cyrus F. Power
DeMoss, Thomas Records, Catherine 11 May 1833 Proof by Jas. S. Records.
Dennis, Abraham Taylor, Martha A. 12 Sep 1888  
Dennis, William H. Taylor, Matilda S. 16 Nov 1882  
Deweese, William Myers, Margaret 25 May 1817 Proof by Geo. Myers.
Dickerson, Benj. Dance, Catherine 19 Mar 1842  
Dixon, Glenn E. Biddle, Reathie W. 26 Dec 1931  
Doan, Hezekiah Doan, Louisa 26 Feb 1840 Consent of her guardian, John L. Pock.
Doan, Lewis Pettitt, Milly 3 Aug 1842  
Doane, Lewis Asberry, Mary 25 Aug 1830 Daughter of Coleman Asberry; proof by Joseph Asberry.
Doane, William Martin, Nelly 15 Apr 1817 Proof by ?? Hardin.
Doggett, J.N. Dennis, Blanch Dec 1911  
Doty, John Arnold, Rebecca 11 Oct 1803 Widow, married 1 Nov 1802
Doty, Moses Northren (or Northan), Salley 3 Dec 1803  
Downard, Jacob Junifer, Poly 19 Sep 1800  
Downing, Edward Crail, Elizabeth 25 Oct 1799  
Draper, John Stephens, Anna 10 Jan 1843 Proof by Lewis Stephens.
Ducker, Nathaniel Mullins, Jaley 12 Mar 1812 Proof by Fountain Mullins.
Duckworth, Robert Belew, Milly 25 Jun 1824 Proof by Saml. Webb.
Dulaney, Richard J. Porter, Jane 28 Dec 1849  
Dunahoe, Edward Taylor, Elizabeth 17 Jan 1855  
Dunaway, Dudley Yelton, Sarah 21 Mar 1833 Proof by Benj. Yelton.
Duncan, Ambrose Colvin, Cynthia 1 Feb 1836  
Duncan, Hansford Forsythe, Cynthia 1 Oct 1830 Daughter of No. Forsythe, his consent.
Duncan, Polly Daniel, Vivian 19 Mar 1805  
Duncan, Willis Colvin, Frances 10 Apr 1800  
Dunaway, James E. Taylor, Matilda A. 14 Jan 1868  
Dunivan, James Groves, Elizabeth 1 Jul 1819  
Dunnaway, Charles Collins, Polly 27 Jan 1803 Consent of Jezerell Ellis; oath by James Ellis.




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