Pendleton County Marriages


Marriage Date
Garner, James Bush, Mary 9 Jul 1811 Proof by Wm. Thrasher.
Garrard, Anderson D. Taylor, Elizabeth 23 Apr 1842  
Garrard, Isham T. Vaughan, Francis 1 Feb 1836 Proof by Elijah Browning & Francis Vaughan.
Garrard, James Stern, Catharine L. 7 Nov 1842  
Gaugh, Philip Myars, Elizabeth 9 Feb 1804 Oath of Jas. Murrey Street.
Gibson, Edward W. McMillin, Zerelda 1 Jan 1844  
Gibson, James Moss, Elizabeth 29 Oct 1813 Proof by Jos. Myers.
Gibson, John Hampton, Nancy 22 Mar 1803 Oath of Samuel Conner.
Givens, Matthew Lowe, Letha 23 Apr 1838  
Glaves, Michael Crisswell, Betsy T. 22 Dec 1807 Proof by Thos. McClanahan.
Glaves, Michael Clarkson, Patsy 8 Dec 1817  
Glaves, Thomas Dance, Elizabeth 8 Apr 1819  
Godman, Allen Dehart, Mary 19 May 1817  
Godman, William F. Monroe, Sarah 28 Jul 1830 Consent by her guardian, Jeremiah Monroe.
Godman, Zacharaiah Low, Rachael 24 Apr 1806  
Golden, John Webb, Mary 17 Jun 1837 Proof by Thomas Belew.
Golden, William Anderson, Amanda 18 Sep 1840 Consent of A. Thrasher, guardian.
Golding, John Webb, Polly 2 Jan 1812 Proof by Samuel Webb.
Goodwin, John Mountjoy, Maryan 28 Mar 1805  
Goodwin, Julius C. Richardson, Martha D. 17 Oct 1813  Consent by father, Robt. Richardson.
Gosney, Armstead Beckett, Mary 15 Jul 1843  
Gosney, Robert Yelton, America 9 Jan 1843 Oath by Haden Yelton.
Grace, Sanders Morris, Elizabeth 21 Jun 1817  
Grant, John J. Rule, Susan America 28 Dec 1841 oath by James Wilson.
Grant, Robert M. Wilson, Sally 25 May 1815  
Gray, A.B. Cox, Mary 18 Dec 1841 Proof by Samuel Pribble.
Green, Ellory C. McCarty, Elizabeth 23 Feb 1833 Proof by Wm. Green.
Green, W.H., Jr. Taylor, Hellena A. 1 Feb 1870  
Greene, Julius C. Taylor, Mary M. 11 Sep 1914  
Griffing, W.M. Yelton, Nancy 8 Mar 1841  
Griffing, William Steel, Mary 3 Apr 1804  
Grigson, John Sharpe, Adelia 10 Feb 1843 Oath by Jefferson Sharpe.
Grinnell, James B. Childers, Elizabeth S. 14 Feb 1834  
Grissom, Owen Robbins, Mary 19 Dec 1843  
Groshon, Jacob McCoy, Catherine 30 Jan 1800  
Grover, Joseph Rice, Melinda 3 Feb 1833 Proof by Wm. Grover
Groves, Dunovan Hix, Sarah 7 Jan 1819 Consent by mother and grandfather, father dead.
Gulick, Lisle Clingner, Fannie 20 Nov 1911 Bride daughter of Mr. & Mrs. H.T. Clingner.
Gunnell, James B. Childers, Elizabeth S. 14 Feb 1834  
Hadley, William Law, Tabethey 5 May 1803  
Haessenk, Henry Jayne, Elizabeth Ann 18 Aug 1842  
Hall, Samuel Morris, Elizabeth 16 Oct 1801  
Hall, Thomas G. McCarty, Selenia 14 Apr 1838  
Halmes, Virgie Taylor, Anna 16 Nov 1916  
Hamilton, Elijah West, Nancy 15 Aug 1831  
Hampton, Adam Daley, Nancy 10 Dec 1799  
Hampton, Andrew Clarke, Sarah 29 Jul 1806 Proof by Wm. Mounty
Hampton, Daniel Rice, Mary 4 Jul 1835 Proof by Joseph Grover.
Hampton, James Hall, Polina (or Berlina) 8 Jul 1840 Oath by Theophilus Briggs.
Hampton, Robert Taylor, America 2 Jan 1849  
Hana, James Boner, Mary 8 Oct 1838  
Hand, Andrew Hendy, Maria 26 Dec 1838  
Hand, John Hanson, Polly 21 Dec 1815 Proof by Jno. Hanson
Haney, G.S. Taylor, Mayme L. 24 Dec 1879  
Haney, James Bonar, Polly 19 Sep 1839  
Hanna, John Jr. Set, Nancy 11 Jul 1809 Consent by her step-father, John Hanna
Hanson, John Hand, Frances Ann 15 Oct 1812 Proof by Jo. R. Hand
Harcum, Hervert Taylor, Lattie 27 May 1916  
Harden, William D. Doan, Roda 8 Dec 1825  
Hardeman, David Ellis, Sally 5 Dec 1842  
Hardin, Samuel Earles, Nancy 24 Oct 1842  
Hardy, Joseph Layton, Rebecah 4 Mar 1820  
Harod, Pendleton Hopper, Fanny 5 Feb 1838 Consent of father, Thomas Hopper.
Harris, Brockman Stoker, Hannah 23 Mar 1821 Proof by Chas. Baless.
Harris, John F. Oldham, Catharine 25 Aug 1836  
Harrison, George Carten, Ursla Ann 28 Dec 1841  
Harrison, George W. Biddle, Mary E. 19 Jun 1895  
Harrison, Martin Coleman, Rachael J. 25 Dec 1869 Married at J. Coleman's by Nelson Sanders; witnessed by Jordan Coleman & James Humble.
Marriage Bond
Harrod, Bailey Lockwood, Esther 15 Sep 1825  
Hart, John Steele, Nancy 4 Jan 1810  
Hart, John Fields (or Fewell), Addie 28 Mar 1842  
Hart, Nicholas New, Ann 17 Jul 1822 Consent by her step-father, Amos Pettit.
Hart, Thomas W. Wheeler, Nancy D. 30 Jun 1821 Proof by Jno. N. Wheeler.
Hart, William Fryer, Elizabeth 10 Feb 1840  
Haselwood, Thomas Dance, Frances Ann 2 Jun 1838 Proof by Michael Dance.
Hatfield, Benjamin Rawlings, Mary 20 Mar 1815 Proof by Robt. Curry.
Hathaway, Henry Cockendorfer, Hanna 11 Oct 1843 Oath by Richard T. Houston.
Hauser, Samuel T. Kennett, Mary Ann 21 Mar 1822  
Hawkins, Shedrach (or Zerodach) Race, Jane 7 Oct 1837 Proof by James McMillin.
Hawkins, Thomas Hanson, Jane 18 Aug 1807 Proof by John Hanson; he married Sarah McMillin on 12 Sep 1800.
Hawkins, Thomas McMillin, Sarah 12 Sep 1800  
Hawkins, William McMullin, Polly 21 Nov 1822  Proof by Thos. Falnash.
Hawkins, Zedick Cooper, Jain 16 Jun 1805  
Hayes, Alfred H. Kendal, Susannah 18 Aug 1843  
Hazelwood, Willis Thompson, Nancy Ann   Oath by Martin Thompson.
Heath, Famey Shively, Sally 14 Jun 1842  
Hedger, Wm. Ashcraft, Lizzie 18 Oct 1883  
Hedges, Frank Taylor, Lucinda 27 Nov 1888  
Henderson, Nathaniel Childers, Susannah 5 Sep 1818  
Hendricks, Daniel Thrasher, Elizabeth 21 Dec 1809  
Hendricks, Henry Ellis, Elizabeth 9 Apr 1838 Proof by Enoch Hendricks.
Hendricks, Michael Dance, Jenney 5 Aug 1815 Widow; consent of father, Joshua Jones.
Hendricks, Phillip Kendall, Lucy 24 Apr 1806  
Hendson, Samuel S. Green, Amazilla 14 Sep 1830 Daughter of Benj. Green.
Henricks, Abraham Smith, Susannah 29 Apr 1824  
Henricks, Enoch S. Ducker, Sally 23 Apr 1832 Proof by Peter Henricks.
Henricks, Peter K. Woodworth, Mary Ann 31 Oct 1832  
Herndon, Elijah Barker, Catherine 23 Jun 1821 Widow of Jos. Barker.
Herod, Bailey Hart, Sally 9 Jun 1808 Proof by Jno. Hart.
Hiatt, Allen Fogle, Susannah 24 Aug 1840  
Highfield, Jeremiah Taylor, Mary 13 Dec 1804  
Highfield, Jeremiah Taylor, Mary 26 Jul 1810  
Highfill, James H. Pettit, Sarah Ann 29 Jun 1837 Proof by Wm. Pettitt.
Highfill, Leonard Ammerman, Elizabeth 17 Nov 1822 Consent of father, Jno. Ammerman.
Highfill, Leonard Taylor, Margaret 26 Jul 1810 Consent by father, Robt. Taylor.
Hightower, Austin Caldwell, Mary 30 Oct 1823 Proof by Alex Caldwell.
Hightower, J.W. McGibbon, Martha Oct 1911  
Hightower, Morton (or Marton) Ashcraft, Laura O. 14 Feb 1915  
Hiller, John Elliston, Nancy 5 Feb 1818 Proof by Jos. Spencer.
Hitch, Luther Best (or Bert), Mary 17 Dec 1837 Proof by Wm. Johnson
Hix, Henry Turner, Levina 29 Aug 1825  
Hix, Thomas Childers, Lucinda 20 Apr 1815 Proof by Jas. Childers.
Hoard, William Stevens, Elizabeth 16 Oct 1843 Oath by John Draper.
Hobbs, William Records, Elizabeth 5 Jan 1841 Consent of Bro. Isaac Records
Hogan, Tilford Burnley, Elizabeth 13 Jul 1837  
Holden, Edward McClenachan, Sarah 22 Jun 1825  
Holmes, Edward W. Clutter, Nancy Ann 14 May 1840  
Holmes, James Clampett, Pruda 6 Oct 1807 Proof by Thos. Holmes.
Holmes, James M. King, Amanda 13 Nov 1837 Proof by John D. Keith
Holton, Geo. W. Casey, Hannah Ann 2 Mar 1840  
Holton, Thomas J. McCarty, Salinia B. 14 Jan 1836  
Homes, Samuel G. Applegate, Judieth 18 Aug 1835 Consent given by step-father, John Ginn.
Hook, Isaac A. Best, Ann 19 Apr 1831 Proof by Thos. Best, Jr.
Hopkins, John Lett, Zilpah 14 Nov 1814 Proof by Daniel Lett.
Hopper, William Courtney, Elizabeth 2 Aug 1825  
Houston, James Cookindorfer, Mary 8 Apr 1830 Proof by Andrew Cookindorfer.
Howard, Asbury Buoy, Rach 17 Jul 1823 Proof by James Buoy.
Howard, Levi Buoy, Rebecah 13 Jul 1816 Proof by John Buoy.
Howe, James Earles, Polly 15 Nov 1822 Consent by father, Jno. Earles.
Howell, Jacob Potter, Rachel 23 Dec 1824  
Hudson, Samuel Burnett, Lutricia 1 Mar 1834 Proof by Geo. G. Burnett.
Huffman, George Myars, Polly 23 Jun 1803  
Huffman, Jacob Earles, Mary 10 Feb 1825  
Hume, B.F. Callen, Margaret 4 Jul 1842  
Hume, John Makemson, Frances 21 Jan 1841 Oath by Thomas Hand & Robt. Makemson, acting guardian.
Hume, Price Arnold, Eleanor 13 Jul 1799  
Hume, Stripling Angell, Elizabeth 16 Jun 1800  
Hume, William Angell Young, Nancy 22 Jan 1824 Consent by guardian, Zachariah McCoy.
Hunter, John Porter, Elizabeth 12 Jan 1827  
Hutchason, Samuel Burns, Margerit 12 Jun 1804 Proof by David Copper.
Hutcheson, Robert Lale, Elizabeth 27 Feb 1817 Proof by Saml. Burns.
Hutton, George W. Hardin, Serena 18 Jun 1836 Proof by Wm. D. Hardin, acting guardian.



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