Pendleton County Marriages


Marriage Date
Laforce, Joseph Woodyard, Susannah 7 Apr 1843 Oath by Henry Fookes & C. Laforce.
Lamb, Leo Stephenson, Pearl I. 6 Jun 1934 She daughter of Colbert Stephenson; marriage took place in Muncie Indiana.
Lancaster, Benj. Turner, Nancy 2 Aug 1837  
Lancaster, Benjamin Stephens, Elenor 5 May 1813 Proof by brother, Thos. Stephens.
Lancaster, Reuben Hook, Margaret 4 Jul 1838 Consent of Martha Hook, mother.
Lancaster, Samuel Doan, Sally Ann 21 May 1842  
Lancaster, Stuart Doan, Rebecca Jane 25 Aug 1843  
Lancaster, Thomas Owens, Michey 28 Nov 1813  
Lancaster, William Angel, Nancy 2 Jul 1807  Proof by William Angel.
Lancaster, William Payne, Nancy 16 Aug 1810 Proof by Samuel Stephens. 
Lancaster, William Stevens, Catherine 10 Apr 1838  
Lancaster, William Clutter, Eleanor 8 Feb 1843 Oath by Henry Clutter.
Landrum, Ivan Ashcraft, Flora 6 Dec 1916  
Landrum, James P. Ashcraft, Blanche 22 Sep 1909  
Langley, James Matox, Judith 14 May 1819 Proof by Jno. McPherson.
Lanter, James Ashcraft, Lulie 7 Sep 1912  
Lantern, George Porter, Margaret 17 Jul 1842  
Latimer, James B. Johnston, Polly 23 Mar 1819 Proof by Barnett Odor.
Laughlin, Johnson F. Forsythe, Helena 24 Mar 1834 Oath by Benj. Forsythe.
Laughlin, Peter Carr, Malinda 30 Aug 1842  
Lauter, James Ashcraft, Lulie 7 Sep 1912  
Lawless, Henry Seward, Mary 6 Oct 1808 Consent by father, Daniel Seward.
Lawless, John Skirvin, Peggy 14 Feb 1820  
Lawson, John M. Barker, America 10 Apr 1838  
Lea, S. Nathaniel Wells, Emily 18 Sep 1839  
Lemmon, Joshua Casey, Margaret 20 Aug 1840 Oath by George King.
Lemmons, S.B. Taylor, Ellen 28 Jun 1871  
Lemmons, William Frances, Unis 12 Jun 1834 Proof by Thos. Blackburn.
Lennox, John McKenney, Margaret 12 Jan 1832 Proof by Jas. S. McKenney.
Levengood, George Turner, Mary Thomas 8 Nov 1843  
Levingood, Isaac Earles, Margaret 19 Feb 1841 Consent of guardian, Wm. Bonar.
Lewis, Reece Taylor, Esther 8 Feb 1821  
Lewis, Reece Pribble, Lucinda 28 Oct 1830 Proof by Jno. Turner.
Lightfoot, DeEstang Kendall, Sarah 14 Jul 1824 Proof by Wm. Yelton.
Lightfoot, Deestano Kendall, Sarah 14 Jul 1824  
Lightfoot, Deeston Steele, Jean 9 Nov 1802  
Lightfoot, Duston Kendall, Sarah 14 Jul 1824  
Lightfoot, Edw. Colvin, Susannah 18 Sep 1806 Proof by Edwd. Kemp.
Lightfoot, Elkin Willett, Ann L. 11 Mar 1839  
Lightfoot, Francis D. Duncan, Louisa 30 Mar 1834  
Lightfoot, George C. Holton, Malinda O. 10 Jun 1830  
Lightfoot, Goodridge Colvin, Catherine 19 Feb 1801 Mother Margaret Colvin.
Lightfoot, James Delany, Milley 2 Oct 1810 Proof by Edwd. Lightfoot.
Lightfoot, John C. Shawhan, Polly 5 Aug 1824  
Lightfoot, Philip Smith, Susannah 29 Dec 1803 Oath by Edwd. Lightfoot.
Lightfoot, William Blasingame, Letty 21 Nov 1832  
Lightfoot, William B. Colvin, Elizabeth 4 Sep 1823 Proof by Mason Colvin.
Limerick, James Stone, Daritha 2 May 1843  
Linn, Joseph Taylor, Ann 19 May 1818  
Littell, William Layton, Polly 2 May 1820  
Lock, Daniel Johnson, Elizabeth 18 Aug 1799  
Lockart, Moses A. Grace, Margaret 24 Jun 1840 Oath by James Morris.
Lolan, Jacob Eades, Mary Ann 3 Aug 1838  
Long, Samuel Wright, Mary Jane 25 Dec 1813 Consent by Francis Wright.
Long, Wm. A. Sellers, Lula May 1918  
Longnecker, Jacob Porter, Sarah D. 15 Mar 1820 Proof by Geo. Pettit. Date may be 19 Mar 1820.
Loomis, Wm. M. Ashcraft, Eliza 10 Jan 1906  
Louderback, John Taylor, Nancy Jane 25 Nov 1875  
Love, Clifton McPherson, Catherine 24 Feb 1825  
Love, Clifton Yelton, Elizabeth 10 Jan 1822 Proof by Robt. Yelton and Henry Ellis.
Love, Thomas Barton, Elen 27 Sep 1808 Consent by father, James Barton.
Lovelace, Daniel Lovelace, Savanna 14 Nov 1833  
Lovelace, George W. Lovelace, Lucinda 12 Feb 1839 Consent of her father Hazle Lovelace.
Lovelace, Johnnie F. Ashcraft, Clara 4 Sep 1924  
Lovelace, N.L. Ashcraft, Nannie 9 Apr 1885  
Lovelace, Willis Riddle, Julian 6 Feb 1834 Consent by her father, Robert Riddle.
Loveless, Samuel Kidwell, Elizabeth 3 Jul 1834 Oath by Jno. Kidwell.
Loveliss, William Boner, Polly (Mary) 8 Apr 1803 Widow.
Lovett, Edmund Smith, Mary 27 Jan 1825  
Low, Lewis Hufman, Minerva (Nervy) 17 Feb 1819 Proof by Wm. Jones
Low, Moses Porter, Nancy 19 Jan 1825  
Low, Robert Dance, Sally 18 Mar 1823  
Lowe, John Lawless, Jane 5 Dec 1816  
Lowe, M. Horatio Moore, Margaret 9 Feb 1836 Consent fy James Moore in person.
Lowe, Samuel Lowe, Polly 9 Sep 1813 Proof by Thos. Owings.
Lowe, Squire W. Henry, Emily Ann Dunn Jenkins 13 Jan 1831 Daughter of James Henry.
Lucas, Richard Carter, Sarah 19 Apr 1841 Oath by Wm. Jewett.
Luckett, William Fogal, Elizabeth 22 Jan 1824  
Luckett, William Fogal, Elizabeth 3 Nov 1832 Widow of John Fogle, dec'd.
Luke, W.H.W. Taylor, Nancy A. 1 Mar 1866  
Lummis, John Mann, Anna 17 Mar 1831 Proof by John Mann.
Lummis, Martin Mann, Elizabeth 12 Dec 1835 Proof by Richard Mann.
Lummis, Thomas Smith, Elvina 25 Feb 1830  
Lumus, Samuel Smith, Ann 23 Feb 1841  
Maddon, William H. Fugate, Perthenia 27 Nov 1841 Proof by James Sechrest.
Mains, Peter Lewis, Catherine 18 Jun 1836  
Makemson, Andrew Hand, Elizabeth 1 Dec 1814 Proof by Jno. Hand, Jr.
Makemson, Risk Purdy, Mary Cockerill 22 Oct 1911 Married at Morgan Christian Church.
Makemson, Robert Robinson, Ann 6 Feb 1823 Consent by Jacob Robinson, her guardian.
Makerson, John Lindsey, Peggy 22 Oct 1805 Proof by David Lindsey
Mann, Eli Purdy, Lydia Ann 3 Apr 1837 Consent of father, Samuel Purdy.
Mann, Elijah Carlisle, Elizabeth 29 Oct 1838 Proof by Livingston Carlisle.
Mann, Levi Blackburn, Sally Ann 29 Oct 1838  
Mann, William Hensly, Mary 14 Apr 1838 Certificate of consent from mother, Mary Hensly.
Mardis, C.L. Askman, Nancy Oct 1911  
Marquardt, Charles McNay, Lula Jan 1911  
Marsh, Dan Moore, Viola Oct 1911  
Marshall, Andrew Robinson, Peggy 1 Dec 1814 Proof by James H. Robinson.
Marshall, John W. Porter, Mary L. 23 Jul 1874  
Marshall, Randolph Leeis, nancy 7 Sep 1836  
Marshall, Thomas McLaughlin, Mary K. 28 Nov 1822  
Martin, Benjamin Doan, Matilda 5 Jan 1843 Oath by William Childs.
Martin, Lewis Frank Pike, Adah 18 Jan 1936  
Martin, Madison Taylor, Nellie E. 30 Oct 1914  
Martin, Minor Smith, Delia 14 Mar 1843 Oath by Samuel Lumis.
Martin, William Waters, Emelia   Consent of acting guardian, James Smith.
Mason, Henry McMullin, Jane 18 May 1816  
Massey, H.F. Ashcraft, Virge 3 Mar 1909  
Massy, William Colyer, Charlotte 20 Jun 1811 Consent by mother, Mrs. Nelly Colyer.
Masterson, John C. Wilson, Nancy 6 Mar 1820 Proof by Wm. P. Thomas
Mattockes, David A. Love, Katy 20 Dec 1811 Proof by Luke Mattockes.
Mattocks, Luke Shaw, Judith 9 Jun 1819 Widow of John Shaw, dec'd.
Matton, John Williams, Jane 20 Oct 1836 Consent of guardian Wm. Stewart
Mattox, Austin Ellis, Amanda 5 Aug 1840  
Mattox, William Daugherty, Mary 7 Dec 1816 Broof by Benj. Daugherty.
McAbee, Urial Briggs, Sarah 11 Dec 1833 Proof by Thos. S. Morrow.
McCally, James Wells, Lucy 25 Sep 1815  
McCandless, George Hammerly, Elizabeth 11 Oct 1825  
McCandless, George Hammerly, Margaret Ann 30 Oct 1833 Consent by her father, James Hammerly.
McCandless, James Hammerly, Mary 10 Nov 1824  
McCanless, Robert Elder, Louisa 15 Sep 1817 Proof by Thos. Dance.
McCann, Patrick Isles, Elizabeth 5 Feb 1824 Proof by Henry Isles.
McCarty, Adam Williams, Sarah 8 Mar 1809 Proof of Sarah being 21 yrs old and no parents or guardian by Alexr. Monroe.
McCarty, Edward Duncan, Matilda 22 Apr 1819 Proof by Joel B. Hume.
McCarty, James Wright, Rebeccah 16 Sep 1815  
McCarty, John Wright, Rebeccah 16 Sep 1815 Widow.
McCarty, Nathaniel Buoy, Mary 8 Aug 1831  
McCarty, Nathaniel McCarty, Sarah 5 Jan 1836 Proof by Nathaniel McCarty, brother.
McCarty, Reuben Porter, Polly 11 Apr 1815 Proof by Elijah McClanahan.
McCollum, James Green, Rosianna 4 Dec 1805  
McClanahan, Alfred C. Cookindorfer, Elizabeth 15 May 1832 Proof by James Houston.
McClanahan, Charles Taylor, Essie 19 Jul 1911  
McClanahan, Eli Guifford, Nancy Jane 28 Sep 1839  
McClanahan, Henry Shawhan, Sarah 25 Jan 1821  
McClanahana, James W. Metcalf, Martha 23 Jan 1843 Oath by Archibald, Metcalf.
McClanahan, Jas. R. Sanders, Carrie A. Oct 1911  
McClanahan, Minor McCarty, Elizabeth 19 Mar 1838 Proof by Samuel McCarty.
McClanahan, N.B. Biddle, Lizzie E. 1 Mar 1881  
McClanahan, Samuel Marshall, Angellina 10 Dec 1833 Proof by David Marshall.
McCluer, Alexr. Gibson, Jean 20 Sep 1810  
McCollum, James Green, Rosianna 4 Dec 1805 Proof by Geo. Green.
McClure, James Taylor, Laura 20 Nov 1884  
McCormack, Robert F. Levengood, Elizabeth 30 Ma 1843  
McCoy, Joseph McCandless, Mary Ann 26 Jul 1839 Proof by Robert McCandless.
McCroskie, Isaac Fleming, Agness 7 Oct 1820 Proof by No. McCroskie.
McCullough, John Underwood, Catherine 9 Mar 1818 Widow.
McDowell, John O. Brown, Myrtle Jan 1911  
McGill, Israel Sharpe, America 27 Dec 1839 Oath by Tilford Sharpe.
McGill, Samuel Earles, Elizabeth 12 Jun 1823  
McGill, Thomas Carney, Jane 10 Jul 1834 Sworn by David Carney and Israel McGill.
McGill, William Attison, Jane 8 Nov 1839  
McIntosh, Coleson Johnson, Rebeccah 23 Jan 1824  
McKee, John Naylor, Maria 20 Mar 1823  
McKenney, James H. Robbins, Lucinda 30 Mar 1836  
McKindley, Jos. W. Webster, Matilda 29 Dec 1837 Proof by Daniel Webster.
McKinney, Francis R. Buckhanah, Nancy 3 Nov 1821  
McKinney, Francis Howard, Rachel 12 Nov 1825  
McKinney, William Roberts, Ann 1 Jan 1844  
McKinney, Wm. D. Wyatt, Matilda 7 Jun 1841 Oath by Frances McKinney.
McLafferty, Edward Ashcraft, Florence 28 Nov 1929  
McLaughlin, George Hart, Nancy 25 Dec 1806 Proof by John Hart.
McLaughlin, James M. Holmes, Tirza B. 12 Sep 1832  
McMillan, Joseph Hilor, Nancy 1 Apr 1811 Consent by David Hilor.
McMullin, James Shively, Polly 22 Sep 1819 Proof by Thos. Hawkins.
McNay, Robert Mullins, Rachel 6 Nov 1834 Proof by Gabriel Mullins.
McPherson, John Mattox, Mahaly 23 May 1816 Proof by Laban Ellis.
Medcalf, Tilford Mann, Polly Ann 26 Apr 1832 Proof by Rich. Mann.
Medecke, George Taylor, Ora 23 May 1914  
Menifee, J.W. Pike, Isabelle 23 Feb 1899  
Metcalf, James H. Fish, Isabella 26 Sep 1837  
Metcalf, Western Riddle (or Riffle), Sarah 19 Aug 1830 Proof by Jno. Riddle, R.
Mickrosky, John Daugherty, Elizabeth 14 Sep 1819 Proof by Jos. Daugherty
Middleton, Simeon Ashcraft, Emily J. 15 Mar 1888  
Milchan, Ebenezer Daugherty, Ann 30 Mar 1815  
Miles, Gabriel Duncan, Susannah 22 May 1800  
Miliner, Reason Porter, Margaret 20 Feb 1822 Consent of father, Jno. Porter.
Miller, C.W. Taylor, Mary J. 15 Aug 1877  
Miller, Gideon Thrasher, Ann 14 Apr 1817  
Miller, John Mullins, Elizabeth 30 May 1816 Proof by Nathaniel Ducker.
Miller, Lewis Fisher, Margaret 5 Dec 1800  
Miller, William Thrasher, Elizabeth 23 Apr 1816  
Miller, Wm. E. Sellers, Ida May 1903  
Milliner, Reason Porter, Margaret 20 Feb 1822  
Mitchell, Joseph Cleaveland, Margaret 3 Dec 1833 Proof by Henry W. Cleaveland.
Mills, Elmer C. Belew, Annie E. 9 Oct 1907  
Mills, Glendon C. Hill, Florence 3 Jul 1930  
Mills, James P. Adams, Augusta 3 Apr 1933  
Mills, William King Hamilton, Frances 2 Jul 1849  
Mills, William King Campbell, Elisabeth S. 26 Oct 1857  
Mitts, John Conyers, Sally 26 Mar 1812  
Mockerbee, Urial Briggs, Sarah 11 Dec 1833 Proof by Thos. S. Morrow.
Mockbee, Walter L. Ashcraft, Louise 23 Mar 1902  
Monroe, George T. Makemson, Jane 15 May 1817 Consent of guardian, Andrew Makemson.
Monroe, Jeremiah Clarkson, Ann Maria 19 May 1817  
Monroe, John Orr, Sarah 7 Apr 1831 Proof by Peter Levingood.
Monroe, John W. Taylor, Maggie E. 24 Jun 1886  
Monroe, Sidney H. Pollack, Maria 15 Mar 1832 Proof by Wm. C. Naylor.
Monroe, William Turner, Nancy 23 Dec 1802  Consent of John Turner.
Monroe, William Owens, Mrs. Susannah 28 Apr 1825  
Monroe, William Sterne, Harriett 21 May 1836  
Monroe, William C. Wallace, Cynthia 27 Jun 1821  
Montelman, F. Kerby Bradford, Mahala 19 Nov 1838  
Montgomery, Thomas I. Taylor, Lucinda 14 Jun 1847  
Moor, James Thompson, Caty 12 Apr 1814  
Moore, Aaron Shotwell, Elizabeth 7 Feb 1837 Cert. of Jasper Shotwell sworn to by John Moore.
Moore, Benjamin Thompson, Sarah 18 Feb 1830 Proof by Gilbert Thompson.
Moore, Benjamin Dance, Patsy 15 Apr 1833 Consent of her father, Wm. Dance.
Moore, Carlis Solhand, Lucy A. Feb 1911  
Moore, Chas. H. Stone, Ethel Jul 1911  
Moore, Edward McCandless, Nancy 6 Oct 1824  
Moore, James Brann, Nancy 28 Nov 1811  Proof by Jos. Brann
Moore, James Myers, Elizabeth 7 Mar 1842  
Moore, William Shipp, Nancy 4 Jan 1841 Consent of guardian Samuel Shipp.
Moorehead, John Metcalf, Letitia 30 Dec 1837 Proof by James Metcalf.
Morehead, Festus Ashcraft, Martha E. 2 Mar 1903  
Morgan, Jeremiah Rice, Elizabeth 7 Jan 1816 Widow of Danl. Rice, dec'd.
Morris, Joseph R. Minor, Margaret 18 Oct 1825  
Morris, Joshua Cooper, Margaret 11 Mar 1806  
Morris, Richard Castator, Phebe 22 Nov 1821 Proof by Jno. Bush.
Morrison, James Blackburn, Mary 7 Sep 1840 Oath by James Blackburn.
Mortin, John Glaves, Elizabeth 23 Sep 1801  
Muirhead, Daniel Medcalf, Cordelia 5 Jan 1831 proof by Tilford Medcalfe.
Mullin, Lindsy Southard, Milly 2 Jun 1814 Consent by father Lawrence Southard; proof by Robt. Riddle.
Mullins, Fountain Turner, Mary 31 Jul 1810  
Mullins, James B. Mills, Frances J. 19 Apr 1881  
Mullins, Joel B. Fugate, Meshey 23 Oct 1838 Proof by Joseph Fugate.
Mullins, Richard Berry, Rebeckah 12 Jan 1809 Proof by Peter Rush.
Mullins, Richard Daugherty, Jane Elizabeth 18 Jan 1841  
Mullins, Ruben Love, Betey 14 Nov 1805  
Mullins, Stephen Thrasher, Nancy 8 Apr 1802  
Mullins, William B. Monroe, Jane 16 Mar 1840  
Murray, Michael Phillips, Mary 7 Dec 1837  
Murrill, William Luckett, Mary F. 6 Jun 1842  
Murry, William Hardin, Cynthia 10 Nov 1819  
Musselman, Jacob Redinghour, Mary 7 Sep 1818 Proof by Jos. Redinghour.
Myar, Andrew Clark, Hannah 5 Jan 1804 Proven by James Hunter.
Myars, Joseph Kenady, Elizabeth 14 Feb 1804  
Myars, Joseph Kenniday, Elizabeth 14 Feb 1804 Proof by Jesse Kinniday.
Myers, Carl Grant, Edna Williams 25 Oct 1911 Groom from Oklahoma City; married at Butler Christian Church.
Myers, George Moore, Margaret 7 Jun 1810 Consent by her step-father, David Harmon.
Myers, Henry K. Brann, Elizabeth 25 Mar 1842 Oath by Joseph Brann.
Myers, Jacob McCluor, Martha 26 Dec 1816  
Myers, John Asbury, Franky 9 Jan 1823  Proof by Jacob Asby (Asbury).
Myers, John Findley, Mary 3 Apr 1835 Proof by Thomas Williams, guardian.
Myers, Lewis Redinour, Rachel 29 Apr 1817 Proof by Joel Hume.
Myers, Michael Brann, Margaret 23 Mar 1833 Proof by Wm. Brann.
Myers, Richard Childers, Nancy Ann 10 Aug 1841 Oath by N.M. Wadden.



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