Pendleton County Marriages


Marriage Date
Race, Alexander Ashcraft, Margaret 4 Oct 1832  
Race, Ebenezar Kelly, Rachel 25 Sep 1843 Oath by Allen Kelly.
Race, Hiram Nichols, Nancy 20 Jul 1840 Oath by Robt. McMillin.
Race, John Shively, Martha 22 Feb 1841 Oath by Robt. McMillin.
Race, Lawson Hawkins, Phebe 22 Jan 1824 Proof by Wm. Hawkins.
Race, Moses Ashcraft, Sarah 22 Nov 1832  
Race, William Belew, Elizabeth 10 Apr 1830 Consent of father, Wm. Belew.
Rafferty, John Wright, Delilia 28 Mar 1816 Proof by Jno. Crook.
Ramey, Arthur Youngman, Jalie Jul 1911  
Ramsay, James Fields, Nancy 16 Mar 1842 Oath by Henry Browning.
Ramsey, James Browning, June 9 Sep 1834  
Rankin, David Desha, Elizabeth 28 Apr 1821 Widow of Jos. Desha, dec'd.
Rankin, John Beckett, Elizabeth 21 Mar 1811 Proof by Wm. Blackburn.
Rankins, Isaac Hand, Elenor 19 Sep 1839 Proof by W.H. Hanson
Ransom, Orvan Ashcraft, Effie 2 Sep 1891  
Rardon, John Records, Nancy 8 Mar 1823  
Ratcliff, Elisha Gibson, Mary 3 Nov 1814 Consent of father, Thos. Gibson
Ratliff, John W. Moore, Margaret 12 Mar 1838 Proof by James Moore & Mitchel Dance.
Ravenscraft, W.R. Ashcraft, Sallie 4 Jan 1906  
Rawlings, Ezekial Vaughan, Sarah W. 28 Sep 1839 Proof by Hugh S. Hickman.
Rawlings, Robert Forsythe, Elizabeth 20 Sep 1821 Proof by Jno. Forsythe.
Rawlings, Samuel Vance, Betsey 21 Feb 1805  
Read, George Ellis, Frances 29 Nov 1821 Proof by Jno. Scott.
Records, John Said, Nancy 2 May 1835  
Records, Josiah Lewis, Letitia 30 Jul 1815 Proof by Geo. Lewis.
Records, William Said, Susannah 2 Apr 1833 Proof by Augustin Eads.
Redington, Solomon Jones, Mary 5 Mar 1839  
Redmon, Samuel Sharp, Elizabeth 6 Dec 1804 proof by Linufield Sharp.
Reed, Zachariah Southard, Franky 27 Sep 1814 Proof by Jno. Ellis, Jr.
Rice, Daniel New, Elizabeth 22 Jan 1807 Proof by Chas. Colvin, Jr.
Rice, Demsey Bishop, Sarah 4 Jan 1836  
Rice, Demsy Downard, Rebecah 30 Dec 1809 Proof by Jas. Kemp.
Rice, John Rinker, Juldy 2 Apr 1807 Proof by guardian Elijah Rinker.
Richardson, Lewis North, Jane 24 Aug 1842 Oath by Henry Allen
Richey, James Browning, Susannah 13 Jun 1809 Consent of father, Caleb Browning.
Richey, James Browning, Nancy 7 Jul 1824 Proof by Caleb Browning.
Richey, Stephen Browning, Sally 28 May 1816  
Rickey, William J. Taylor, Nancy Hull 25 Oct 1828  
Riddell, George Colvin, Margaret 16 Jun 1808 Proof by Chas. B. Colvin
Riddle, Charles Roberts, Malvina 1 Jan 1844 Oath by Moses Race.
Riddle, Ebenezer Williams, Elizabeth 19 Aug 1814 Proof by Chas. Kerby.
Riddle, George Fall (or Full), Martha 5 Feb 1834 Proof by Jacob M. Wolf.
Riddle, John Wheeler, Elizabeth 2 Nov 1815 Consent of father, Drummond Wheeler.
Riddle, John Caril, Sarah 13 Mar 1838  
Riddle, Robert Lightfoot, Nancy 25 Jul 1802 Father John Lightfoot.
Riely, James Baily, Jane 18 Dec 1838 Personal consent by step-father T. Briggs.
Rigg, Reuben S. McQuinley, Sallie Nov 1911 Married by Judge N.D.C. Mains.
Riggle, Joseph Taylor, Annie E. 23 Oct 1873  
Riggs, Benjamin M. Wilson, Agness W. 3 May 1825  
Roach, Fields Allen Cobb, Mary 30 Jun 1817  
Robarts, John B. Wheeler, Winifred 26 Mar 1832 Proof by Thos. W. Hart.
Robbins, Augustus Frazer, Mary L. 8 May 1834 Consent of her father, John Frazer.
Robbins, Francis E. Lemmons, Lucinda 18 Dec 1833 Consent of her father, Wm. Lemmons.
Roberts, Elias Morris, Ann 13 Sep 1802 Consent of Ellenor Morris; oath by James Morris.
Roberts, Andrew Payne, Agnes 28 Nov 1843 Oath by Wm. A. Porter.
Roberts, Helery Duncan, Lemvisa (or Louisa) 21 Sep 1836  
Roberts, Jasper Heddrick, Annie 15 Apr 1870 He of lawful age and her guardian's consent personally given. Bond executed and license issued 12 Apr 1870.  Married 15 Apr 1870 by A.A. Knight; witnessed by William H. Roberts & George C. Rule.
Marriage Bond   ~   Marriage Certificate
Roberts, Joel Hart, Sally 18 Dec 1832  
Robertson, William S. Fugate, Elizabeth 28 Dec 1821 Proof by Henry Hand.
Robinson, Absalom Jarvis, Susannah 8 Apr 1819  
Robinson, Armit Jervice, Malinda 30 May 1816  
Robinson, Joseph Jarvis, Margaret 9 Apr 1819  
Robinson, M. Moore, Sally 14 Jul 1815 Proof by Alexander Marshall.
Rogers, Francis Sargeant, Ann 11 Nov 1841 Consent of guardian, Thos. G. Hampton.
Rogers, John Guston, Elizabeth 22 Apr 1806 Proof by Geo. Sapp
Rogers, John Sargeant, Sarah 14 Aug 1840 Oath by John Downey.
Rogers, John A. Ducker, Elizabeth 2 Dec 1843  
Rollins, Michael Stites, Margaret 14 Dec 1824  
Routt, Riley Colvin, Nancy B. 3 Jan 1842  
Rowland, P.A. Ashcraft, Nellie 30 Sep 1911  
Ruber, Ed. Chapman, Jesse 14 Oct 1911 Married at home of bride's parents.
Ruddell, Charles Collins, Polly 29 Sep 1818 Consent of her guardian, Jos. K. Glinn.
Rule, Thomas R. Johnson, Johnannah 29 May 1823 Proof by Cleson McIntosh.
Rule, William Sharpe, Polly 25 May 1819 Widow of John Sharpe, dec'd.
Rush, David Miller, Susannah 11 Aug 1814 Consent of Saml. Conoway, her father-in-law and guardian.
Rush, Gabriel Burns, Margaret 12 Jan 1815 Proof by Alexander Webb.
Rush, Garland McClain, Anna 17 Feb 1814 Proof by Jno. Miller.
Rush, Thomas Steele, Elizabeth 10 Dec 1807  
Rush, Thornton Glinn, Elizabeth 17 Jul 1816 Proof by Pleasant Glinn.
Rush, William P (or R.). Minor, Sarah W. 22 Jul 1818 Proof by Jno. M. Foster.



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