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 Established February 1, 1881                                           Paris, Bourbon Co. KY

  Tuesday July 31, 1900

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William H. Thornburg, aged 75 and Montilman F. Kirby, 84 years of age, died in Pendleton county last week.


Friday August 3, 1900.
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The hog crop in Pendleton and adjoining counties are reported very short.  A Chicago packer predicts that side meat will bring 16c to 17 c wholesale before January 1st.


Friday September 11, 1903
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Curtis Jett Will Be Placed on Trial Next Monday.

    Cynthiana, Ky., Sept. 9. - When the case against Curtis Jett for the murder of Town Marshal Jim Cockrill, of Jackson, was called here Tuesday, the commonwealth answered ready, but asked a continuance of a day.  None of the outside attorneys for the defense had arrived.

    When Jett was brought in Attorney Blanton, for the defense, filed a demurrer, asking that the indictment be quashed.  Commonwealth's Attorney Byrd objected to the demurrer, and asked that the case be tried at this term of court.

    Judge Osborne overrulled the special demurrer, and Attorney Blanton then filed affiddavits supporting his motion to have the indictment quashed on the ground that this court had no jurisdiction to try the case, as the defendant had been tried and convicted at a special term of the court.

    Judge Osborne did not think the grounds in the affidavit were sufficient for a postponement, and said the case would have to be tried at this term.  He set it for next Monday, and ordered a special venire of jurymen from Robertson, Nicholas and Pendleton Counties.


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A defective flue caused the one-story frame house on the Wm. Ardery farm, near Glenkenney, to burn to the ground, Tuesday at noon.  It was occupied by Mr. Chas. Fisher and wife and nine children, who lost almost everything.  Mrs. Fisher at the time visiting her father, Mr. John Ammerman, in Pendleton County.



Friday, December 7, 1900
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Brief Paragraphs about Important Happenings.

Morgan Barlow, who escaped five years ago in Pendleton county, while being taken to prison for horse stealing, was caught in Nicholas Tuesday.


Tuesday, September 3, 1901
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The Cynthiana Log Cabin tells of a resident of Pendleton county having his pocket picked of $148 by a fortune teller connected with the Robinson circus, and says that skin games and sure thing gambling devices were as thick as fleas on the monkeys.  It was the same way in Paris, although we have not heard of any large sums being lost.  To show that the circus proprietors themselves in league with the swindlers, a prominent attache of the circus called at The News office on the day that they exhibited here, and after asking if there was anything he could to in the way of giving extra tickets, etc., requested that if they should happen to get into any trouble he would appreciate it as a favor if The News would refrain from "roasting" the show.


Friday, November 30, 1900
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Representative E.E. Barton, of Pendleton, spent Wednesday in the city.


Friday, November 16, 1900
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Henry Hibler leaves this morning for a trip in Pendleton County.


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Jack Arnold, of Pendleton county, has a 12 acre field of oats that averaged 50 shocks, 16 bundles to the shock, about 75 bushels to the acre.

Cincinnati, Aug. 1 - Wheat, steady, 66 1/2 @67.  Corn, firm 56 1/2-3/4 57.  Oats quiet, 36 1/2 @27.  Rye, steady, 53.  Hogs active, steady, 3.90 @ 595.  Cattle, quiet. 2.00@5.25.  Sheep, steady, 2.20@2.50.  Lambs steady, 3.50 @ 5.80.


Tuesday, October 30, 1900
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Elder G.W. Nutter left Monday for Gardnersville, Pendleton county, to hold a meeting.


October 145, 1904
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May Be Debarred.

    In making up the official ballot for the November election in the Department of Secretary of State, it is noticed that two of the Democratic electors are holding offices to be incompatible with that of elector.  Those are the Hon. Claude M. Thomas, of this county, who is President of the First National Bank, and the Hon. E.E. Barton of Pendleton County, member of the General Assembly.  Representative Herman D. Bewcomb, of Lousiville, and R.C. Ford, of Middlesboro, residned similar positions because of incompatibility.

    We have not been able to see Mr. Thomas to ascertain what steps he will take in the matter.


Friday, May 16, 1902
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City Schools - The CIty School Board at a meeting on Monday night, rather unexpectedly to the public, elected Prof. J.A. Sharron, of Pendleton County, superintendent, to succeed Prof. A.O. Reubelt.  There were four applicants for the position - Mr. Reubelt, Mr. Lucas, J.F. Clarke and Mr. Eubanks.  It is to be regretted that Prof. Reubelt was not re-elected, as he has made many friends here and was especialy well-liked by the pupils of the school.


Friday ??? 1903
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Pendleton county has sent in for Kentucky's mineral display at the World's Fair a large box of stone


March 18 (????)
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Personal Information

Mr. and Mrs. Felix C. Newman and two children returned Friday from a protracted visit to relatives in Bourbon county. - Falmouth Pendletonian

The Falmouth Pendletonian, says: Mr. Thos. Bristow, of Bourbon County, was in Pendleton this week for the puprose of purchasing two work horses.  He secured one at J.H. Jacobs' sale Tuesday.

Friday March 23, 1900
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Rural Free Delivery

Rural free delivery routes were established in Kentucky Wednesday for Representative Pugh in Harrison County and Representative Berry in Pendleton County.

May 5, 1903
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Republican Railroad Convention

    The Republicans of this, the Third Railroad District, will assemble in Paris Tomorrow, May 6, to nominate a candidate for Railroad Commissioner.

    The District is composed of forty-eight counties, which poll a safe Republican majority, and as the nominee is reasonably assurred of an election, an exciting and highly interesting contest between the various candidates is expected.

    There are eight announced candidates, as follows:

    John O. Wood, present incumbent, of Montgomery, Tenth District.

    Charles L. Gray, of Bracken, Ninth District

    A.T. Siler, of Whitney, Eleventh District.

    J.T. Patrick, of Magoffin, Tenth District.

    Robt. Hill of Lee, Tenth District.

    Jas. Owens, of Clark, Tenth District.

    Caudle, of Rowan, Tenth District.

    The Convention will be held in the old Christian Church, corner Eighth and Main, which will seat about 800 people.  The basement will be reserved for the various committees.

    The First Regiment Band, of Cincinnati, has been engaged to furnish music for the occasion.

    The Windsor and Fordham Hotels are making extensive preparations to entertain the large crowd of delegates that will be present.

    Messrs. Wood, Gray, Siler and Patrick will have their headquarters at the Windsor, while the other candidates will be quartered at the Fordham.  Several of the candidates arrived yesterday and opened up their headquarters.

    The Committee on Arrangements has secured elegant silk badges for the occasion and the Reception Committee will meet all incoming trains.

    There will be a concert given on the public square at 7:30 to-morrow evening.



    The following are the votes to which each county will be entitled in the convention, Wednesday:


County                    Vote
Bath                        17
Bracken                    13
Bourbon                    22
Boyd                        20
Boone                        8
Bell                            21
Breathitt                     8
Clay                        19
Carter                        25
Clark                        19
Campbell                    56
Estill                        13
Elliott                        6
Floyd                        12
Fleming                    21
Greenup                    20
Grant                        15
Harrison                    18
Harlan                        16
Jackson                    18
Johnson                    19
Perry                        10
Robertson                  5
Rockcastle                16
Knox                        26
Knott                        4
Kenton                       56
Laurel                        22
Lewis                        23
Lawrence                    21
Leslie                        12
Lether                        11
Lee                            9
Mason                        25
Menefee                    5
Madison                    31
Magoffin                    13
Martin                        8
Morgan                    11
Montgomery            15
Nicholas                    13
Owsley                    11
Powell                        7
Pike                        23
Pendleton                16
Rowan                        9
Wolfe                        7
Whitley                    36
Total:         831
Necessary to nominate: 416










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