Ferry Landings & Railroad Depots

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Ferries & Landings


The mouth of the Licking River is at Covington, KY in Kenton Co. Mileages shown are distances from the mouth to that particular port/ferry.

Falmouth, Pendleton Co. - 51 3/4 miles
Claysville, Harrison Co. - 77 3/4 miles
Panther Creek, Harrison Co. - 91 1/2 miles
Lower Blue Licks, Nicholas Co. - 98 miles
Fleming Creek, Fleming Co. - 107 miles
Sherburn, Fleming Co. - 127 1/4 miles
Ringo's Mill, Fleming Co. - 140 1/2 miles
Mouth of Slate Creek, Bath Co. - 145 miles
Ile's Mill, Bath Co. - 163 1/4 miles
Gill's Mill, Bath Co. - 182 miles
Beaver Creek, Bath Co. - 192 1/4 miles
Blackwater Creek, Bath Co. - 212 miles
McClure's Mill, Bath Co. - 225 miles
West Liberty, Morgan Co. - 231 miles


Railroad Depots

In 1874, these were the railroad depots in the various counties:

KENTUCKY CENTRAL - Ran from Covington (Kenton Co.) to Lexington (Fayette Co.). Distances shown between stations. It appears it also went into Jessamine County:

South Covington, Kenton Co. - 2 1/2 miles
DeCoursey, Kenton Co. - 2 3/4 miles
Culbertson, Kenton Co. - 1 3/4 miles
Grant, Kenton Co. - 3 miles
Ryland, Kenton Co. - 2 1/4 miles
Canton, Kenton Co. - 2 miles
Benton, Kenton Co. - 3 3/4 miles
Mullins, Kenton Co. - 2 1/2 miles
DeMossville, Pendleton Co. - 4 miles
Butler, Pentdleton Co. - 3 1/3 miles
Meridian, Pendleton Co. - 1 mile
Boston, Pendleton Co. - 1 1/2 miles
Irving, Pendleton Co. - 1 1/2 miles
Catawba, Pendleton Co. - 3 miles
Falmouth, Pendleton Co. - 4 miles
Livingwood, Pendleton Co. - 4 1/4 miles
Morgan, Pendleton Co. - 3 1/4 miles
Boyd, Harrison Co. - 4 1/4 miles
Berry's, Harrison Co. - 2 1/2 miles
Robinson, Harrison Co. - 3 1/4 miles
Garnett, Harrison Co. - 2 1/2 miles
Poindexter, Harrison Co. - 1 1/2 miles
Cynthiana, Harrison Co. - 1 1/2 miles
Lair, Harrison Co. - 5 miles
Lair, Harrison Co. - 3 1/2 miles
Shawhan, Bourbon Co. - 3 3/4 miles
Kiser, Bourbon Co. - 1 1/2 miles
Talbott, Bourbon Co. - 2 1/4 miles
Paris, Bourbon Co. - 3 1/2 miles
Wright, Bourbon Co. - 2 3/4 miles
Huston, Bourbon Co. - 2 miles
Hutchison, Bourgon Co. - 3 miles
Lowe, Bourbon Co. - 2 3/4 miles
Bryan, Fayette Co. - 2 3/4 miles
Duncan, Fayette Co. - 3 miles
Lexington, Fayette Co. - 2 3/4 miles
McLear, Fayette Co. - 5 miles
Providence, Jessamine Co. - 2 miles
Catnip Hill, Jessamine Co. - 2 miles
Hill Dale, Jessamine Co. - 2 miles
Nicholasville, Jessamine Co. - 2 miles



Phelps' Traveler's Guide Through the United States
Published in 1850

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