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If you have a source of Rockcastle County information and would like to volunteer for lookups, please contact me.

Lookups are a great way to find that elusive ancestor. There are a few things I must ask of you before you ask for a lookup:
  • Lookup requests should be limited to one name, or perhaps two if it is a married couple.
  • If it is a cemetery lookup, the information will be the name of the cemetery and the dates on the headstone.
  • Please do not ask for "everybody with X surname" or an entire family group.
  • Please do not ask for hardcopies to be mailed.
  • Please contact the volunteer directly at their email address.


Jill Adami
I would be happy to offer my services for lookups in the 1870 Rockcastle County census. Because I do lookups for counties in some other states, it would be helpful if researchers would put something like "RCC, KY - 1870 census lookup" in the subject line of their e-mails to me.

Jennifer Fish
I would be happy to lookup records listed in the Rockcastle County Cemetery book.

Betty Haley
I will do census lookups for Rockcastle County for 1810-1840. On the subject line please state: RCC and the year (i.e., RCC - 1820). In the body of your message state the complete name(s) of the persons you are interested in. Please do not request information for more than three individuals at a time. And keep in mind that during this time frame, only the head of a household was listed.

Charles F. Seals
There are a lot of people in Rockcastle County that have Tennessee roots. I have a copy of the 1850 Hancock County, TN, census and I'm willing to do lookups.

Brenda Shaw Woods
She has a very extensive collection of material available for lookups. Please visit her website for a list of her collection and further details.

Charles S. Owens
I have all census records 1810 - 1920, Jeanne Bonham and Pat Hiatt's cemetery, marriage and vital statistic books as well as other resources and will be glad to do look ups and share my data with those folks researching the various families in my database.

Wilma Hobson
I have 1850-1880 Rockcastle County census. Will be happy to do look-ups.

Sue Ann Hornung Morrow
I will do look ups for Kentucky Marriages the entire state any county from 1973-1999; Kentucky Births entire state 1911-1999; Kentucky Deaths entire state 1911-1999