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Diptheria Raging in Adair County - 1910
 A. Hovious Shoots and Mortally Wounds Charles Taylor
The Shooting Death of John Henry Sneed, 1922
Columbia Recalls Tragedy of 1841 - 1902
 A Soldier Dies - 1908 [Junius Caldwell]
James Curt Wheat Passes Away - 1910
George Morris Promoted While Serving Overseas
Lt. George Morris Downs Nazi Plane
Charles S. Winfrey Dies in Dallas Hospital {Obituary]
 Obituary of John A. Coffey
Articles from the Adair County News - March 27, 1901 - July 29, 1903 - August 5, 1903
Spanish-American War Soldier, Arthur Roberts Dies - 1901
Old Time Witch and Ghost Stories - 1909
The Old Mourning Chair - 1909
A Series of several articles regarding B. B. Cravens
R. G. Turner returns from the dead! - 1898
Old Soldier Passes On [Robert T. Bennett] - 1898
A Marriage Cut Short - Mr. O. A. Taylor and Miss Mollie P. Williams - 1905
A Grave Marker for a Highly Respectable Citizen - 1906
Old Pete Passes On - 1899
A Noted Speech by Gen. Frank Wolford - 1899
Melvin Traylor Goes to Texas - 1898
A Glimpse of Gradyville - A Thrifty Town - 1899
George Hayter lives 18 years without knowing his parents - 1870
Lynnie Sanders - Richard Moss Marriage - 1906
Columbia, Kentucky in the 1800's (from the Kentucky Explorer with permission)
Maggie Smith Murdered - 1930
 To My Old Friends, from George Acree - 1910
Wife of J. K. Miller Shot Dead - 1903
The Killing of Capt. John R. Curry - 1864
 Sam Eubanks Invents a Churn Dash - 1903
Montpelier Newsletter - October 5, 1926
 Montpelier Newsletter - March 24, 1925
Will J. Lampton writes a poem in response to receiving an invitation to the Great Kentucky Homecoming of 1906.
A Duel in Columbia is Remembered - 1901
The Bank of Cane Valley 1907-1910
A Letter from Eld. Zachariah Taylor "Z.T." Williams, Pastor of the Columbia - 1906
An Update to this story!

One-Time Columbia Resident, James Holt, Arrested for Murder - 1906

A Career in Telegraphy
 City Clock Keeps New Time
Related Cundiff - Banks Articles
Pelly-Zearbaugh-Hill Families, a series of related articles
Professor Ballard's Mysterious Nickel - 1906
One-Time Columbia Resident, James Holt, Arrested for Murder - 1906
A Series of Articles on C. M. Murrell & wife, Irene Dohoney 1900 - 1908
Fitzpatrick Brothers Hanged in Adair Co. - 1884
4 News Articles from January - April, 1908
4 1900 - 1907 Articles for your Perusal & Entertainment
Death by Misadventure in Gradyville - 1900
To The Editor - 1905

Cane Valley, Then and Now - 1855 & 1908

Fight at Green River Bridge - 1863
Adair of Interest, General Articles - 1850
W. M. Tarter death notice - 1910
Nancy Bridgewater Obituary - 1904
Captain James W. Prowell  comes home to visit - 1900
Alexander Hindman farm in the family for over 100 years
Nancy J. Bryant (Mrs. Jasper Bryant) Dies 1900
Ollie Turpin Passes Away 1900
Mollie Thomas Cross 1900 - 1908
J. B. Thomas Dies - 1907
John V. Goode Comes Home to Die - 1903
Adair Co. Commercial Club Formed - 1901
Azure Damron Kills Irvine Bottoms
The Peculiar Will of William E. Frazer
The Old Homestead of Gov. J. R. Hindman
 Mr. R. C. Eubank
A Remarkable Snake
 Aunt Sallie Judd - 1900
Barker Brother Returns Home After 46 Years - 1909
Poplar Hill Postmaster killed - 1904
Christmas Colic - a humorous poem - 1908
First Kentucky Soldier's Rally - December 31, 1909
 Terrapin lives to a ripe old age
 Native of Adair County Murdered in Louisville
 New Pool Hall Ordinance
10 Veterans of the Mexican-American War in Adair County
Zachariah Taylor Williams

The Sad Story of Capt. John T. McLain of the First Kentucky Cavalry

Col. Frank Lane Wolford Birthplace
 Lapsley Family News
Death of a Slave - 1906
Adair County Poor-house, 1900-1910
The Murder of Deputy Jailer Marvin Conover, 1904

The Trial and Incarceration of Hezekiah Harmon, 1910.

 Obituaries of Francis C. Shearer (father); William Trabue Shearer (son); and Mary A. Trabue

The Murder of Elzy McClister, 1903

Monte W. Brockman, master criminal, 1903

Death of Mrs. Lucien Moore (nee Ursela Edrington), 1908

 Letter from Mr. Lucien Moore, late of Adair County, Kentucky, 1918

The Second Race [of Milltown Bridge]
Joe Franklin - 1907 thru 1910

The Killing of James Dooley, 1906

Columbia [January, 1910]

 A letter, written by William Walls Cook while serving in World War I - 1918
Columbia Expands - 1906
 Golden Wedding
A Warning

Fred Rainwater, track & field star at "the Lindsey-Wilson" 1907-1910

An Awful Tragedy

 Light Comes to Columbia, 1905

 Of Grave Concern  (three articles about Adair Co. graves & graveyards - 1903. 1909 & 1918)
 J. C. & Josephine Browning Divorce - 1901
 Luther Sneed Arrested for Selling Alcohol - 1906
 13 Year old Girl Refuses to Sing Sherman's Tune - 1902
  The Turkey Hunt - 1910
  Horse & Husband Missing... Reward for the Horse - 1901
  Sensation at Breeding
 Oldest Citizen of Adair County Dies - 1900
 Quickest Proceeding Ever!
 A Small Misunderstanding for Etta Reynolds
 Col. Frank Wolford Bequeaths Epaulets to Mrs. Bond
Commencement At The Lindsay-Wilson College 1907

The Killing of George O. Curry, 1901

Gradyville Flood - June 7, 1907, A Commemoration

Adair Native Killed in Central City - 1903

The Columbia Graduating Class of 1951
George Loy Speaks Out
Various News Articles from 1949
Unidentified Man Shot and Killed... Who is the Mystery Man?
U. S. Harmon Family 1917 - 1949
Brothers Meet After 60 Years - 1946
Local Banker's Clothes Stolen - 1948 
Aged Mule Dies - 1947
English War Bride Arrives in Adair - 1946
Janice Holt Giles New Novel on Sale April 1st - 1950
23 Graduate from Breeding High School - 1950
Blair - Smythe Nuptuals - 1937
Mrs. Finis Phelps and children, narrowly escaped a serious accident
Miss Julia Eubank has purchased the Millinery business of Mrs. L.W. Atkins in the Butler Building
Miss Ruth Moss Injured In Leap From Car Friday
Elsey Bennett Held On Two Counts of Disturbing Worship Counts
Twins Born In Adair County Celebrate 74th Birthday - 1937
Casey County Legislator's Trial For Shooting at Fair Delayed

Straight From Gradyville: The Community Newsletters of Mr. William M. Wilmore, 1918

Editor Barksdale Hamlett and the Sinking of the Tuscania

Montpelier newsletters, 1918 - A Collection

Death of "Ted." The passing of a faithful canine.

The Slacker - March 13, 1918

An unusual wedding; 6 couples were married at the same time

Gaither Bryant visits Columbia

Noel Thomas Back From France - 1919
Tornado Destruction - 1933

In Memory of Larue P. Hurt

Glensfork Community Newsletter - 1919

Death of Barksdale Hamlett

Letter from an Adair County Doughboy in France, 1918
An Adair County Horse Jockey, Impersonates An Officer, and Is Locked Up

Sergeant S.P. Turner Back from France

Horse Thief Caught
Two Escape from the Adair County Jail
Jno. C. Eubank Promotes Snathe Patent
Paul Acree Kills John Gaskin in Russell County
Columbia High School, Class of 1948 Articles transcribed from various editions of the Adair County News
Walker and Cheatham Announce Opening of Meadow Hill Inn  - 1947
The Circle R Drive-In Opens Fifty Years Ago - 1956
Columbia High School, Class of 1947 Articles transcribed from various editions of the Adair County News
Columbia High School, Class of 1946 Articles transcribed from various editions of the Adair County News

Big City Ways Come To Columbia!

Columbia School Head Commits Murder/Suicide - 1950
Nancy Traylor Falls To Death In New York
 Charley Medaris, a Farmer of this County Found Dead in his Barn
 Patriotic News Articles "Our Boys on the Front"
 Lindsey Wilson College News
News From Yesteryear

 "Letters From the Past"

Rollin Stephens Charged With Seduction
A Unique Advertisement from the Adair County News
Edgar Allen Diddle (1895-1970), the most famous son of Gradyville
Homecoming at Home of Mr. & Mrs. Carlie Bryant
Robert Conover Frazier Winner of B.P.O. Elks Contest
Melson Ridge Community Newsletter
Ozark Community Newsletter

Five Cabbell Brothers Ages Total 424 Years

Sesqui-Centennial Celebration Planned - September 9, 1942
1941 Advertisements in the News
New W.P.A. Library To Open Soon

Adair County Boy Missing

Carbon Monoxide Gas Kills Child

Buel H. Frankum Found Dead
Dorothy Pearl Loy Killed By Train
William Henry Cawhorn Fatally Injured
George B. Yates Killed in Crash
Clifford Isaac McQueary Meets Death While Squirrel Hunting
Aunt Sallie Hunter Struck and Killed by Automobile
Herman G. Antle Beaten to Death
Alice Leftwich Slain in Louisville
Tom B. Duncan Kills Wife and Hangs Self
Former Sheriff, Cortez Sanders Killed by Plane in Louisville
Sam Lee Jones Dies in Fall from Steel Tower
John C. Butler Dies of Gunshot Wounds

Jack Butler Shot By Sam Smith

Hugh Alec Giles Commits Suicide
Walter Shirley Dragged to Death by Mule
Marion Smith Dies Near Chicago
Joe Bennett Killed in Train Wreck
Clifton Bryant and Chester Bryant Die in House Fire
"Snowball" Vaughn Said To Have Been Shot By Wes Johnson In Self Defense
Paul Taylor Held Without Bond For Murder of Ben Taylor
Ben Jefferies Killed in Elevator Mishap
Elza Hare Accidentally Killed at Trapshoot
Ned West Patton Drowns in Russell Creek
Mrs. Frank Bennett Murdered
J. M. Janes' Family Have Homecoming
 Dec. 1908 - Selected Obits from the Adair County News
 A Double Hanging in Columbia - 1884

  13 July 1885 Courier-Journal - Henry Grider Anecdote

  It Happened in the 30s'...

  It Happened in the 40s'...

  Two Fined for Illegal Fishing in Russell Creek

Celebration in Green County

Sam Smith Shot in Shoulder

Native Son Flies over County

Beulah Chapel Will be Dedicated Sunday

Local Man Advanced to Rank of Major

Three Killed in Motor Accidents in Adair County

New Smith Hotel Burns, 1 Dead

All this wonderful information below was typed and submitted by Laura Wright. It gives us an idea about what our ancestors lives must have been like back in the late 1800s - early 1900s! Thanks, Laura!

Special Edition - 60 KILLED IN CYCLONE - Special Edition

Read a letter written by James Madison Garner about this "killer" storm!

Stormy Weather of 1933


- 1897 -

November 3, 1897

November 10, 1897
November 17, 1897 November 24, 1897

December 1, 1897

December 8, 1897
December 15, 1897 December 22, 1897

- 1898 -

January 5, 1898

January 12, 1898

January 18, 1898

January 19, 1898