Shared by Imogene Herald and her father, Wilburn Herald; Batavia, Ohio
 October 2010

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 L-R Polly Combs Herald (widow of Elliott Herald; d/o Bill Combs),
Rev Will Herald (s/o Polly & Elliott); James "Cann" Turner;
Rev Bob Herald (in hat), Celia Raleigh Herald (in back, between James & Bob, wife of Timothy Herald),
John Gross (in back behind Bob), Arminda Herald Turner (w/o James "Cann")
& her bro Rev Sigel S Herald, Rev Goodloe Combs (behind Arminda & Sigel, curly hair),
____ (unidentified relative), Rachel Herald (d/o Sigel, looking over his shoulder),
Alpha Herald (d/o Rev Rob Herald) Timothy Herald ( holding hat in r hand, bro to Arminda, Sigel, Tom, Rob),
Rev Tom Herald ( wearing hat), Rachel Herald Turner (d/o Tom Herald, in black hat),
Rev Rob Herald (tall, next to Tom), Alfred Combs (hefty man on right end),
Timothy "Peti" Herald (in hat between Rob and Alfred, s/o Polly & Elliott, bro to Rev Will),
Rutha Turner Herald (wife of Rob, looking over shoulder of Alfred).
Boy in front of Tom is Sam "Beanus" Turner (s/o Elliott & Polly Combs Turner).
Small boy in front--John E Combs, s/o Rev Goodloe Combs.
Elliott, Arminda, Sigel, Timothy, Tom, & Rob were the children of William "Buck" and Rachel Turner Herald.
This funeral was at the Bill Combs Cemetery across from the mouth of Turner's Creek in Breathitt Co.

 Front Row L-R
1 Rachel Herald Cole (d/o Elliott & Polly Combs Herald, wife of Chester Cole)
2 Sarah Herald Combs Raleigh (d/o Allen & Grace Herald)
3 Polly Herald Raleigh (d/o Jess & Julie Herald, wife of Green Raleigh)
5 Betty Herald Sebastian (d/o Jesse & Julie Herald, wife Wardy Sebastian)
6 Malvery Gross (in black, boss of project)
7______ 8 _______ 9 _______

Second Row L-R
1____ 2 ____
3 Polly Raleigh Johnson Walker (d/o Jim "Bunkum" Raleigh)
4 ____ 5 _____ 6 _____ 7______

Third Row L-R
1____ 2____
3 Annie Herald Baker (tall, d/o Rev. Rob & Rutha Turner Herald, wife/o Alec Baker)
4 Helen Deaton Strong (dark hair, d/o Rev Francis "Tony" & Armine Turner Deaton)
5 Elizabeth Sebastian ?
 L-R Jesse & Sarah Raleigh's son, Roscoe was shot by Lester Combs. _______(girl shading face),
______(man/white shirt & hat), Jack Thompson (hand on coffin),_______(man in back/hat),
Jim "Bunkum" Raleigh (head of coffin/hat), Jesse B & Sarah Raleigh (holding baby Sam),
son Willie and dau.Suzie to right of bro.'s coffin. (Dau. Carrie not born yet) Three girls to right side ???
(one facing camera may be dau. of Joe D., Jesse's bro). Pic . late 1930s
 This is the only known pic. of Fanny's mother. Cordia was born Dec. 1879 in Jackson Co. (?)
and died Nov. 1900 of pneumonia after childbirth. Son Michael would survive for two years.

John McDaniel Herald, William McDaniel Herald, Kelly McDaniel Herald at the graves of their
parents at Crockettsville Cemetery on Kelly's farm at Crockettsville. Gemima died 1927 and Alex in 1930.
This pic circa 1950s.
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