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A Lovan Family Reunion Lovan Family Reunion in 1924

The get-together took place on the occasion of Andrew Berryman Lovan's 77th birthday which was August 25, 1924, near either Dalton or Providence, Ky.

My father-in-law, Harold Lovan, gave me the names of everyone in the picture as he remembered them.

1st row (children sitting left to right) Nolan Lovan, Thela Lovan, Lorene Davis (Vivian's daughter), Nell Adcock (Rua's daughter), Evelyn Cullen (Albert's daughter), Rosetta Cullen, Evelyn Davis (Vivian's daughter), Willie B. Lovan, Robert Barnhill, Harold Lovan, Darrel Webb, K. B. Harris (Classa's brother), Signora Lovan, Jimmie Cullen.

2nd row (l-r) Delmer Webb, Ollie Webb Lovan holding daughter Virginia, Vivian (holding Madelyn) & Carl Davis (holding Maxine), John Davis, Andrew B. Lovan, Jim & Grady Lovan, Lottie Cullen, Ora Lovan Webb holding son Sidney.

3rd row (standing l-r) Ed Dunbar, Virgil Lovan, Demont & Amy Wilson, Velma Lovan, Roy & Classa Lovan holding baby Dorris, Albert & Lelia Cullen holding baby Hazel, Rua & Edgar Adcock.

4th row (l-r behind Roy Lovan) Connie Lovan, Retha Lovan, Stella & Ray Cullen, Pearl & Ollie Cullen.

I hope your visitors will enjoy the pic.
Colleen Lovan

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