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Hopkins County's Photo Album

Directions for sharing your photos.

  1. Register your email address HERE. Registry #'s are usually received within 24 hours of request.

  2. While waiting for your Registry #, scan your photos. Please try to keep the size of each photo to less than 100k.

  3. Send photo to me. Please attach only 1 photo to an email. In the email describe that photo... who, when, where, etc. Whatever is in the email is what will go on the web page.

  4. Include the URL that you received from The Registry in your first email to me. If your email address changes be sure to update it at The Registry so folks will always be able to find you. ;-)

Joy Balmer
Registry #0000186
Edith Bastin
Registry # 0000188
Phil Brown
Registry #0000690
  • Unknown. Can anyone identify this person?
Patti Carpenter
Registry #0000193
Valerie Cobb
Oscar Corbin
Chris Crabtree
Registry #0000197
  • Visit this large collection here, or on the Webster County page here.
Joann Cummings
Registry #0000274
Annette Davidson
Registry #0000200
  • Large Photo Collection. Includes: Old Goad Cemetery; Old Salem Cemetery; Old Jackson Cemetery; and more. Researching: Bourland, Curtis, Goad, Jackson, Lovan, Sisk, Todd Tutt, Wilkerson
Dayle DeBry
Registry #0000202
Lola DeGroff
Registry #0000203
Ruth Demunbrun
Glenn DuSoe
Registry #0000206
Carolyn Buntin Eveland
Carolyn Eveland, Registry #0000413
LaVelda Faull
Registry #0000209
Regina Finan
Ann Gipson
Registry #0000345
Gorman -
Contact me please with your name and addy!
Betty Gunther
Registry #0000217
Fayetta Hall
Registry #0000524
Missy Hetterick
Registry #0000220
Laura Isenhart
Registry #0000226
Neta Jaynes
Registry #0000227
Jim Laffoon
Registry #0000231
  • Jim's large collection will be found here. Includes photos from Old Suthards Cemetery.
  • Jim also contributed the 1850 Annotated Census
Colleen Lovan
Registry #0000330
Debbie McArdle
Registry #0000238
Audrey Ann McCulley
Hopkins Co school teacher
  • The index to this large collection of school children's photos will be found here. The photos themselves will be found in the appropriate surname directories.
Miscellaneous Photos
Bob Nevil
Registry #0000243
Hopkins County Postcards:
Becky Rice
Registry #0000251
Suzanne Russell
Registry #0000254
Christie Scott-Swentko
Registry # 0002309
Mary Shearer
Registry #0000572
  • Flat Creek Cemetery
    • Bailey - Zelpha, 11 Mar 1815 - 12 Feb 1850
    • Whitfield: Bryant, 17 Feb 1793 - 6 Dec 1863 & Seana, 17 Nov 1802 - 14 Nov 1884
Anita Strawn
Registry #0000597
Nancy Trice
Registry #0000001
Maria Troutman
Registry #0000003
Matthew Waack
Registry # 0000266
Keith Winstead
Registry #0003993
Alicia Wyatt
Registry #0000549
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