R Surnames

RABENSENPT, Goldie B., born 25 Nov 1911 to mother Sallie Ashcraft.

RACE, Flora B., born 19 May, 1913 to mother Florence Haggard.

RACE, Harold R., born 4 Jun, 1917 to mother Pearl Highfill.

RACE, Lauretta A., born 9 May, 1920 to mother Nora Buckley.

RADCLIFF, Estella F., born 12 Sep, 1920 to mother Icy Utter.

RAMEY, Arthur R., born 23 Sep, 1912 to mother Jalie Youngman.

RAMEY, Lula, born 9 Jun, 1911 to mother Minnie Smith.

RAMEY, Stanley, born 1 Apr, 1913 to mother Minie Smith.

RAMSEY, Clyde W., born 11 Jan, 1917 to mother Lizzie Cushman.

RAMSEY, Dorthy L., born 27 Aug, 1918 to mother Lizzie Cashmar.

RAMSEY, Ershel L., born 11 May, 1911 to mother Maggie Harper.

RAMSEY, Kenwood E., born 23 Feb, 1915 to mother Maggie Bowie.

RAMSEY, Nedra T., born 18 Apr, 1912 to mother Sally Woods.

RAMSEY, Raymond M., born 3 Aug, 1919 to mother Margrett Bowie.

RAMSEY, Robert F., born 15 Mar, 1916 to mother Maggie Bowie.

RAMSEY, Thomas W., born 21 Aug, 1917 to mother Maggie Bowie.

RAMSEY, Velma P., born 16 Feb, 1917 to mother Maggie Harpening.

RAMSEY, Velma R., born 1 Apr, 1912 to mother Margaret Bowie.

RANKIN, Doris M., born 8 Apr, 1920 to mother Effie Shields.

RANKIN, Dorothy L., born 8 Apr, 1920 to mother Effie Shields.

RANKIN, Irene M., born 30 Jul, 1920 to mother Sarah Fields.

RANKINS, Marvin, born 31 Jan, 1911 (twin), parents Bettie Smith and Clarence Rankin.

RANKINS, Minnie, born 31 Jan, 1911 (twin), parents Bettie Smith and Clarence Rankin.

RANSOM, Chester Lawrence, born 15 Feb 1897.

RARDIN, female child, born Sep 1910, parents Mr. & Mrs. Harry Rardin.

RARDIN, Evelyn, born 22 Jan, 1914 to mother Sylvia Bouas.

RAVENSCRAFT, Geneva E., born 28 Sep, 1915 to mother Sallie Ashcraft.

RAVENSCRAFT, Lizzie L., born 21 Jun, 1913 to mother Peomelia Roinkle.

RAVENSCRAFT, Mary L., born 17 Mar, 1919 to mother Sallie Askeraft.

RAVENSCRAFT, Nancy L., born4 Jul, 1917 to mother Sallie Ashcraft.

RAVENSCRAFT, Oral, born 15 Oct, 1914 to mother Mattie Ammerman.

RAVENSCRAFT, James L., born 2 Jun, 1911 to mother Mattie Ammerman.

RCUMMINS, Leona, born 14 Mar, 1919 to mother Leona Bailey.

RECORD, Clarence W., born 22 Dec, 1917 to mother Kale Fanlhaber.

RECORD, Helen F., born 24 Dec, 1919 to mother Lena Schalck.

RECORD, Ruthie F., born 19 Jun, 1911 to mother Lena Schalck.

RECTOR, Anna B., born 7 Jul, 1920 to mother Agnes Horner.

REDD, Ira R., born 23 Mar, 1911 to mother Bessie Owesaudy.

REDMAN, Smith 1, born 18 Jul, 1911 to mother Odia Hall.

REDMON, Amanda F., born 9 Mar, 1912 to mother Essie Fryman.

REDMON, Charles W., born 1 Dec, 1916 to mother Sarah Kidder.

REDMON, Myrtie E., born 20 Dec, 1918 to mother May Keddes.

REDMON, Naomi B., born 27 Jun, 1914 to mother Sarah Kidder.

REED, Ed, born 14 Jun 1886.

REED, James Walter, born 11 Jul 1887.

REED, Virgil, born 17 Feb, 1914 to mother May Gibson.

REEVES, Hilda M., born 26 Jul, 1911 to mother Annie Traylor.

REEVES, Nellie M., born 30 Apr, 1920 to mother Emma Lemons.

REGAN, Virginia K., born 2 Apr, 1911 to mother Clara Browning.

REID, Alexander H., born 27 Feb, 1913 to mother Arminta Daugherty.

REID, Gladys A., born 21 Dec, 1915 to mother Arminta Daugherty.

REILEY, Kennedy B., born 20 Aug, 1911 to mother Ella Wallace.

RETTER, Lucille, born 4 Apr, 1916 to mother Edna Hobday. (see Ritter)

REYNOLDS, John E., born 23 Feb, 1920 to mother Margaret Murphy.

REYNOLDS, William H., born 5 Oct, 1918 to mother Maragret Murphy.

RHYMER, Jaunita, born 3 Oct, 1916 to mother Myrtle Dean.

RICE, Florna, born 11 Jan, 1913 to mother Maude Rice.

RICE, Lidia M., born 10 Dec, 1913 to mother Lizia Rice.

RICE, Ruby P., born 12 Jul, 1919 to mother Ada Hodge.

RICHARDS, Adolphine N., born 31 Mar, 1912 to mother Fanny Pugh.

RICHARDS, Charles W., born 17 Dec, 1913 to mother Fannie Pugh.

RICHARDS, Frances C., born 3 Dec, 1915 to mother Fannie Pugh.

RICHIE, Sarah E., born 12 Jan, 1916 to mother Mohala Bishop.

RIDDELL, Donald W., born 17 Aug, 1913 to mother Judith Winds.

RIDDELL, Glenn R., born 23 Oct, 1918 to mother Edith Clayton.

RIDDELL, Robert Y., born 30 Apr, 1911 to mother Bessie Mann.

RIDDLE, Alta F., born 15 Mar, 1916 to mother Edith Clayton.

RIDER, Clarence C., born 19 Feb, 1912 to mother Nancy Worthington.

RIKE, Thelma C., born 4 Jun, 1911 to mother Annie Hells.

RILEY, male child, born Sep 1911, parents Mr. & Mrs. Claud Riley.

RILEY, Anna M., born 5 Jun, 1914 to mother Ella Wallace.

RILEY, Emerson F., born 28 Sep, 1913 to mother Julia Menefee.

RILEY, Grace A., born 9 Mar, 1916 to mother Julia Menifer.

RITTER, male child, born Jul 1910, parents Mr. & Mrs. Joe Ritter, Jr.

RITTER, male child, born Jul 1910, parents Mr. & Mrs. John Ritter.

RITTER, Ruby J., born 19 Jul, 1918 to mother Edna Hobday.

RITTER, Virgiline, born 1 Oct, 1914 to mother Edna Hobday.

ROARK, Gilbert, born 20 Feb, 1915 to mother Sallie England.

ROBB, Edwin Lawrence, born 24 Sep 1889.

ROBBIN, Sarah, born 26 May, 1919 to mother Catherine McDowell.

ROBERTS, Dave 2, born 11 Dec, 1920 to mother Rose Barnes.

ROBINSON, Alma M., born 14 Oct, 1915 to mother Mary Morris.

ROBINSON, Bernice L., born 24 Mar, 1920 to mother Lida Montgomery.

ROBINSON, Beulah C., born 24 Mar, 1920 to mother Lida Montgomery.

ROBINSON, Charles B., born 28 Apr, 1920 to mother Alice Hand.

ROBINSON, Charles R., born 30 Aug, 1916 to mother Lida Montgomery.

ROBINSON, Chester M., born 7 Apr, 1917 to mother Katie Hood.

ROBINSON, Clay H., born 9 Oct, 1912 to mother Katie Hood.

ROBINSON, Lawrence A., born 10 Oct, 1915 to mother Katie Hood.

ROLAND, Clarence, born 27 Aug, 1912 to mother Lucresa Haley.

ROLAND, Orville, born 24 Oct, 1914 to mother Crease Haley.

ROMAN, William L., born 29 May, 1919 to mother Martha Holmes.

ROSENSTEIL, Charles S., born 20 Oct, 1916 to mother Edith Kelly.

ROSENSTEIL, Ernest W., born 7 Dec, 1919 to mother Edith Kelly.

ROSENSTEIL, Harold V., born 13 Apr, 1918 to mother Edith Kelly.

ROUSE, Margaret E., born 25 Aug, 1914 to mother Nora Ellis.

ROUSE, WM A., born 8 Jun, 1913 to mother Iva Rardin.

ROUTT, Hellen F., born 5 Feb, 1914 to mother Nellie Routt.

ROWE, Hattie, born 14 Aug, 1915 to mother May Cummings.

ROWE, John, born 14 Jul, 1915 to mother Fanny Stamp.

ROWLAND, Lillian R., born 8 May, 1916 to mother Ruth Powell.

RUBER, Floyd E., born 7 Jul, 1912 to mother Jessie Chapman.

RUBER, Raymond H., born 21 Jan, 1919 to mother Minnie Myers.

RUST, George R., born 14 Apr 1896.

RYAN, Joerine, born 22 Apr, 1914 to mother Lizzie Craford.


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