Pendleton County Marriages


Marriage Date
Gardner, Elizabeth Williams, Felix 16 Dec 1839 Consent of his guardian, D.E. Shoemaker. Oath by Alexander Orr.
Gardner, Molly Conoway, Samuel Jr. 14 Dec 1815 Proof by Jas. Gardner.
Garrard, Nancy Prince, John 23 Sep 1840 Consent of guardian, Thos. G. Hall. Proof by Isham Garrard.
Garrard, Nancy Prince, John 19 Apr 1841 Consent of her guardian, Thos. G. Hall.
Gatton, Susannah Baker, John 28 Aug 1816  
Gedge, Harriet Taylor, Robert 24 Dec 1867  
Gedge, S.J. Taylor, I.M. 22 Dec 1862  
Gibson, Jean McCluer, Alexnader 20 Sep 1810  
Gibson, Mary Ratcliff, Elisha 3 Nov 1814 Consent of father, Thos. Gibson.
Gibson, Mary Williams, Sanford 7 Oct 1835 Proof by Robert Curry.
Gillespie, Gertrude Yelton, William 9 May 1931 He age 21, son of Arthur H. & Ellen Yelton. She daughter of Chris & Clara Gillespie.
Gilum, Eleanor Stewart, William 14 Jun 1814 Proof by Jas. Stewart.
Glasscock, Ellin Ashberry, Thomas 28 Dec 1840 Oath by Martin Fugate.
Glaves, Elizabeth Mortin, John 23 Sep 1801  
Glaves, Margaret Ann Benson, Jules L. 8 Oct 1842  
Glaves, Polly Paune, Gains 27 Feb 1812 Consent by Michael Glaves, Guardian.
Glinn, Almaria Smith, John 13 Sep 1817  
Glinn, Ann K. Pollard, George W. 7 May 1822 Proof by Jno. Glinn.
Glinn, Anna Townsend, John W. 18 Mar 1824 Consent by father, Pleasant Glinn.
Glinn, Elizabeth Rush, Thornton 17 Jul 1816 Proof by Pleasant Glinn.
Glinn, Martha Talbott, Peter 1 Oct 1807 Consent by Benj. Glinn.
Glinn, Polly R. Woodworth, Hiram 22 May 1823  
Godman, Mary Victor, John 20 Feb 1837 Consent by father, Allen B. Godman.
Golden, Nancy Shoemaker, Jezerell 1 Apr 1824 Consent by father, Jno. Golden. Bond date 30 Mar 1824.
Goodwin, Polly Coleman, Thomas 3 Feb 1802 Proof by Julius C. Goodwin.
Goodwin, Sally Flournoy, Francis 25 Sep 1800  
Gosney, Merie Webster, Word Oct 1911  
Grace, Margaret Lockart, Moses A. 24 Jun 1840 Oath by James Morris.
Grant, Anna Bell Yelton, Daniel B. 15 Mar 1877 He age 27, she age 25, both of Pendleton Co. Married by Thomas Stephens. Witnessed by W.S. Race & F.P. Mann.
Grant, Edna Williams Myers, Carl 25 Oct 1911 Groom from Oklahoma City; married at Butler Christian Church.
Green, Amazilla Hendson, Samuel S. 14 Sep 1830 Daughter of Benj. Green.
Green, Laura Edith yelton, Oscar L. 24 Dec 1908 He age 26, she age 21, both of Pendlton Co. License date 22 Dec 1908.
Green, Rosianna (or Roxianna) McCollum, James 4 Dec 1805 Proof by Geo. Green.
Green, Susannah Warford, Joseph 1 Oct 1823 Proof by Jas. Egnew.
Grey, Mary Wolf, William 30 Jun 1843  
Griffith, Mary Buoy, James 1 Feb 1831 Daughter of Patrick Griffith. Proof by Jno. Wiatt.
Grigg, Mary Bohannon, Robert 6 Sep 1800  
Grimes, Amanda Taylor, Richard 8 Nov 1873  
Groves, Disy Wells, Samuel 13 May 1819 Proof by Donovan Groves.
Groves, Elizabeth Dunivan, James 1 Jul 1819  
Groves, Hanah Smith, James 17 Apr 808  
Groves, Peggy Smith, John 28 Jan 1813 Consent by father, Robt. Groves.
Groves, Sarah Amber, William 4 Dec 1817  
Guifford, Nancy Jane McClanahan, Eli 28 Sep 1839  
Gulick, Adah Margaret Ewing, Elmer Ellsworth 30 Nov 1911 Bride daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W.T. Stephens; married by Rev. Elmer Lucas at home of bride's parents near Morgan.
Guston, Elizabeth Rogers, John 22 Apr 1806 Proof by Geo. Sapp (or Sass).
Hagemeyer, Emma Yelton, Varden C. 1 Jun 1893 He age 28 of Cincinnati, she age 20 of Pendleton Co. License date 30 May 1893.
Hall, Berlina (or Polina) Hampton, James 8 Jul 1840 Oath by Theophilus Briggs.
Hall, Hannah Wheeler, Daniel 2 Mar 1834  
Hall, Lizzie Etta Biddle, Thomas 3 Jan 1900  
Hamilton, Frances Mills, William King 2 Jul 1849  
Hamilton, Polly Clark, William 8 Jun 1818  Proof by Jas. Hamilton.
Hammerly, Elizabeth McCandless, George 11 Oct 1825  
Hammerly, Lucinda Jones, Simeon 17 Dec 1842 Oath by John Hammerly.
Hammerly, Margaret Ann McCandless, George 30 Oct 1833 Consent by her father, James Hammerly.
Hammerly, Mary McCandless, James 10 Nov 1824  
Hammond, Amanda Wilson, David 13 Jul 1840 Oath by George W. Garnet and William Long.
Hampton, Nancy Gibson, John 22 Mar 1803 Oath by Samuel Conner.
Hampton, Polley Spencer, Bernard 25 Dec 1804 Proof by Saml. Conner.
Hampton, Rosanna Jack, Samuel 10 Jun 1815 Daughter of Preston Hempton. Proof by Triplett Lockharte.
Hampton, Susannah Arnold, James 23 Sep 1812 Proof by Jno. N. Clark.
Hampton, Velma Berger, Herbert 6 Sep 1911 Married at Methodist parsonage by Rev. Martin Delaney.
Hand, Ann Wells, Albert 26 Dec 1837 Consent given by father, John Hand.
Hand, Elenor Rankins, Isaac 19 sep 1839 Proof by W.H. Hanson.
Hand, Elizabeth Makemson, Andrew 1 Dec 1814 Proof by Jno. Hand, Jr.
Hand, Elizabeth Antrobus, John 21 Mar 1837 Proof by Andrew Hand.
Hand, Frances Ann Hanson, John 15 Oct 1812 Proof by Jno. R. Hand.
Hand, Hannah Fisk, David 7 Feb 1833 Proof by Jas. S. Hand
Hand, Jane Dehart, Daniel B. 19 Jan 1835 Consent of her father, John R. Hand.
Hand, Lydia S. Buskirk, John 16 Aug 1833 Proof by James S. Hand. Groom of Grant Co.
Haney, Harriet E. Taylor, Joel M. 6 Jan 1881  
Hanson, Elizabeth Shipp, John 22 Dec 1807 Proof by John Hanson.
Hanson, Fanny Taylor, Robert 10 Apr 1817 Proof by Jno. Hanson.
Hanson, Jane Hawkins, Thomas 18 Aug 1807 Proof by John Hanson. He previously married Sarah McMillin on 12 Sep 1800.
Hand, Mary Lowe, James 27 Sep 1843  
Hanson, Polly Hand, John 21 Dec 1815 Proof by Jno. Hanson.
Hardin, Cynthia Murry, William 10 Nov 1819  
Hardin, Hannah Power, James 20 Oct 1817  
Hardin, Matenda Cummins, Josephus 6 Apr 1839 Oath by George Cummins.
Hardin, Matilda Crawford, David 10 May 1832  
Hardin, Serena Hutton, George W. 18 Jun 1836 Proof by Wm. D. Hardin, acting guardian.
Harod, Catherine Ann Cox, Jeremiah 26 Apr 1832 proof by Jefferson Sharp.
Harris, Catherine A. Watson, Patrick 14 Mar 1839  
Harris, Edna Pettit, Henry G. Dec 1911  
Harris, Sarah Yelton, Daniel 7 Dec 1831 Married by Rev. George Fisher. Bond date 5 Dec 1831, oath by Henry King.
Harrison, Amanda Webster, Oscar 20 Dec 1911 Bride from Grant's Lick (Campbell Co.). Married by Bro. Lemmon in Falmouth.
Harrison, Frances A. Biddle, Henry 29 Sep 1898  
Harrison, Polly Skirvin, Joel 12 Jun 1817 Proof by Jno. Harrison.
Harrison, Susannah Stephens, Samuel 8 Nov 1810 Proof by Peter New.
Harrod, Nancy Ellis, D.B. 22 Apr 1841 Oath by G.M. Wheeler.
Hart, Agnes N. Bonar, Charles 11 Nov 1831 Widow of John Hart, dec'd.
Hart, Anna Clark, Abner 23 Jan 1839  
Hart, Elizabeth Pettit, Abraham 22 Sep 1825  
Hart, Nancy McLaughlin, George 25 Dec 1806 Proof by John Hart
Hart, Poly Ellis, John 4 Mar 1817 Proof by Thos. Hart.
Hart, Sally Herod, Bailey 9 Jun 1808 Proof by Jno. Hart
Hart, Sally Roberts, Joel 18 Dec 1832  
Harvis, Susannah Robinson, Absalom 8 Apr 1819  
Hathaway, Mary Cadwallender, John 6 Mar 1840 Oath by Henry Hathaway.
Hathaway, Maude Wilson, Chas. Jul 1911  
Hatton, Mollie Shanks, James 23 Feb 1899  
Hawkins, Phebe Race, Lawson 22 Jan 1824 Proof by Wm. Hawkins.
Heddrick, Annie Roberts, Jasper 15 Apr 1870 He of lawful age and her guardian consent personally given. Bond executed and license issued 12 Apr 1870. Married by A.A. Knight; witnessed by William H. Roberts & George C. Rule.
Marriage Bond  ~  Marriage Certificate
Hemmingway, Nancy Norton, John 21 Oct 1813 Widow.
Hendricks, Elizabeth Kendall, Rolley 2 Oct 1811  
Hendricks, Polly Owens, Elija 29 Jun 1811 Proof by Absolom Skirvin.
Hendricks, Sally Yelton, Jesse 6 oct 1825 Married by Rev. John Taylor. Oath by Peter K. Hendricks.
Hendy, Maria Hand, Andrew 26 Dec 1838  
Henrick, Sally Yelton, Jesse 3 Oct 1825  
Henricks, Elizabeth Kendall, Rolley 2 Oct 1811 Consent of father, Geo. Henricks.
Henricks, Lucinda King, John 1 Nov 1832 Proof by Peter K. Henricks.
Henry, Betsy Clemons, Isaac 10 Oct 1805 Proof by Peter Rush.
Henry, Elizabeth Junis, William L. 29 Jan 1837  
Henry, Emily Ann Dunn Jenkins Lowe, Squire W. 13 Jan 1831 Daughter of James Henry.
Henry, Patsy Ann Collier, Coleman 20 Aug 1834 Consent of father, Saml. Henry.
Hensly, Mary Mann, William 14 Apr 1838 Consent by mother, Mary Hensly.
Heofler, Lou Sellers, James A. 1891  
Hess, Rosa Yelton, James Robert 7 Feb 1917 He age 19, son of J.K. & Margaret Yelton. She age 24, 2nd marriage, daughter of John & Hannah Hess.
Hicks, Pearl Spurs, Jos. D. Oct 1911  
Hicks, Polly Johnson, William 2 May 1811 Consent by Jas. Wicoff.
Highfill, Elizabeth Pettit, Wm. 10 Jan 1838 Consent of Jer. Highfill and Milly Petitt, father of one, mother of other.
Highfill, Hester Schrechfield, Hyram H. 2 Mar 1833 Proof by Jas. Highfill.
Highfill, Sophrona Jayne, Alexander 27 Jul 1840  
Highly, Sara Ann Bailey, George 9 Apr 1842 Oath by Theophilus Briggs.
Hiler, Elizabeth Beard, George W. 17 Jul 1815 Proof by Valentine Jump.
Hiler, Polly Jump, Valentine 25 Sep 1815  Proof by Robt. Brown.
Hill, Clementina Wilson, Berry Newton Nov 1911  
Hill, Florence Mills, Glendon C. 3 Jul 1930  
Hill, Minnie Sellers, Harvey 1931  
Hilor, Nancy McMillan, Joseph 1 Apr 1811 Consent by David Hilor.
Hitch, Margaret Wright, William 12 Apr 1841 Oath by Robert H. Hitch.
Hix, Sarah Groves, Dunovan 7 Jan 1819 Consent by mother and grandfather, father dead.
Hobday, Elizabeth Fishback, Robt. L. 6 Feb 1840 Consent of her father, John Hobday.
Hobday, Fanny Coleman, Daniel 27 Aug 1823  
Hobday, Mary Oldham, G.W. 17 Nov 1836  
Hobday, Mildred Bradford, Thomas 30 Oct 1833 Proof by Simmeon Boston, & Robert Bradford.
Hobday, Susan Clarkson, Isaac 13 Sep 1837  
Hodge, Sally Stewart, John 12 Oct 1809 Proof by Daniel Seward.
Hoefler, Lou Sellers, James A. 1891  
Holiday, Fanny Coleman, Daniel 27 Aug 1823  
Holmes, Hester Eckler, Samuel 20 Mar 1837 Consent of father, Samuel Holmes.
Holmes, Tirza B. McLaughlin, James 12 Sep 1832  
Holton, Malinda O. Lightfoot, George C. 10 Jun 1830  
Hook, Henrietta P. Thrasher, William 28 Mar 1831 Consent by her father, Belitha Hook.
Hook, Margaret Lancaster, Reuben 4 Jul 1838 Consent of Martha Hook, mother.
Hook, Sarah Ann Orr, George L. 8 Feb 1836 Attested by J.N. Wallace.
Hopper, Fanny Harod, Pendleton 5 Feb 1838 Consent of father, Thomas Hopper.
Hornback, Ruth E. Biddle, William H. 7 Apr 1934  
Houchen, Mary A. Young, Edmon T. Feb 1911  
Houston, Susannah McCarty, Reuben 4 Feb 1837 Security by Wm. C. Naylor.
Howard, Rachel McKinny, Francis 12 Nov 1825  
Howe, Martha E. Yelton, John C. 28 Nov 1912 He age 23, she age 18, both of Pendleton Co. License date 27 Nov 1912.
Howe, Rosanah Justice, Jacob 17 Mar 1843 Oath by Jacob Fogle.
Howell, Mary Wellman, John V. 21 Aug 1806 Proof by Saml. Lockwood.
Huddleston, Elizabeth R. Yelton, George C. 14 Jul 1901 He age 22, she age 23, both of Pendleotn Co. License date 13 Jun 1901.
Huff, Ida B. Yelton, Grant 2 Mar 1936 He age 56, 2nd marriage, son of Mitchell & Sarah Yelton. She age 51, 2nd marriage.
Huffman, Elizabeth Childers, Henry 18 Jul 1820  
Hufman, Minerva (Nervy) Low, Lewis 17 Feb 1819 Proof by Wm. Jones
Hume, Louisa A. Fugate, Robert S. 28 Mar 1833 Proof by Alvin Hume.
Humphrey, Jane Johnson, Jeremiah 24 Feb 1831 Proof by Thos. Humphrey.
Hunter, Hetty Wilson, Samuel 26 Apr 1804  
Hunter, Malvina Taylor, James M. 13 Nov 1883  
Hutchason, Mary Points, Luke 24 Feb 1801  
Hutchinson, Julian Wallace, James 9 Aug 1841  
Hutchison, Elizabeth Turner, John A. 23 Jan 1841 Oath by James Wallace.
Hutchison, Margaret Aydiett, John 6 May 1819 Widow of Saml. Hutchison.



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