Pendleton County Marriages


Marriage Date
Laffarty, Elizabeth Ellis, Stephen 21 Apr 1819 Proof by Elijah Manning
Lafforty, Nancy Yelton, Benjamin 15 Mar 1821 Married by Rev. John Taylor. Proof by Elizabeth Ellis. 
Lafollette, Margaret C. Yelton, James K. 4 Apr 1878 He age 22, she age 23, both of Pendleton Co. Married by Thomas Stephens at r. Yelton's. Witnesses were R.H. Yelton & T.J. Lummin.
Lale, Elizabeth Hutcheson, Robert 27 Feb 1817 Proof by Saml. Burns.
Lancaster, Henrietta Officer, Alexander 5 Jun 1806 Proof by Wm. Lancaster
Lancaster, Levina Baynum, Josiah D. 10 Apr 1837 Consent of father, Lockey Lancaster.
Lander, Ann Tranel, John 16 Feb 1812 Proof by Jno. Ashbrook from information of her father.
Landmer, Sally Childers, Robert 24 Jan 1818 Proof by Jos. Childers.
Langley, Ella Thomas, Edward 29 Jun 1910 Eloped to Cincinnati, bride is daughter of Clay Langley.
Lanier, Mary Waters, James 10 Sep 1810 Consent by Isham Lanier, father.
Lanier, Pegga Street, Murrey 15 Jul 1802  
Latimer, Nancy Anniss, Charles T. 25 May 1824 Proof by Robt. Million.
Latimer, Sarah Thompson, Jarvey 14 Feb 1822 Proof by Benj. Moore.
Laton, Ann Williams, James 14 Oct 1800  
Law, Tabethey Hadley, William 5 May 1803  
Lawless, Elizabeth Burns, John 22 Jul 1818 Proof by Jas. Arnold.
Lawless, Jane Lowe, John 5 Dec 1816  
Lawless, Matilda Tongate, Dixon 5 Oct 1814 Daughter of John Lawless.
Lawless, Sarah Tongate, Royal 27 Sep 1809 Consent of Jno. Lawless.
Layton, Margaret Foxworthy, James 30 Mar 1820  
Layton, Polly Littell, William 2 May 1820 Proof by Wesley Porter. Date of 20 Jun 1815 also listed.
Layton, Rebecah Hardy, Joseph 4 Mar 1820  
Lea, Sarah Wellman, John V. 7 Sep 1835 Consent of father, Gideon Lea.
Leach, Mary E. Taylor, Alexander 7 Mar 1867  
Leeds, Mahala C. Yelton, William N. 11 Feb 1864 He age 34 of Campbell Co. She age 24, of Pendleton Co. 2nd marriage for both. Bond by G.S. Rardin. Marriage to be at patsey Newkirk's by Jesse Beagle.
Leeis, Nancy Marshall, Randolph 7 Sep 1836  
Lemmons, Lucinda Robbins, Francis e. 18 Dec 1833 Consent of her father, Wm. Lemmons.
Lett, Zilpah Hopkins, John 14 Nov 1814 Proof by Daniel Lett.
Levengood, Elizabeth McCormack, Robert F. 30 Mar 1843  
Levingood, Margaret Turner, Samuel 7 Oct 1839  
Leviton, Doucilla Collier, Perry 18 Mar 1819 Widow of Wilson Levity, dec'd.
Lewis, Catherine Mains, Peter 18 Jun 1836  
Lewis, Elizabeth Fossett, Ruhars 4 May 1835 Proof by George Lewis & Richd. Fossett.
Lewis, Gracey Ellis, John 12 Dec 1838 Bond date 10 Dec 1838; proof by Zeno F. Barker. Consent given by father, George Lewis.
Lewis, Joanna Yelton, George W. 8 Jan 1852 License date 7 Jan 1852. Bond signed by Daniel Lewis, married by A. Anderson.
Lewis, Letitia Records, Josiah 30 Jul 1815 Proof by Geo. Lewis.
Lewis, Mary Pribble, James 12 Jan 1832 Proof by Evan Lewis.
Ley, Nancy Earles, Peyton 23 Nov 1832 Proof by Jas. B. Ham.
Lightfoot, Elizabeth Turner, Thomas 22 Mar 1804  
Lightfoot, Elizabeth Fields, John 30 May 1820 His mother's consent given, his father is dead. Her mother's consent given, her father having left her mother. Proof by John Steele.
Lightfoot, Nancy Riddle, Robert 25 Jul 1802 Father John Lightfoot.
Lightfoot, Susannah Wells, Thomas 16 Feb 1815 Widow.
Lindsey, Peggy Makerson, John 22 Oct 1805 Proof by David Lindsey.
Lockwood, Mary Yelton, William 11 Oct 1821 Married by Rev. Alexander Monroe.
Logan, Anna Fitzgerald, David 20 Oct 1831  
Lookwood, Esther Harrod, Bailey 15 Sep 1825  
Loomis, Neva Yelton, George E. 25 Aug 1904 He age 23, she age 25, both of Pendleton Co. License date was 23 Aug 1904.
Love, Betey Mullins, Ruben 14 Nov 1805  
Love, Catherine Porter, Vincent S. 27 Oct 1838 Consent of acting guardian, Taylor Barton.
Love, Katy Mattockes, David A. 20 Dec 1811 Proof by Luke Mattockes.
Love, Mazy Williams, Ely 13 Oct 1817  
Lovelace, America Wakefield, Charles F. 15 Apr 1870 Both of lawful age. (Note says see Bk 9, page 434.) Marriage Bond
Lovelace, Eliza Amos, John 22 Jan 1836  
Lovelace, Hameth Evan (or Evern), Thomas 31 Mar 1832 Proof by John Vastine.
Lovelace, Lucinda Lovelace, George W. 12 Feb 1839 Consent of her father, hazle Lovelace.
Lovelace, Savanna Lovelace, Daniel 14 Nov 1833  
Lovell, Dorcas Blackburn, James 3 Feb 1832  
Lovett, Sarah Wicoff, Henry 12 Jan 1815 Widow of Elias Lovett, dec'd.
Low, Mary Jump, Robert 22 Dec 1814  
Low, Rachael Godman, Zachariah 24 Apr 1806  
Lowe, Hattie Bell, Frank J. Oct 1911  
Lowe, Letha Givens, Matthew 23 Apr 1838  
Lowe, Maria Tull, Tubman 25 Jul 1822  
Lowe, Mary Williams, ely 13 Oct 1817 Proof by Jno. Lowe, Jr.
Lowe, Polly Lowe, Samuel 9 Sep 1813 Proof by Thos. Owings.
Lowe, Susannah Owens, Thomas 23 Jan 1814 Consent by Saml Lowe.
Luckett, Mary F. Murrill, William 6 Jun 1842  
MacArnold, Zelma Biddle, Harley E. 30 Jan 1925  
Maines, Sarah Daniel, Thomas 2 Nov 1840  
Makemson, America Nelson, William 16 Dec 1839 Proof by Thomas L. Hand.
Makemson, Elizabeth Brown, Samuel 11 Mar 1830 Proof by R. Makemson.
Makemson, Elizabeth Ann Ewing, Elijah 24 Jun 1819 Proof by Owen Williams.
Makemson, Frances Hume, John 21 Jan 1841 Oath by Thomas Hand & Robt. Makemson, acting guardian.
Makemson, Jane Monroe, George T. 15 May 1817 Consent of guardian, Andrw Makemson.
Mann, Anna Lummis, John 17 mar 1831 Proof by John Mann.
Mann, Elizabeth Lummis, Martin 12 Dec 1835 Proof by Richard Mann.
Mann, Polly Ann Medcalf, Tilford 26 Apr 1832 Proof by Rich. Mann.
Manning, Hannah Crane, Thomas 9 Jan 1823 Proof by Jno. Brown.
Mardis, Nora Taylor, Samuel H. 23 Oct 1917  
Marford, Zella L. Taylor, Leonard T. 20 Feb 1916  
Marksberry, Sally Simpson, Edmund 31 Oct 1818 Proof by Samuel Marksberry.
Marquette, Maria Ashcraft, N.F. 18 Apr 1900 He age 21, of Pendleton Co.; she age 18 of Pendleton Co. License 16 Apr 1900.
Marshall, Angellina McClanahan, Samuel 10 Dec 1833 Proof by David Marshall.
Marshall, Mary Woodworth, John H. 26 Nov 1835  
Martin, Aurelia Patterson, Wm. J. 15 May 1839  
Martin, Nelly Doane, William 15 Apr 1817 Proof by ___ Hardin.
Matox, Judith Langley, James 14 May 1819 Proof by Jno. McPherson.
Mattlockes, Mariah Shaw, Aaron 15 Jan 1812 Proof by Luke Mattockes, father.
Mattox, Mahaly McPherson, John 23 May 1816 Proof by Laban Ellis.
McAlister, Elizabeth Angell, William 5 Aug 1843  
McCall, Cora Ellen Biddle, Sandford 29 Dec 1881  
McCallough, Emma F. Taylor, Lewis C. 17 Jan 1878  
McCandless, Jane Childs, William 1 Sep 1841  
McCandless, Mary Ann McCoy, Joseph 26 Jul 1839 Proof by Robert McCandless.
McCandless, Nancy Moore, Edward 6 Oct 1824  
McCandless, Nancy W. Ashcraft, N.B. 7 Feb 1855 Married by Wm. Jarrett; oath: J.J. McCoy; wits: W.H. Ashcraft & B. Latimer.
McCane, Eunice Ellen York, W.J. 15 Apr 1870 Both of lawful age. (Note says see Bk 9, page 384.)
Marriage Bond
McCann, Julia Ann Wallace, John 30 Mar 1833 Proof by Milton Ewing.
McCann, Mary (Mrs.) Ewing, John 2 Sep 1825  
McCann, Nancy Crook, william 12 Nov 1815  
McCann, Peggy Now, Samuel 11 Apr 1816  
McCarty, Elizabeth Green, Ellory C. 23 Feb 1833 Proof by Ellory Green.
McCarty, Elizabeth McClanahan, Minor 19 Mar 1838 Proof by Samuel McCarty.
McCarty, Frances Chipman, Samuel 24 Oct 1837  
McCarty, Nancy Artt, William 1 May 1839  
McCarty, Salinia B. Holton, Thomas J. 14 Jan 1836  
McCarty, Sally Blackburn, James 6 Feb 1812 Proof by Jas. McCarty.
McCarty, Sarah McCarty, Nathaniel 5 Jan 1836 Proof by Nathaniel McCarty, brother.
McCarty, Selenia Hall, Thomas G. 14 Apr 1838  
McClain, Anna (or Ann) Rush, Garland 17 Feb 1814 Proof by Jno. Miller.
McClain, Frances Owens, Charles 4 Nov 1831  
McClain, Sally Owings, John 5 Apr 1824  
McClaine, Polly Fogle, William 6 Feb 1821  
McClanahan, Jane Barnet, Ephraim 29 Dec 1821 Proof by Jno. McClanahan.
McClenachan, Sarah Holden, Edward 22 Jun 1825  
McClour, Martha Myers, Jacob 26 Dec 1816  
McCoy, Catherine Groshon, Jacob 30 Jan 1800  
McCoy, Lydia Thompson, Wm. R. 20 Apr 1840  
McCoy, Susan Frances Barker, William G. 9 Mar 1840  
McCracken, Effie Biddle, Randell D. 20 Oct 1907  
McCrey, Patsy Barton, Roswell 15 Aug 1799  
McCullough, Nannie J. Yelton, Silas S. 24 Oct 1871 Married by William Kirkwood at Elizabeth McCullough's.
McGibbon, Martha Hightower, J.W. Oct 1911  
McGill, Mary White, Jacob 21 Jul 1841  
McGraw, Mary Ann Young, Albert 13 Feb 1838  
McGuire, Rebecah Johnson, William 30 Apr 1809 Widow.
McKee, Mrs. Martha Ward, Rev. S.C. 18 Aug 1841  
McKenney, Delila Wyatt, John 22 Dec 1831 Proof by Saml. Griffith.
McKenney, Margaret Lennox, John 12 Jan 1832 Proof by Jas. S. McKenney.
McKenney, Nancy C. Whitaker, Benj. G. 4 Oct 1843 Oath by Cosenberry McKenney.
McKinly, Patsy Emit, Johnathan 20 Jan 1840  
McKinney, Elizabeth T. Kirkwood, William 16 Jan 1834 Proof by John S. McKinney.
McKinney, Polly Ewing, James 24 Dec 1822  
McKinze, Alcey O'Banion, Jacob 6 Jan 1814 Proof by Jno. Smith.
McLaughlin, Elizabeth Shannon, William 24 Dec 1807 Proof by Robt. K. McLaughlin.
McLaughlin, Mariah Taliaferro, Marshall 10 May 1832 Proof by James McLaughlin.
McLaughlin, Mary K. Marshall, Thomas 28 Nov 1822  
McMillian, Rebecca Ashcraft, Robert W. 30 Dec 1875  
McMillin, Sarah Hawkins, Thomas 12 Sep 1800  
McMillin, Sarah Blackburn, Troyless 12 Jan 1843  
McMillin, Zerelda Gibson, Edward W. 1 Jan 1844  
McMullin, Jane Mason, Henry 18 May 1816  
McMullin, Lydia Cooper, James 6 Apr 1815 Certificate of her mother's consent. Proof by Saml. Wilson.
McMullin, Phoebe Evans, Ambrose 13 Aug 1815 Widow of Robt. McMullin, dec'd.
McMullin, Polly Hawkins, William 21 Nov 1822 Proof by thos. Falnash.
McMurry, Leaner Courtney, Michael S. 10 Apr 1830  
McNay, Lula Marquardt, Charles Jan 1911  
McNees, Blanche Ashcraft, Geo. E. 23 Dec 1939  
McPherson, Catherine Love, Clifton 24 Feb 1825  
McPherson, Mary Snow, William 1 Jun 1820 Proof by James Snow.
McPhierson, Nancy Ellis, Laban 25 Jun 1817 Proof by Jas. McPhierson.
McQuinely, Sallie Rigg, Reuben S. Nov 1911 Married by Judge N.D.C. Mains.
Medcalf, Cordelia Muirhead, Daniel 5 Jan 1831 Proof by Tilford Medcalfe.
Mermon, Jane Ann Parish, James Tucker 17 Feb 1831 Proof by Hiram Screthfield.
Metcalf, Letitia Moorehead, John 30 Dec 1837 Proof by James Metcalf.
Metcalf, Martha McClanahan, James W. 23 Jan 1843 Oath by Archibald Metcalf.
Metcalf, Parthena Vanlandingham, William 20 Oct 1836  
Millener, Rebecah Porter, John 28 Jan 1821 Proof by Geo. McCally.
Miller, Elizabeth Kerby, Richard 2 Feb 1821 Widow of John Miller, Dec'd.
Miller, Elizabeth Miller, Toliver Browning 12 Apr 1853 He son of George Miller & Lucy Browning; she daughter of James Miller.
Miller, Margaret Delt, Lloyd 12 Dec 1840  
Miller, Margery Conoway, Samuel 28 Jun 1812 Widown
Miller, Nina Mae Biddle, Alfred G. 1 Oct 1932  
Miller, Susannah Rush, David 11 Aug 1814 Consent of Saml. Conoway, her father-in-law and guardian.
Mills, Catharine Yelton, William M. 19 Sep 1871  
Mills, Corella Funderburg, Homer 3 Feb 1933  
Mills, Ella Brownfield, Joseph S. 22 Nov 1888 Her name in family bible is Elizabeth E.
Mills, Elvi L. Scheibert, Herman R. 6 Jan 1903  
Mills, Emma Mullins, Richard E. 6 Nov 1889  
Mills, Flora C. Beighle, Charles S. 1 Dec 1920  
Mills, Frances J. Mullins, James B. 19 Apr 1881  
Mills, Harriet E. Cram, John W. 4 Jul 1878  
Mills, Mary A. Simpson, David L.F. 3 Jan 1867  
Mills, Rosa Ann Barker, John W. 10 Mar 1886  
Mills, Ruth Ann Batten, George W. 10 Apr 1928  
Minor, Harriett Sterns, David T.W. 16 Aug 1830 Widow of Rich J. Minor, dec'd.
Minor, Margaret Morris, Joseph R. 18 Oct 1825  
Minor, Melinda Colvin, Nimrod 29 May 1821 Proof by Lewis Colvin.
Minor, Sarah W. Rush, William P. 22 Jul 1818 Proof by Jno. M. Foster.
Minor, Susan Benson, John 10 Nov 1825  
Monday, Anna Taylor, Gilbert 16 Jul 1916  
Monier, Polly Childers, Abraham 2 Jul 1816 Proof by John James.
Monroe, Alice Walton, Dr. Sim Oct 1911 Married at Falmouth Christian Church.
Monroe, Elen Frazer, John W.C. 2 Mar 1831 Daughter of Wm. Monroe, dec'd; consent by guardian, Jeremiah Monroe.
Monroe, Eliza Streeter, Squire 21 Oct 1836  
Monroe, Elizabeth Wallace, Joseph 13 Apr 1825  
Monroe, Jane Mullins, William B. 16 Mar 1840  
Monroe, Louisa Woodworth, William 12 Jan 1836  
Monroe, Lucy Egleston, Jonathan 16 Jan 1843  
Monroe, Maria Naylor, Wm. 31 Dec 1835  
Monroe, Peggy Wicoff, Henry 21 Dec 1809 Proof by Alexander Monroe.
Monroe, Polly Ferguson, James 3 Dec 1819 Proof by Wm. C. Monroe.
Monroe, Sally Orr, James 12 Oct 1818  
Monroe, Sarah Godman, William F. 28 Jul 1830 Consent by her guardian, Jeremiah Monroe.
Moore, Elizabeth Nelson, John 21 Oct 1842  
Moore, Laura Bole (or Boole), Abram 29 May 1840  
Moore, Margaret Myers, George 7 Jun 1810 Consent by her step-father, David Harmon.
Monroe, Margaret Lowe, M. Horatio 9 Feb 1836 Consent of James Moore, in person.
Moore, Margaret Ratliff, John W. 12 Mar 1838 Proof by James Moore & Mitchel Dance.
Moore, Nancy Porter, Wm. 28 May 1838  
Moore, Nancy Frakes, William 20 Apr 1840  
Moore, Nancy Wells, Jeremiah 20 Feb 1841  
Moore, Sally Robinson, M. 14 Jul 1815 Proof by Alexander Marshall. 
Moore, Viola Marsh, Dan Oct 1911  
Morris, Ann Roberts, Elias 13 Sep 1802 Consent of Ellenor Morris. Oath by James Morris.
Morris, Elizabeth Hall, Samuel 16 Oct 1801  
Morris, Elizabeth Grace, Sanders 21 Jun 1817  
Morris, Margaret Fallenash, Thomas 24 Dec 1816  
Morris, Mary Jane Bonar, Thomas 29 Nov 1841  
Morris, Nellie Thomas, Ernest 2 Sep 1911 Married by Elder J.W. Lemmon in Falmouth.
Morris, Sarah Stephens, William 27 Apr 1803  Oath by Benj. Hutchason.
Morris, Sarah Porter, Andrew 12 Nov 1807 Widow.
Morris, Sarah Childers, Abraham 18 Mar 1814 Consent by guardian, Saml. Hall.
Moss, Elizabeth Gibson, James 29 Oct 1813 Proof by Jos. Myers.
Mountjoy, Maryan Goodwin, John 28 Mar 1805  
Mountjoy, Peggy Colvin, Charles B. 21 Jul 1808 Proof by Edwd. Kemp.
Mountjoy, Phebe Craig, Thomas 31 Mar 1824 Widow of Wm. Mountjoy, dec'd.
Mountjoy, Polley Best, Joseph 11 Oct 1803  
Mourning, Juda Cannon, John 2 Jan 1817 Proof by Robt. Brown.
Mullican, Mary S. O'Neal, Wm. H. 8 Aug 1838 Consent of father, James Mullican.
Mullins, Elizabeth Miller, John 30 May 1816 Proof by Nathaniel Ducker.
Mullins, Flora U. Yelton, Edward M. 12 Nov 1890 He age 22, she age 19, both of Pendleton Co. License date 11 Nov 1890.
Mullins, Jaley Ducker, Nathaniel 12 Mar 1812 Proof by Fountain Mullins.
Mullins, Ora Taylor, Hope 4 Feb 1897  
Mullins, Rachel McNay, Robert 6 Nov 1834 Proof by Gabriel B. Mullins.
Mullins, Sarah Kennett, James N. 24 Feb 1836 Proof by R. Mullins & Theophilus Johnson.
Myars, Elizabeth Gaugh, Philip 9 Feb 1804 Oath of Jas. Murrey Street.
Myars, Polly Hufman, George 23 Jun 1803  
Myers, Elizabeth Moore, James 7 Mar 1842  
Myers, Margaret Dewese, William 25 May 1817 Proof by Geo. Myers.



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