Pendleton County Marriages


Marriage Date
Naylor, Ann Sophronia Wilkerson, Moses G. 2 Nov 1831  
Naylor, Harriett C. Payle, Devall, Jr. 18 Mar 1830  
Naylor, Maria McKee, John 20 Mar 1823  
Neaves, Elizabeth Farlen, Greenville 23 Nov 1842  
New, Ann Hart, Nicholas 17 Jul 1822 Consent by her step-father, Amos Pettit.
New, Caty Clark, John N. 6 Feb 1812 Proof by Valentine Jump.
New, Elizabeth Rice, Daniel 22 Jan 1807 Proof by Chas. Colvin, Jr.
Newell, Hamel Wright, Lewis P. 26 Aug 1839 Proof by Robert Wright.
Newkirk, Catherine Yelton, William M. 24 Nov 1856 Bond by L.J. Newkirk.
Newkirk, Jane Carnes, Edmund 9 Mar 1835 proof by Perry Newkirk.
Newkirk, Sarah Phillips, George 10 Nov 1837  
Nichols, Nancy Race, Hiram 20 Jul 1840 Oath by Robt. McMillin.
Norris, Allis Yelton, James G. 9 Jan 1862 He age 43, 2nd marriage, she age 35, 1st marriage, both of Pendleton Co. Marriage to be at John R. Norris' by B.H. Hoffman.
Norris, Elizabeth Purdy, Robert 14 Mar 1836  
Norris, Laura Taylor, Bruce 23 Feb 1893  
Norris, Margaret Fallenash, Thomas 24 Dec 1816 Proof by Thos. Hawkins.
Norris, Sarah Ann Wilson Pepper, Alexander 16 Apr 1843  
North, Jane Richardson, Lewis 24 Aug 1842 Oath by Henry Allen.
Northan, Salley Doty, Moses 3 Dec 1803  
Northcutt, Anna Ashcraft, B.F. 8 Sep 1885 or 8 Sep 1886 He age 22, resides Grant Co.; she age 17, resides Pendleton Co.; license date 6 Sep 1885.
Northern, Salley Doty, Moses 3 Dec 1803  
Norton, Louisa Yelton, James W. 3 jul 1892 He age 20, she age 14, both of Pendleton Co. License date 1 Jul 1892.
Norton, Maryann Vanbuskirk, Lawrence 24 Sep 1811 Proof by Wm. Johnson.
Norton, Sally Ashcraft, Jacob 16 Mar 1817 He age 26 of Pendleton Co. To be married at Elisha Ashcraft's. Married by Rev. Gerrard Riley; oath Echabud Ashcraft.
Oldham, Catharine Harris, John F. 25 Aug 1836  
Oldham, Cynthia Clark, Benjamin 20 Apr 1815  
Oldham, Elizabeth Sandford, Henry P. 1 Nov 1832  
Oldham, Fanny Willett, Martin F. 23 Sep 1819  
Oldham, Jany Ingles, Bryan 14 Sep 1825  
O'Neal, Hazel Ashcraft, Kenneth O. 24 Dec 1928 He agew 22 of Cinti. O., son of Thos. & Lula Ashcraft. She age 24, of Cov., daughter of Jno & Mary O'Neal.
Orr, Jean Coffman, Christopher 2 Jul 1805 Proof by Saml. Orr.
Orr, Sarah Monroe, John 7 Apr 1831 Proof by Peter Levingood.
Owens, Elizabeth Kendall, Sterne 19 Oct 1808  
Owens, Michey Lancaster, Thomas 28 Nov 1813  
Owens, Polly Ammerman, Albert 13 May 1813 Consent of Thos. Owens.
Owens, Mrs. Susannah    28 Apr 1825  
Palsgrove, Catherine Brown, Nathaniel 18 Oct 1804 Proof by Phillip Hofman.
Palsgrove, Mary Wilson, John 9 Jul 1805 Proof by Phillip Huffman.
Parish, Polly Foster, John M. 15 Apr 1819 Proof by Jno. McLaughlin
Parker, Mary Jane Bristow, Jno O. 26 Sep 1861 Married near Mt. Vernon
Parks, Margaret Fogle, Jacob 11 May 1836  
Parrish, Mary Ammerman, George 26 Aug 1835 Consent of grandmother.
Parsons, Hannah Turner, Abraham 9 May 1816 Proof by Samuel Wells.
Payne, Agnes Roberts, Andrew 28 Nov 1843  
Payne, Elizabeth Porter, John S. 4 Nov 1830 Oath by Wm. A. Porter.
Payne, Frances Fryer, John 24 May 1817 Proof by Gaina Payne.
Payne, Louisana Barton, Thomas 18 Feb 1835 Consent by her father, Gayes Payne.
Payne, Nancy Lancaster, William 16 Aug 1810 Proof by Samuel Stephens.
Pears, Mary Wharton, William 28 Nov 1805 Both formerly married.
Pernell, Annie Shanks, James 13 Sep 1860  
Perry, Ella Mae Pike, Lewis 27 Dec 1914  
Peters, Mary Ann Tilman Fields, William 8 Feb 1842  
Pettit, Nancy Craig, David 14 Apr 1811  
Pettit, Sarah Ann Highfill, James H. 29 Jun 1837 Proof by Wm. Pettit.
Pettitt, Milly Doan, Lewis 3 Aug 1842  
Pewsy, Rebecca Porter, John 18 May 1830 Widown of ____ Pewsy.
Phillips, Frances Smith, Roten 6 Nov 1838 Proof by John C. Clutter.
Phillips, Mary Power, Cyrus 20 Sep 1836 Proof by Geo. Phillips.
Phillips, Mary Murray, Michael 7 Dec 1837  
Pick, Nancy West, Thomas 9 Feb 1804 She widow. Both of age.
Piercefield, L. Taylor, Samuel L. 24 Oct 1886  
Piercefield, L. Taylor, Samuel A. 24 Oct 1887  
Pigg, Nancy Clayton, John 1842 Oath by John S. McKinney.
Pike, Adah Martin, Lewis Frank 18 Fan 1936  
Pike, Annie Bell Pike, John 8 Dec 1889  
Pike, Isabelle Menifee, J.W. 23 Feb 1899  
Pike, Zadah Courtney, Asberry T. 14 Jan 1939  
Poe, Sarah E. Britton, H.P. 8 Sep 1878 Bond date 5 Sep 1878. Both age 18; both fathers gave personal consent. Married by Byron Buntin at Pine Grove Church, witnesses M. Bonar and Wm. Garvey.
Points, Jane Chapman, Thomas L. 6 Dec 1819 Proof by Abraham Tucker.
Points, Nancy Curry, Thomas 17 Nov 1819 Proof by Wm. Points.
Pollack, Maria Monroe, Sidney H. 15 Mar 1832 Proof by Wm. C. Naylor.
Pollard, Cecilia D. Blackburn, Robt. 30 Aug 1837  
Pollard, Polly Porter, Andrew 27 Aug 1816  
Polley, Nancy J. Ashcraft, Benj. F. 2 Oct 1888 He age 20, resides in Pendleton Co.; she age 23, resides KY; license date 1 Oct 1888.
Popr, Lelah Parker, Harry R. Oct 1911  
Porter, Elizabeth Courtney, Hugh 12 Jul 1855  
Porter, Elizabeth Hunter, John 12 Jan 1827  
Porter, Emily Stephens, Jacob 11 Sep 1853  
Porter, Jane Dulaney, Richard J. 28 Dec 1849  
Porter, Lucy A. Dance, Verten S. 1 Feb 1877  
Porter, Margaret Lantern, George 17 Jul 1842  
Porter, Margaret Miliner, Reason 20 Feb 1822 Consent of father, Jno. Porter
Porter, Margaret E. Justice, George W. 13 Feb 1873  
Porter, Mary J. Craddock, Thomas W. 29 Dec 1859  
Porter, Mary J. Shipp, William B. 6 Feb 1860  
Porter, Mary L. Marshall, John W. 23 Jul 1874  
Porter, Nancy Low, Moses 19 Jan 1825  
Porter, Nancy Ann Pike, William 3 Dec 1855  
Porter, Pamelia Pettit, George 21 May 1815  
Porter, Parelia Pettit, George 21 Mar 1815  
Porter, Polly McCarty, Reuben 11 Apr 1815 Proof by Elijah McClanahan.
Porter, Rebecca Delaney, William 8 May 1848  
Porter, Sarah Beagle, Leroy 8 Oct 1823 Alternate date of 22 Jan 1824.
Porter, Sarah D. Longnecker, Jacob 15 Mar 1820 Proof by Goe. Pettit.
Porter, Sarah F. Craddock, William T. 13 Nov 1864  
Porter, Sarah J. Porter, B.F. 7 Aug 1865  
Porter, Ziparah D. Ashcraft, Clarence D. 25 Dec 1895 He age 23 of Grant Co.; she age 23 of Pendleton Co. License date 23 Dec 1895.
Poston, Sallie Cummins, A.T. Jan 1911  
Potter, Rachel Howell, Jacob 23 Dec 1824  
Powell, Avenda Kennedy, Mitchell 26 Jul 1832 Consent by her step-father, B. Bonar.
Powell, Mahalia Bradford, William J. 11 May 1840  
Powell, Minerva Kerby, James 2 Mar 1840  
Power, Elizabeth Demoss, John 9 Feb 1836 Proof by Cyrus F. Power.
Power, Polly Fightmas, John 4 Sep 1810 Proof by Wm. Crosswite.
Powers, Elizabeth Smith, Thomas 11 May 1815 Proof by Samuel Powers.
Powers, Jean Thrasher, Stephen 20 Feb 1812 proof by Wm. Thrasher.
Powers, Sarah Newkirk, Charles 25 Nov 1830 Proof by Jeremiah S. Powers.
Pribble, Elizabeth Bonar, Joel 29 May 1838 Proof by John Pribble.
Pribble, Eupha G. Yelton, Ballard J. 17 Oct 1920 He age 25, son of A.E. & Anna G. Yelton. She age 20, daughter of George & Nellie May Pribble.
Pribble, Kenna A. Yelton, Frank B. 18 Feb 1912 He age 29, she age 25, both of Pendleton Co. License date 17 Feb 1912.
Pribble, Lucinda Lewis, Reece 28 Oct 1830 proof by Jno. Turner.
Pribble, Nancy Taylor, John A. 15 Jan 1846  
Price, Emma L. Taylor, William C. 27 Jun 1907  
Printy, Sarah A. Ashcraft, John J. 1 Jun 1883  
Proctor, Polly Free, Henry 28 Nov 1824  
Pullen, Sarah Jones, Hamberry 19 Feb 1814 Proof by Zachariah Robertson.
Purday, Polly Crail, Wilsonn 2 Jan 1800  
Purdy, Jane Nolan, samuel L. 2 Feb 1832  
Purdy, Lydia Ann Mann, Eli 3 Apr 1837 Consent of father, Samuel Purdy.
Purdy, Mary Cockerill Makemson, Risk 22 Oct 1911 Married at Morgan Christian Church.
Purdy, Mary Ellen Best, Thomas Jr. 22 Sep 1841  
Purdy, Maude L. Regan, William 2 Oct 1889  



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