Pendleton County Marriages


Marriage Date
Saben, Mattie Taylor, Scott 4 Oct 1911 Married at the residence of Rev. George Harris in Lexington.
Said, Mary L. Ashcraft, James T. 11 Feb 1850 Married by Thos. Morris at Morris' house. Witnesses John Frasier & O.H. Lummis.
Said, Nancy Records, John 2 May 1835  
Said, Sarah Ann Ashcraft, James T. Feb 1850 License date 11 Feb 1850. Oath by Thos. P. Said; married by Rev. Amos Egleston.
Said, Susannah Records, William 2 Apr 1833 Proof by Augustin Eads.
Salmon, Nancy M. Baxter, Chas. L. 18 Jun 1878 Both age 17. Groom's father gave personal consent. Her guardian, F.F. Bonar gave his consent. Married at Jas. M. Baxter's by H.C. Wright. Witnesses Guy Jones & James M. Baxter.
Sanders, Carrie A. McClanahan, Jas. R. Oct 1911  
Sanders, Elizabeth Bryan, Thomas 30 Mar 1809 Proof by Luke Bryan.
Sanders, Nancy Williams, Thomas 31 Dec 1801  
Sanders, Polly G. Bryan, Luke 16 Sep 1807 Proof by Jos. K. Glinn.
Sanders, Rebeccah Turner, Jacob 21 Mar 1816 Consent by her guardian, Thos. Bryan.
Sandors, Dorcas Snell (or Smell), James 17 Jul 1817 Consent by Luke Bryan, guardian.
Sargeant, Ann Rogers, Francis 11 Nov 1841 Consent of guardian, Thos. G. Hampton.
Seifert, Mary S.M. Ashcraft, Napoleon 13 Jan 1881  
Selby, Sarah Barker, John 19 Mar 1840  
Sellers, Eunice Aulick, Ernest R. 1929  
Sellers, Florence M. Adams, Ogden 1937  
Sellers, Icie Lena Johnting, Wm. 1896 Wm. son of John Johnting; Icie daughter of Isaac Sellers.
Sellers, Ida May Miller, Wm. E. 1903  
Sellers, Kate Collier, Herman Newton   Herman on of Walter Collier.
Sellers, Laura Johnting, Wm. 1884  
Sellers, Lizzie Carney, Wm. 1895  
Sellers, Lula May Long, Wm. A. 1918 Wm. was a telegraph operator.
Sellers, Mariah C. Wood, John 1857  
Sellers, Martha Jane Coleman, Wm. J. 1863 Son of Julius G. Coleman.
Sellers, Mary F. Fields, Ernest A. 1919  
Sellers, Mattie Scheitz, Wm. H. 1894 Wm. son of John Scheitz and Mary Schanding. Mattie daughter of Isaac Sellers.
Sellers, Mollie Ann Booher, John W.   John son of George Booher.
Sellers, Nancy Jane Barker, John 1853  
Sellers, Susie F. Ott, Henry 1891  
Set, Nancy Hanna, John Jr. 11 Jul 1809 consent by her step-father, John Hanna.
Seward, Elizabeth Tongate, Merida 25 Jul 1810 Consent by father, Daniel Seward.
Seward, Mary Lawless, Henry 6 Oct 1808 Consent by father, Daniel Seward.
Sewards, E. Florence Ashcraft, Geo. L. 28 Apr 1880  
Sewards, Effy Stewart, Lewis 17 Oct 1811 Proof by Jesse Stewart.
Shafer, Verlie Biddle, Albert 7 Apr 1919  
Shanabrook, Gladys Sellers, Eleven 1937  
Shanks, Anna Belle Scott, J. William 11 Jul 1887  
Shanks, Ellen E. Stitz, Coonrad 8 Apr 1851  
Shanks, Fannie M. Parnell, Thomas 7 Mar 1878  
Shanks, Maria J. Brown, C.A. 1 Jul 1885  
Sharp, Bertie Taylor, Charles T. 11 Sep 1913  
Sharp, Elizabeth Redmon, Samuel 6 Dec 1804 Proof by Linufield Sharp.
Sharp, Elizabeth Kemp, Edward 4 Oct 1807  
Sharp, Elizabeth M. Ashcraft, Leonard 3 Jul 1924 He age 23, resides Fal Rt 2, son of Jesse & Nora Ashcraft; she age 21, resides Fal. Rt. 1, daughter of John & Anna M. Sharp.
Sharp, Grace Etta Biddle, Charles E. 22 Dec 1926  
Sharp, Margaret Colvin, Henry 28 Mar 1811 Proof by John Grimes.
Sharp, Ollie J. Biddle, Thomas J. 1 Oct 1874  
Sharpe, Adelia Grigson, John 10 Feb 1843 Oath by Jefferson Sharpe.
Sharpe, America McGill, Israel 27 Dec 1839 Oath by Tilford Sharpe.
Sharpe, Polly Fryer, Walter, Jr. 26 Oct 1818 Widow of Thos. Sharpe, dec'd.
Sharpe, Polly Rule, William 25 May 1819 Widow of John Sharpe, dec'd.
Shaver, Polly Bingham, Joseph 30 May 1818 Widow.
Shaw, Hannah Walker, Stephen S. 29 Sep 1816 Proof by Aaron Shaw.
Shaw, Judith Mattocks, Luke 9 Jun 1819 Widow of John Shaw, dec'd.
Shaw, Polly Fields, Brice Thomas Bond 13 Oct 1845  
Shaw, Prudence Clement, Francis 5 Jul 1821 Proof by Jos. Shaw.
Shawhan, Polly Lightfoot, John C. 5 Aug 1824  
Shawhan, Sarah McClanahan, Henry 25 Jun 1821  
Sherman, Abbigail Sturgeon, Jeremiah 4 Oct 1804  
Shields, Elizabeth Fogle, John 9 Aug 1821 Consent by step-father, David Kirkwood.
Ship, Frances Carter, Elijah 21 Oct 1837 Proof by L.C. Carter.
Shipp, Elizabeth Dehart, Joab 1 Apr 1833  
Shipp, Nancy Moore, William 4 Jan 1841 Consent of guardian, Samuel Shipp.
Shipp, Sarah I. Caldwell, William M. 11 Nov 1835 Proof by Laben Shipp.
Shiveley, Sarah Ammerman, William C. 24 Sep 1838  
Shively, Elizabeth Johns, Henry Lindsey 28 Mar 1838 Proof by James Bailey.
Shively, Martha Race, John 22 Feb 1841  
Shively, Polly McMullin, James 22 Sep 1819 Proof by Thos. Hawkins.
Shively, sally Heath, Famey 14 Jun 1842  
Shoemaker, America Ellis, Alexandria 18 Sep 1839  
Shoemaker, Elizabeth Fryer, Horace 30 Jul 1823  
Shoemaker, Lolisa Anna Ellis, Enoch 13 Mar 1832 Proof by Horace Fryer.
Shotwell, Elizabeth Moore, Aaron 7 Feb 1837 Cert. of Jasper Shotwell. Sworn by John Moore.
Shotwell, Malvina Yelton, A.W. 6 Jun 1872 He age 22, she age 20. To be married at Lewis Shotwell's.
Siefert, Mary S.M. Ashcraft, Napoleon 13 Jan 1881  
Simis, Eliza Joseph Cass 4 Feb 1870 Married at Allen Haseman's by Wm. Ragan; witnessed by Chas Haseman & Stephen Branas.
Marriage Record
Simpson, Lidia Chandler, Uriah 1 Feb 1816 Proof by Wm. Cobb.
Simpson, Mary Fugate, Joseph 24 Oct 1842  
Simpson, Sarah Ann Daniel, Charles 11 Oct 1842  
Simpson, Susan H. Ashcraft, A.P. 3 Dec 1868 He age 24, born Pendleton Co., occupation blacksmith; she age 17, born in Grant Co., her father born NC, her mother born KY. To be married at Wm Tomlin's. License date 2 Dec 1868, bond James A. Simpson.
Skirvin, Nancy Clark, James 27 Dec 1807 Proof by Moses Holaday.
Skirvin, Peggy Lawless, John 14 Feb 1820 Proof by Lewis M. Simpson.
Skirvin, Susannah Simpson, Lewis M. 10 Jul 1817 Proof by Geo. Skirvin. 
Smiley, Grave V. Cochran, Ambrose Nov 1911 Married by Rev. T.C. Kerr at his home in Falmouth.
Smith, Amelia Yelton, Enoch W. 6 Mar 1862 He age 20, she age 18, both of Pendleton Co. Married at Harvey Smith's by Thomas Morris. Bond signed by Isaac Dunn, oath by Isaac J. Smith.
Smith, Ann Lumus, Samuel 23 Feb 1841  
Smith, Delia Martin, Minor 14 Mar 1843 Oath by Samuel Lumis.
Smith, Elizabeth Daugherty, William 31 Aug 1818  
Smith, Elizabeth Thompson, John 9 Mar 1835 Personal consent by father, William Smith.
Smith, Elvina Lummis, Thomas 25 Feb 1830  
Smith, Mary Lovett, Edmund 27 Jan 1825  
Smith, Missouri F. Yelton, Charles T. 5 Nov 1874 He age 21, she age 23. License date 3 Nov 1874.
Smith, Nancy Blackburn, Kennedy 29 Sep 1825  
Smith, Polly Taylor, Ambrose Dudley 31 Jan 1838 Consent of father, James Smith.
Smith, Sarah Thornton, James 28 Apr 1819  
Smith, Sarah Forsythe, William 4 Feb 1830  
Smith, Sarah Blackburn, Ira K. 20 Nov 1837  
Smith, Susannah Lightfoot, Philip 29 Dec 1803 Oath of Edwd. Lightfoot.
Smith, Susannah Henricks, Abraham 29 Apr 1824  
Smith, Susannah Irwin, Andrew 9 Apr 1838 Consent by father, Wm. Smith.
Sneed, Mary Payne, John 19 Jan 1815 Proof by Henry Adams.
Solhand, Lucy A. Moore, Carlis Feb 1911  
Southard, Catherine Vice, George 26 Aug 1801 Father Laurance Southard.
Southard, Eleanor Jack, Andrew 8 Jun 1815 Daughter of Lawrence Southard. Proof by Deeston Lightfoot.
Southard, Franky Reed, Zachariah 27 Sep 1814 Proof by Jno. Ellis, Jr.
Southard, Maria Kaines, James 15 Nov 1842  
Southard, Mary Ann Biddle, Robert 16 Jun 1814 Proof by Jno. Riddle.
Southard, Milly Mullin, Lindsy 2 Jun 1814 Consent by father, lawrence Southard. Proof by Robt. Riddle.
Southard, Nancy Ellis, John 29 Dec 1812 Consent by father, Lawrence Southard.
Southard, Sally Thornton, John 27 Nov 1806 Proof by James Sutherd.
Speagle, Katherine Oliver, Elisha 13 Oct 1841 Proof by Andrew Speagle.
Spencer, Catherine Conner, Samuel 26 Oct 1808 Proof by John Spencer.
Spencer, Winnefiel Blunt (or Blewet), Henry 14 Jul 1806  Proof by Francis Spencer.
Sprout, Charlotte Taylor, Joseph W. 21 May 1852  
Steel, Mary Griffing, William 3 Apr 1804  
Steele, Elizabeth Rush, Thomas 10 Dec 1807  
Steele, Jean Lightfoot, Deeston 9 Nov 1802  
Steele, Nancy Hart, John 4 Jan 1810  
Steele, Peggy Irwin, William 10 Aug 1809  
Stephens, Anna Draper, John 10 Jan 1843 Proof by Lewis Stephens.
Stephens, Artimissa Y. Yelton, Anthony W. 22 May 1877 He age 27, she age 20. To be married at Nathaniel's Stephens'. Married by H.P. Thompson.
Stephens, Elenor Lancaster, Benjamin 5 May 1813 Proof by brother, Thos. Stephens.
Stephens, Rachiel Crail, John 25 Oct 1799  
Stephens, Rosa J. Yelton, Charles G. 21 Sep 1858 Married by George Fisher. Oath by Charles G. Yelton & J.S. Taylor.
Stephens, Sarah Wolfe, William 30 Oct 1834 Consent of her father, Samuel Stephens.
Stephens, Victoria Blackburn, M.D. 27 Oct 1878 Bond date 26 Oct 1878. Groom's father gives personal consent. She age 20. To be married at Thomas Stephens'. Married by Rev. M. Lummus; witnesses Wm. Wolf & Hayden Gardner.
Stern, Catharine L. Garrard, James 7 Nov 1842  
Sterne, Harriett Monroe, William 21 May 1836  
Sterne, Susan M. Ingels, John 22 May 1822 Proof by Hannah Coppage.
Stettler, Roberta J. Ashcraft, Donald H. 23 Nov 1940  
Stevens, Catherine Lancaster, William 10 Apr 1838  
Stevens, Elizabeth Hoard, William 16 Oct 1843 Oath by John Draper.
Stevens, Franky White, John 20 Mar 1817  
Stevens, Henrietta Crail, Lilburn 15 Mar 1824  
Stevens, Nancy Stevens, Lewis 16 Aug 1830  
Stewards, Effy Stewart, Lewis 17 Oct 1811  
Stewart, Anne Nicholson, Robert 26 Apr 1810 Proof by James Stewart.
Stewart, Catharine Clifford, Charles 18 Nov 1839  
Stewart, Jean Adams, Aaron 25 Sep 1805 Both formerly married.
Stewart, Mary Crook, John 14 Jan 1808 Proof by Henry Highfill.
Stites, Elizabeth Nelson, William 11 Apr 1815  
Stites, Margaret Rollins, Michael 14 Dec 1824  
Stites, Nancy Adams, James 7 Sep 1809 Consent of her father, William Stites.
Stoker, Hannah Harris, Brockman 23 Mar 1821 Proof by Chas. Baless.
Stone, Daritha Limerick, James 2 May 1843  
Stone, Ethel Moore, Chas. H. Jul 1911  
Stuart, Elizabeth Forsythe, peter 8 Sep 1831 Consent by her father, Wm. Stuart.
Stutler, Roberta J. Ashcraft, Donald H. 23 Nov 1940  
Sullivan, Mary A. Ashcraft, David M. 22 Dec 1904 He age 27 of Pendleton Co.; she age 15 of Pendleton Co. License date 21 Dec 1904.
Sullivan, Mollie Ashcraft, Homer 25 Jan 1888 He age 27 of Pendleton Co.; she age 22 of Pendleton Co. License date 28 Jan 1888.
Swiger, Elizabeth Fitzwater, George 21 Jul 1824 Proof by Christopher Price.
Talbott, Frances Ann Phinney, Martin 12 Oct 1834 Proof by Jeremiah Talbott.
Talbott, Mary Carter, Alden 5 Mar 1836 Proof by Martin Pheney.
Talor, Polly Yelton, Samuel 25 Dec 1823  
Tate, Lydia Crail, Absolom 31 May 1804  
Taylor, Alice King, James F. 18 Jan 1911  
Taylor, Amanda Ware, W.F.M. 12 Jun 1862  
Taylor, Amelia Norris, George 28 May 1838  
Taylor, America Hampton, Robert 2 Jan 1849  
Taylor, Ann Zinn, Joseph 19 May 1818 Proof by James Taylor.
Taylor, Anna Halmes, Virgie 16 Nov 1916  
Taylor, Anna G. Barton, William 12 Nov 1905  
Taylor, Anna L. Clark, J.W. 18 Dec 1894  
Taylor, Annie E. Riggle, Joseph 23 Oct 1873  
Taylor, Belle Casey, G.S. 1 Jun 1882  
Taylor, Bertha F. Weaver, Ernest C. 18 Mar 1906  
Taylor, Bettie A. Ewing, Elmer 13 Jan 1891  
Taylor, Dolley Buskirk, Thomas 27 Oct 1808 Consent of father, Robert Taylor.
Taylor, Duranda Beckett, Woodford 29 Jan 1832 Proof by Jno. Bird.
Taylor, Edith Yelton, Jefferson D. 24 Jun 1899 He age 30, she age 20, both of Pendleton Co. License date 23 Jun 1899.
Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor, George 29 Mar 1802  
Taylor, Elizabeth Childers, Robert William 20 Mar 1806  
Taylor, Elizabeth Garrard, Anderson D. 23 Apr 1842  
Taylor, Elizabeth Dunahoe, Edward 17 Jan 1855  
Taylor, Ellen Lemmons, S.B. 28 Jun 1871  
Taylor, Emelia Norris, George W. 31 May 1838  
Taylor, Emily J. Shoemaker, Newton 23 Jan 1862  
Taylor, Essie McClanahan, Charles 19 Jul 1911  
Taylor, Esther Lewis, Reece (or Pierce) 8 Feb 1821  
Taylor, Ester Bryant, N.B. 12 Apr 1864  
Taylor, Ettie Baird, Jesse F. 5 Feb 1888  
Taylor, Felicity A. Taylor, John B. 14 Oct 1883  
Taylor, Frances M. Salmon, Owen A. 28 Jul 1867  
Taylor, Georgia Mae Biddle, Kenzie B. 19 Dec 1944  
Taylor, Gypsy J. Sloneker, A.F. 28 Dec 1898  
Taylor, Harriet Williams, John T. 20 Mar 1879  
Taylor, Hellena A. Green, W.H. Jr. 1 Feb 1870  
Taylor, Ida E. King, Silas 6 Dec 1900  
Taylor, Isabel Jackson, James H. 8 Jun 1893  
Taylor, Juda Yelton, John Jr. 29 Jan 1829  
Taylor, Judith F. Tharusberry, Bealie 6 Mar 1910  
Taylor, Lattie Harcum, Herbert 27 May 1916  
Taylor, Laura McClure, James 20 Nov 1884  
Taylor, Liza Taylor, J.E. 24 Jan 1898  
Taylor, Lucinda Montgomery, Thomas I. 14 Jun 1847  
Taylor, Lucinda Hedges, Frank 27 Nov 1888  
Taylor, Maggie E. Monroe, John W. 24 Jun 1886  
Taylor, Margaret Highfill, Leonard 26 Jul 1810 Consent by father, Robt. Taylor.
Taylor, Margaret Shoemaker, Alexander 29 Oct 1835 Proof by Joseph Taylor, father. 
Taylor, Margaret Sharp, Richard 17 Dec 1835 Proof by James Pribble, guardian.
Taylor, Martha Ammerman, Daniel 31 Jan 1822 Proof by Leonard Highfill.
Taylor, Martha Carter, Jackson 15 Jul 1869  
Taylor, Martha A. Edwards, J.T. 7 Nov 1871  
Taylor, Martha A. Dennis, Abraham 12 Sep 1888  
Taylor, Martha M. Burke, Thomas 5 Mar 1867  
Taylor, Mary Highfield, Jeremiah 13 Dec 1804  
Taylor, Mary Conley, Joel J. 9 Nov 1865  
Taylor, Mary A. Deatherage, G.N. 24 Dec 1889  
Taylor, Mary F. Daugherty, Obediah 8 Feb 1877  
Taylor, Mary Inez Bush, William Frank 10 Nov 1915  
Taylor, Mary J. Miller, C.W. 15 Aug 1877  
Taylor, Mary K. Tungate, Lewis A. 24 Jan 1920  
Taylor, Mary M. Greene, Julius C. 11 Sep 1914  
Taylor, Matilda A. Dunaway, James E. 14 Jan 1868  
Taylor, Matilda S. Dennis, William H. 16 Nov 1882  
Taylor, Mayme L. Haney, G.S. 24 Dec 1879  
Taylor, Melissee Newkirk, Charles 13 Nov 1851  
Taylor, Mollie E. Casey, Elijah 2 Oct 1881  
Taylor, Myrtle Viers, William 18 Dec 1910  
Taylor, Nancy A. Luke, W.H.W. 1 Mar 1866  
Taylor, Nancy A. Smith, Alonzo 31 Oct 1872  
Taylor, Nancy Hull Rickey, William J. 25 Oct 1828  
Taylor, Nancy Jane Louderback, John 25 Nov 1875  
Taylor, Nellie E. Martin, Madison 30 Oct 1914  
Taylor, Nora Wright, Charles L. 31 Dec 1905  
Taylor, Nora Calvin, Clark 5 Aug 1915  
Taylor, Olive Sharp, Charles 23 Sep 1906  
Taylor, Ora Medecke, George 23 May 1914  
Taylor, Polly Yelton, Samuel 25 Dec 1823 Proof by Horatio Willett. Married by Rev. John Taylor.
Taylor, Sally Williams, Enoch 20 Oct 1832 Proof by Danl. W. Yelton.
Taylor, Sarah Taylor, Ferdinand 28 Jul 1838 Widow.
Taylor, Sarah Simpson, Thomas R. 2 Aug 1842  
Taylor, Sarah B. Tucker, Charles N. 6 Mar 1889  
Taylor, Sarah H. Plunkett, Robert 27 Apr 1864  
Taylor, Sarah J. Cherry, Nicholas 17 Feb 1858  
Taylor, Sarah Kirby Taylor, Ferdinand 29 Jul 1838  
Taylor, Sophronia Zeine, Hiram 10 Jan 1827  
Taylor, Susanna Barey, William 16 Feb 1809  
Thatcher, Sarah Irvin, Thomas 19 Aug 1818 Proof by Jos. Thrasher.
Thomas, Isabella Taylor, Elijah 11 Apr 1839  
Thomas, Marann Keith, John D. 11 Dec 1834 Proof by Saml. Thomas.
Thomas, Mary Daniel, Enos 4 Sep 1821 Widow of Jas. Thomas, dec'd.
Thomas, Zerelda S. Wilson, James 28 Jan 1830 Proof by Saml. G. Menzies.
Thomason, Alice Taylor, Robert 19 Mar 1829  
Thomason, Lucy Parker, Timothy W. 22 Dec 1805 Proof by John Thomason.
Thompson, Caty Moor, James 12 Apr 1814  
Thompson, Nancy Ann Hazelwood, Willis   Oath by Martin Thompson.
Thompson, Sarah Moore, Benjamin 18 Feb 1830 Proof by Gilbert Thompson.
Thornberry, Bessie Taylor, George D. 6 Aug 1920  
Thornberry, Mary Willis, rice 24 Apr 1839  
Thornberry, Susan Bishop, Charles 13 Aug 1840  
Thornton, Nanny S. Bush, Simeon 30 Jan 1837  
Thornton, Prudence Blackburn, Joel 20 Jan 1825  
Thrasher, Ann Miller, Gideon 14 Apr 1817  
Thrasher, Elizabeth Hendricks, Daniel 21 Dec 1809  
Thrasher, Elizabeth Miller, William 23 Apr 1816  
Thrasher, Elizabeth Fugate, Richard I. 26 Apr 1841 N.W. Beckett gave guardian's consent.
Thrasher, Jane Beckett, Nelson W. 16 Aug 1832 Widow of Stephen Thrasher.
Thrasher, Nancy Mullins, Stephen 8 Apr 1802  
Thrasher, Rachel Daugherty, Benjamin 14 Aug 1817  
Thrasher, Sally Bush, James 8 Mar 1820  
Thrasher, Sarah Balew, Thomas 9 Jun 1808  Proof by being a widow of Elijah C. Balew.
Thrasher, Sarah Daugherty, Jonathan 15 Jun 1824  
Tomlin, Alsy Price, Squire 17 Oct 1838 Proof by Wm. Tomlin
Tomlin, Rebecca Arnold, John 10 May 1836 Proof by Elias Arnold, Alex Moore & Rebecca Tomlin.
Tomlin, Sarah Smith, Thomas 3 Nov 1825  
Tompson, Caty Moor, James 12 Apr 1814  
Tonget, Lucinda Seward, Daniel Jr. 2 Apr 1818  
Tucker, Catherine Jane Anderson, William 14 Mar 1842  
Tucker, Elizabeth A. Taylor, Robert H. 22 Oct 1840 Oath by A.D. Taylor.
Turner, Elizabeth Smith, Robert D. 22 Dec 1818 Widow of Francis Turner, dec'd.
Turner, Levina Hix, Henry 29 Aug 1825  
Turner, Lucinda Piner, Thos. A. 23 Aug 1843  
Turner, Mary Bryan, William 12 Dec 1799  
Turner, Mary Mullins, Fountain 31 Jul 1810  
Turner, Mary Ann Wallace, William 23 Jan 1841 Proof by James Wallace.
Turner, Mary Thomas Levengood, George 8 Nov 1843  
Turner, Nancy Monroe, William 23 Dec 1802 Consent of John Turner.
Turner, Nancy Fugate, E.M. 5 Dec 1834 Proof by John Wallace.
Turner, Nancy Lancaster, Benj. 2 Aug 1837  
Tyler, Susannah Barey, William 16 Feb 1809 Proof by William Clark.



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