Pendleton County Marriages


Marriage Date
Underwood, Catherine McCullough, John 9 Mar 1818 Widow.
Vallear, Elizabeth Camaron, Robert 4 Nov 1821 Proof by Andrew Porter.
Vance, Betsey Rawlings, Samuel 21 Feb 1805  
Vance, Rachel Orr, John 17 Oct 1805 Proof by Saml. Vance.
Vanhorn, Mary Clemons, James 15 Oct 1806 Proof by James Holmes.
Vanlandingham, Alma Biddle, Callie 10 Mar 1912  
Vastine, Irene Yelton, Willard 17 May 1925 He age 26, son of R.W. & Belle Yelton. She age 19, daughter of S.A. & Dora Vastine.
Vastine, Mary Eckman, Thomas 15 Mar 1836 Proof by Abm. Vastine and John Vastine.
Vaughan, Francis Garrard, Isham T. 1 Feb 1836 Proof by Elijah Browning & Francis Vaughan.
Vaughan, Sarah W. Rawlings, Ezekial 28 Sep 1839 Proof by Hugh S. Hickman.
Vaughn, Catherine Cobler, Elijah 10 May 1820 Proof by Benj. Ogden.
Walker, Elizabeth Junkins, William 22 Jan 1801  
Walker, Margaret Powers, James 10 Sep 1804  
Walker, Nancy Junkins, Noble 22 Jan 1801  
Wallace, Cynthia Monroe, William C. 27 Jun 1821  
Wartman, Elizabeth Ashcraft, James 28 Jan 1808  Married by Alexr. Monroe
Waters, Mrs. Elizabeth Smith, James 14 Apra 1825  
Watkins, Martha A. Cook, Samuel 2 Apr 1870 He of lawful age, her father's consent personally given. Bond executed and license issued 2 Apr 1870. (Note says see Bond Bk. 9, page 428.) Marriage Bond
Wayatt, Agness Angell, Elias 18 Jun 1824  
Webb, Polly Golding, John 2 Jan 1812  
Webb, Sallie Davis, Howard Dec 1911  
Welch, Jenine E. Anderson, Jas. Jul 1911  
Wells, Fanny Smith, William 23 Nov 1825  
Wells, Lucy McCally, James 25 Sep 1815  
Westsope, Hannah Wichoff, John 8 Apr 1803  
Wharton, Elizabeth Ashcraft, Ichabod 13 Apr 1815  License date 10 Apr 1815; married by Rev. E. Robertson.
Wharton, Margaret Collins, Ralph 7 Feb 1801  
Wheeler, Elizabeth Riddle, John 2 Nov 1815  
Wheeler, Elizabeth A. Asbury, Coleman 16 Dec 1824  
Wheeler, Kitty Wheeler, Nimrod 9 Jan 1817  
Wheeler, Nancy D. Hart, Thomas W. 30 Jun 1821  
Wheeler, Sarah Bradfoot, John 20 Nov 1820  
Wheelor, Susannah Pickett, Beal 19 Oct 1809  
Wicoff, Sarah Smith, Nehemiah 19 Jan 1802  
Wilkerson, Mrs. Lydia Oldham, Tyree 1 May 1825  
Williams, Angelina Cookendorfer, Christopher 14 Aug 1823  
Williams, Ann Woodyard, Walter 21 oct 1813  
Williams, Citty Orr, James 10 Sep 1804  
Williams, Elizabeth Crook, Robert 12 Dec 1811  
Williams, Elizabeth Riddle, Ebenezer 19 Aug 1814  
Williams, Jane Taylor, William F. 17 Feb 1831  
Williams, Mary Forsythe, Robert 11 Feb 1819  
Williams, Polly Smith, George 20 Dec 1807  
Williams, Polly Strawther, Woodyard 10 Mar 1820  
Williams, Sarah McCarty, Adam 8 Mar 1809  
Williams, Susan Cook, Jesse 19 Apr 1823  
Wilson, Agness W. Riggs, Benjamin M. 3 May 1825  
Wilson, Bertie Jacobs, Thomas 14 Oct 1911 Married at the home of the bride's parents.
Wilson, Elizabeth Thomas, William P. 1 Apr 1819  
Wilson, Fanney Kinnitt, Dixson 14 Feb 1805  
Wilson, Mable Fryer, Rudolph Oct 1911  
Wilson, Mary A. Ashcraft, Jeddir 27 Oct 1872 He age 22, she age 17; both from Pendleton Co. Bond by James Vastine.
Wilson, Nancy Masterson, John C. 6 Mar 1820  
Wilson, Nancy Wingate, Joseph 15 May 1811  
Wilson, Sally Grant, Robert M. 25 May 1815  
Wingate, Martha Crowder, John 28 Jun 1812  
Winter, Ollaveen M. Biddle, Ernest 16 Dec 1919  
Wood, Ruth Sellers, Isaac 25 Feb 1846  
Woodyard, Nancy Childreys, Major 8 Jul 1815  
Woolery, Mary Adams, William 5 Apr 1804  
Wortman, Elizabeth Ashcraft, James 28 Jan 1808  
Wortman, Lyda Kelley, Ephraim 15 Aug 1814  
Wortman, Rachel Cook, William 13 Sep 1813  
Wright, Betsy Ann Norton, Henry 16 Aug 1812  
Wright, Delilia Rafferty 28 Mar 1816  
Wright, Mary Long, Samuel 25 Dec 1813  
Wright, Rebeccah McCarty, John 16 Sep 1815  
Wyatt, Emily Simpson, Moses 10 Jan 1818  



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