Pendleton County Obituaries


Obituaries are posted with the permission of Debbie Dennie, Editor of the "Falmouth Outlook"

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Last Name First Name Middle Name/Int. Maiden Name Date of Death Age at Death
Thacker George C. "Buddy"   11-Jul-06 59
Thomas Jackie LeRoy   6-Mar-06 64
Thompson William Giltner   15-Mar-06 82
Thompson Virginia Louise Wallace 11-Jun-06 76
Thompson Sarah   Wothington 19-Dec-06 93
Thornberry Judy   Colvin 1-Jul-06 82
Tirey Betty June Ryan 19-Oct-06 75
Trappe William Ralph   26-May-06 83
Traylor, Jr. Billy     16-Nov-06 64
Troy Dawn Elsie Straub 10-Mar-06 41
Tucker Darlene   Daniels no date given 55
Turner Robert Allen   5-Apr-06 60
Turner Roy Lee   10-May-06 50
Turner Arlie     17-Aug-06 53
Turner Delmer A.   13-Sep-06 74
Turner Naomi     7-Oct-06 87
Turner Steven     9-Oct-06 3 mths
Turner, Jr. Arlie     7-Dec-06 47
Verax Marilyn   Verax 1-Oct-06 61
Wagel Mildred   Sharp 8-Sep-06 86
Wagner Julia Virginia Unwin 26-Jan-06 90
Wagner Kate     no info available
Wagner Kathryn Jane Lamb 5-Mar-06 76
Wagoner Victoria "Vicki" Lynn Barnard 14-Mar-06 50
Walker Thomas Russell   12-Mar-06 31
Wallace Bertha Mae   26-Feb-06 91
Wallace Bertha Mae   26-Feb-06 91
Walters William L.   23-Jan-06 72
Wardlow Grace   Huff 29-Dec-05 85
Watts Roy Edmund   25-Jul-06 91
Weaver Velma M. Harding 7-Mar-06 84
Wesley Grace Lynn   14-Mar-06 43
Wetterhan Dorothy   Caldwell 24-Nov-06 89
Whalen Michael Keith   23-Apr-06 38
Whaley Emerson E.   10-Jun-06 90
Whitaker Marcella Faye Nelson 24-Jun-06 80
Whitton George Henry   21-Jan-06 88
Williams Dianna Lynn Ohmer 20-Jan-06 35
Williams Marvin Gale   16-Apr-06 65
Williams Marvin Gale   16-Apr-06 65
Williams Willetta   Owens 28-Sep-06 62
Williams, Rev. Michael David   11-Jul-06 55
Witt, Sr. Dennis W.   18-Jan-06 59
Wolfe Hilda Catherine Auchter 23-May-06 94
Wolfe Alma   Moore 18-Aug-06 78
Wolfinbarger Rubie   Ingram 27-Jun-06 90
Woodyard Wilbur Bo   8-Mar-06 90
Workman Lois G. Workman 3-Feb-06 47
Works Stephen Wayne   1-Sep-06 49
Wright Candy Jo Vanlandingham 9-Feb-06 41
Wyatt Joyce   Colvin 26-Jun-06 73
Yaeger Evelyn   Howard 14-Sep-06 60
Yelton Zola Blanche Hodge 16-Feb-06 95
Yelton Bernice L. Sullivan 16-Sep-06 81
Yoakum Harvey "Joe"     9-Dec-06 75
Young Marian L. Abercrombie 24-May-06 62


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