Owen County Cemeteries

This may not be a complete list of Owen County cemeteries. If you know of others not included in this list, please let me know.

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ABBOTT Cemetery: Located on William Simpson farm at New Columbus in 1950s.

ADKINS Cemetery: Located on Poplar Grove Road.

AGEE Cemetery: On the dead end Agee Road leading off from Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church.

ALEXANDER Cemetery : Located on the land on the se corner of the junction between 325 and Ball Ridge Road in New Liberty.

ARNOLD Cemetery : Located on 1669 about 1-1/2 miles south of its junction with 227 at Wheatley.

AYRES Cemetery : Located in the east yard of the Poplar Grove Baptist Church on 127.

BALDWIN Cemetery: Located on Brush Creek Road off 127. [Not listed in the Owen Co. Cemetery Books]

BALLARD Cemetery : Point of Rock Road, SW of Monterey, at end of pavement.

BARNES Cemetery : Located on Hensley Road about a mile north of its intersection with Squiresville Road. East side of road.

BEECH GROVE Baptist Church Cemetery : Located on US 227, east side, about a mile south of US 22.

BEECHWOOD (Masonic?) Cemetery : Located on the west side of 227 at Beechwood less than a quarter mile south of Bethany Cemetery and Shirley Road.

Old BEECHWOOD Road Cemetery : Located 1 1/2 miles north of the Scott County line on the east side of 227 in the north quadrant made with the intersection of the old Beechwood Road.

T. J. BELL Cemetery : Located .7 miles east of Fairbanks on 607, entrance lane to the south is blocked by an iron gate with a No Trespassing sign.

BERRY Cemetery: Located south side of Main Street in Owenton, back of Owenton Dept. Store.

BERRYMAN Cemetery: Located near the Kentucky River on the Perry Park estate resort.

BETHANY Christian Church Cemetery : Located at Beechwood in the new quadrant of the intersection of KY 227 and Shirley Road.

BETHEL Baptist Church Cemetery : Located immediately on the north side of 227 between the Dallasburg cemetery and the top of the hill to Worthville.

Warren T. BLESSING Cemetery: On Cull Road out of Owenton on Noble Gibson farm.

BLESSING - ESTES Cemetery : Visible on the east side of the New Liberty-Owenton Pike (978) about a mile and a half south of New Liberty.

BOND Cemetery: Unknown. Previous description: "On road between Sparta and New Liberty."

BRIDGES Cemetery : Located on the south side of the Walnut Grove/Teresita Road about 4 miles west of US 227 on Rader farm...which puts it near the end of that lane.

BRANDENBURG Cemetery : Located on US 22, east of Owenton on the Brandenburg farm.

BROCK Cemetery : Located a half mile SE of Poplar Grove on the Reuben Lewis farm.

BROWN Cemetery : Located just west of New Liberty and south of 227.

BROWN [2] Cemetery on USGS maps is actually ROBERTS [2] Cemetery on Big Twin Creek Road about 2 miles west of Salem Church.

BURFORT Cemetery: Located in New Liberty, KY

BURK Cemetery : Located on the Sparta-Sanders Road.


CAMMACK Cemetery: Located Near Bromley on old L. D. Cammack farm.

CANEY FORK Baptist Church Cemetery : Located south of 607, on the east side of the Caney Creek Road, very near but north of Rockdale. Cemetery is north of the church.

CARR Cemetery : Located on the Owen & Franklin county boarder.

CARTER Cemetery : Located 3 miles north of Gratz on 355 on land still owned by the Fitzgerald family. Turn right on the first residence lane north & east of the General Store at Fairview. Headstone Photos (This link is temporarily unavailable.)

CARTER Cemetery : Twin Creek Road, about one mile from Twin Creek-Moxley Road intersection. This is directional information only.


CHAMBERS Cemetery : On road from New Liberty to Liberty Station.

CHARNIN Cemetery : New Liberty Road. J. S. Lusby farm.

CLIFTON Cemetery : Located off County Road 1883 on the road from Hammon schoolhouse to Mussel Shoals.

CLARK Cemetery : North side of US 127 between Monterey and Owenton

CLAXON RIDGE Cemetery : Located above Monterey and about two miles west of 127 on the north side of 607 at Claxon Ridge Road. TYPE: Family Farm, rather large. CONDITION: Natural. Headstone Photos

CLEMENTS Cemetery...see ROWLETT Cemetery.

COATES Cemetery : Located near the end of west Stewart Lane on what used to be Two Mile Road.

COBB FAMILY Cemetery : Owenton

CONNELLY Cemetery #203...Near Mosby Creek, Poplar Grove.

CONOVER Cemetery #221...off Sparta Road.

COOK Cemetery, Sawdridge Road outside of Monterey on old Cook farm.


CROUCH Cemetery #47...Located on W. H. True farm in Poplar Grove.

CULL Cemetery #183...Off Sparta Road on old Brown farm.

DALLASBURG Masonic Cemetery : Located on the south side of 227, a mile west of Wheatley.

DAVIS CHAPEL Cemetery : Located about a mile south of New Columbus on Carr Road, east side of lane.

DAWSON Cemetery : Located in Owenton on Roland Ave, back of A C Sparrows

DEMPSEY Cemetery : Located on Old Beechwood Road and Red Oak Pike.

DONOVAN Cemetery : Located abt. 1/4 mile on right from KY 227 to Breck.

DOTY Cemetery : Located on South Fork Road, east side, about 400 yards north of South Fork's junction with US 22. Owenton, KY

DUNCAN (Old) Cemetery : Located on O. D. Hawkins farm on Squiresville Road. Eternal Rest found no stones here, just sunken graves.

DUNCAN - VAUGHN Cemetery : Located on the SE corner of the intersection of Squireville Road and Hensley Lane.

EDWARDS Cemetery : Located on Poplar Grove Road on way to Grant County Line.

EL BETHEL Christian Church Cemetery : Located South on Owenton on KY 227.

ELMORE Cemetery : Located on the south side of 227 between Wheatley and New Liberty. Visible from the road just east of the old Elmore home.

ESTES Cemetery : Located in New Liberty, KY

FAIRVIEW Cemetery : Located at New Columbus near the intersection of 607 & Carr Road. North side of 607. Also known as the New Columbus Cemetery & Parr Cemetery.

FORD [1] Cemetery : Located 2 miles up Cedar Creek, SE of Monterey.

FORD [2] Cemetery : Located between Liberty Station and Sparta on Eagle Creek.

FORSEE Cemetery : Located on Sparta Pike, Owenton city limits on C. L. Forsee farm.

FOSTER Cemetery : Located off Slippery Rock Road, Monterey area...on Somerville Dairy farm.

FRANKS Cemetery : Located on the southeast corner of Gold's Valley Road and Snell Road near the Grant County line. Owenton, KY

FRAZER Cemetery : Located in New Liberty, KY

FURNISH Cemetery : Located on the Emma Bond lot in New Liberty." Lone stone reading "Absolom G. Furnish; died Oct 7, 1852 - aged 39y, 10m, & 20d"

GAINES Cemetery : Located off KY 227 on Dr G. G. Greene farm. 14 miles S of Owenton.

GARNETT Cemetery : Located abt. 4.5 miles north of Owenton, near US 127.

GARVEY Cemetery : Located on  Sparta Road at Brumley, on old Grobmeir farm.

GAYLE Cemetery : Located on New Liberty Road on the old Gayle farm.

GILES Cemetery : Located on the Fairview Road between Pleasant Home and 355.

GLASS Cemetery #1: Located near the Caney Fork Church on the old Johnny Grisham home. Contains several stones that can no longer be read because of age and weather damage.

GLASS Cemetery #2: Located across the creek from Caney Fork Baptist Church on a hill above the Glass homestead (later owned by L. S. Massie during the 1960's)

GLASS Cemetery #3: Abandoned cemetery located in a thicket of the left side of the road going from Maxburg toward Caney Fork Church. It is just beyond the Fennel Bell farm (1960's). Many of the dates are carved by hand into natural rock and are very difficult to read. On the east side of Caney Creek Road, .7 of a mile south of its intersection with 607. Surrounded by a stone wall that abuts the roadway. Also known as the B. G. Glass Cemetery.

GLASS Cemetery #4: This old cemetery is located under a cluster of shade trees across Caney Creek on property belonging to Susan M. Glass (1960's)

GLASS Cemetery #5 : This burial ground is located on what was known in the 1960's, as the L. S. Massie property on Caney Creek. Most of the stones are handmade and illegible.

Scotch GLASS Cemetery : Located on the East side of Old Beechwood-Rockport Pike, 3 miles n of Rockdale.

GRATZ Cemetery:  Gratz, Owen County

James GREEN Cemetery : Located on the NW side of 607, just east of New Columbus. A black cemetery started on the farm of James Green.

GREEN ACRES Cemetery : Owen County

GREENE Cemetery : Located two miles down Herman Greene Road.

GREENHILL Cemetery : Black cemetery located in Owenton on the south side of west US 22 at the Paint Lick Road intersection.

GREENUP FORK Baptist Church : In the NE section of Monterey precinct on Greenup Fork Road about a mile & a half east of 127 on 845.  Headstone Photos

GROSS Cemetery : Located behind and 125 yards south of the Mt. Hebron Baptist Church cemetery on the old hill road.

GRUGIN Cemetery : Located almost on Plummer Branch. Take 127 south of Monterey, turn southeast on 368, follow 368 until Plummer Branch road intersects from the south...turn right on Plummer Branch. About a mile along, a county road from the west intersects Plummer Branch Road creating a "T". The Grugin is northeast of this intersection on a line if you extend the intersecting road. This area is west of Tackett's Mill and southeast of Truesville. 

GUILL Cemetery : Located south of New Columbus on the east side of Dudley Lane and on the hillside north of Guill's Branch.

HAMMOND [1] Cemetery : Located near new Columbus on Dog Walk Road, on Howard Clark farm.

HAMMOND [2] Cemetery : Located on Robert Covington farm on Swope Road.

HAMMONDS SCHOOL RD. Cemetery: A negro cemetery, located on Hammonds School Rd.

Benjamin HANCOCK Cemetery : Located at the junction of Squiresville Road and US 22, inside the bend made by 22. Map.

Thomas C. HANCOCK Cemetery : Owenton. Located 25 feet north of US 22 and 250 yards due west of junction with South Fork road. Map.

HARDIN Cemetery : Located on Point of Rock Road south of Monterey.

HARMONY Cemetery : Located on the north side of the Harmony Road going west from 227 about a mile and a half. It is about a half mile east of the Harmony turn.

HARRISON Cemetery : Located on Sparta Road near Long Ridge.

HAYDEN Cemetery : Located on Harmony Road close to Harmony Baptist Church.

HAYDON Cemetery : Located up a slight incline just a few feet west of 227, and maybe 150 yards north of the 607 junction. Also known as Hesler-Haydon Cemetery.

HEDDLESTON Cemetery : Located on John Heddleston farm on Eagle Creek, near the house.

HENEGE Cemetery : Located on the Owen - Scott County Line, New Columbus Precinct.

HENSLEY Cemetery : Located on the north side of the Squiresville Road about a half mile east of the Hensley Road intersection at #1705 Squiresville Road. Map.

HEARN Cemetery : Located south of Gold's Valley Road (off Long Ridge Road) on Snell Road as it turns east into Grant County. Cemetery is on the north side of the road inside of a left bend. TYPE: Family. CONDITION: Small, damaged, all markers down. GPS: 383615N, 844555W Map.

HITER - CALLAGHAN Cemetery : Located off US 22, just east of Pleasant Home, on Mint Springs Road, east fork. Unrecorded elsewhere.

HODSON Cemetery : Located Southeast of the junction of US 127 and 368 (aka Old Georgetown Road). The cemetery is between a quarter/half mile east of this junction on 368, south side, very near the road. Easily visible. Headstone Photos.

HODSON FAMILY Cemetery : Owen County

HOLBROOK Cemetery : Owen County

HOLIDAY Cemetery : Located on New Liberty Road on farm of J. S. Lusby.

HONAKER Cemetery : Located inside the James R. Rich Wildlife Management Area west of Teresita. Unrecorded elsewhere.

HOWARD Cemetery : Located one mile of KY 330 on the old Canby Road on the Ernest Prince farm.

HUDSON-ABBOT Cemetery: : Located on south side of 607, midway between Natlee and New Columbus.

HUGHES Cemetery : Located 50 yards NE of Free Station and about a mile behind N. Columbus Methodist Ch.

HUNTER Cemetery : Located  originally 2 miles past Salem Church, removed to Owenton IOOF in 1983.

I.O.O.F. : See Owenton I.O.O.F.

Old JACKSON Cemetery : Located  on the Davis Farm near Breck. Reputed to hold the Revolutionary War veteran, Samuel Cobb (died 1805).

JONES Cemetery : Located on Sparta Road, opposite road to New Liberty.

JONES Cemetery Headstone Photos (I'm not sure which Jones Cemetery this is)

JONES Cemetery : Located near the northern junction of Golden Circle Road and 36 (Long Ridge Road). Map.

JUETT Cemetery : Located behind the old Greenup Fork School house.

KARSNER Cemetery : Located off of 127, north behind Old Cedar Church.

Asa KEMPER Cemetery : Located on the Stewart Roberts farm about opposite the Poplar Grove Cemetery on the south side of US 127.

KEMPER #1 Cemetery : Located in Jonesville.

KEMPER #2 Cemetery : Located on 227 going north from Owenton on Cora Williams farm.

KEMPER #3 Cemetery : Located 50 yards north of US 22 on the east side of the Squiresville road. Map.

KEMPER #4 Cemetery : Located on Eagle Hill on old W. C. Kemper farm.

KINCAID Cemetery : Located off Swope/Natlee Road, near the Naill/Nall cemetery at end of Kincaid Lane. Abandoned.

KLEBER Wildlife Area Cemetery : Located on Elm Lick Creek bottom, west of Hawkins tract, north side of Kleber Field 58.

KYLE Cemetery : Located  in the town of Monterey behind home of Charles Drugan.

LATHREM Cemetery : Located a little south of TRUE cemetery on US 127 and on the east side of the road, 2 miles north of the Franklin Co Line, and behind a brown metal building. Unrecorded elsewhere.

LAWRENCE FAMILY Cemetery : Sparta.


LINCOLN Cemetery : Owenton

LINGENFELTER Cemetery : Located about midway between Lusby Mills and Canby just off 330 where it is joined by Keefer Road. A few yards east on Keefer, there is another junction with Fortner Ridge Road.

LINN Cemetery : Located on Leaning Oak Road near the Owen-Scott County line, New Columbus Precinct.

LONG RIDGE Cemetery : Long Ridge, Owen County

LUSBY Cemetery : Located four miles from Owenton on back of Harold Perkins farm.

LUSBY/KEMPER Cemetery : Located on east side of South Fork Road, enclosed by a stone wall, and near structures on either side of the road. Approx a mile and half north of US 22.

LUTHER Cemetery : Located off road near Severn Creek on old Luther farm (remote).

LUTTRELL Cemetery : Located between Harmony & Tackett's Mill, off Payton Ridge Road, on Paul Abrams farm.

MAPLE GROVE Cemetery : Located on the west side of 127 about 4 miles north of Owenton in Long Ridge. William Moses Ware and four other trustees of the Maple Grove Colored Baptist church purchased this land from Thomas Waller Garnett in 1875. The deed was recorded in Deed Book "B" page #14) in the names of the trustees on November 11,1881. A church building was erected in 1876 and was torn down in 1948,but the cemetery remains and is currently in use. (This updated information was provided by Roland Ware, g-g-grandson of Wm. M. Ware, 03/15/07)

MARTIN Cemetery : Located on Atwood Ayres farm...on KY 22 mile east of Owenton, n side.

MASON Cemetery : Located off Solomon's lane, near Breck.

MASONIC Cemetery :  Map.

McCORD Cemetery : Located a quarter mile east of 355, 2 miles south of Gratz.

McDARMENT Cemetery : Located 2 miles NE of Wheatley on Davis lane, on John McDarment farm.

McGIBNEY Cemetery : Located 1 1/2 miles from KY 22

McHATTON Cemetery : Located Near Sparta, off hill above the mouth of News Branch on Two-Mile Branch.

McNEAR Cemetery : see DOTY Cemetery. East side of South Fork Road just off US 22.

MEDLEY/MEADLEY Cemetery #163 : Located west of Eagle Station on the Eagle Valley recreational road. Just as the road crosses a branch and turns north toward Eagle creek. Near Owenton.

MELBORN FAMILY Cemetery : Owen County

MERRILL Cemetery : Located west of 355 near Moxley on the Charlie Butcher farm. Near the Kentucky River.

MOUNT MINISH Cemetery : In Gratz on the north side of east US 22. Just inside the city limits turn north on a paved lane marked "Cemetery Road," and proceed to the top of the hill.

MITCHELL / McDANIIL Cemetery : Located on the Harmony - Tackett's Mill road just after the road turns west coming from Harmony. The cemetery is on the immediate south side of the road. Easily seen.

MONTEREY  Cemetery : Located just on the southern edge of Monterey on the west side of US 127 at a county road junction. Headstone Photos

MONTEREY Baptist Church Cemetery : Most of this cemetery has been paved over for a parking lot with only a few stones surviving. It is destroyed.

MOORE Cemetery : Located near New Liberty on Sparta-Sanders Road

MORELAND Cemetery : Located  about 2 miles west of US 227 in the Bethany Church area. Not listed in Owen's cemeteries.

MORGAN Cemetery : Located on road between Wheatley and Moxley.

MORRISON Cemetery : Located due east of the present Richland Church (227) on the north side of the Swope-Natlee Road (2018) about a half mile.

MORROW Cemetery : Located on Lake Road on Dallas Hamilton farm, Owenton Quadrangle.

MOTHERSHEAD Cemetery : Located near Needmore on farm of J. C. Thomas. (many graves bulldozed.)

MOUNT HEBRON BAPTIST CHURCH Cemetery : Located south of US 22 at Needmore on the Fortner Ridge Road. The cemetery is behind the church structure.

MOUNT MINISH Cemetery aka Minish & Gratz Cem : Located in Gratz on the north side of east US 22, turn onto a paved lane marked "Cemetery Road."


MOUNT ZION CHURCH Cemetery : Located about 2 miles south of Perry Park on 355. East side of road after you cross Mill Creek. Currently beside a white church structure.

MOUNTAIN ISLAND RD. Cemetery: A negro cemetery near the Mountain Island Road on the property of Ward Jones in New Columbus.

MUSSEL SHOALS Cemetery. Located on a dead end road just above and west of Lusby Mills village and off county road 1739. Also Mussel Shoals East and Mussel Shoals West.

NAILL/NALL Cemetery : Located  due east of the present Richland Church (227) on the Swope/Natlee road about a mile east of the Morrison cemetery above.

NEW COLUMBUS Cemetery : See FAIRVIEW Cemetery. Also known as Parr Cemetery.

NEW LIBERTY Cemetery : New Liberty, Owen County.

NEW LIBERTY BAPTIST CHURCH Cemetery : Located in New Liberty where the old Two Mile Road exited town to the east. Cemetery is on the north side, beside the parking lot, in a wooded area.

NEW LIBERTY CHRISTIAN CHURCH Cemetery : Located in New Liberty, opposite The Second Baptist Cemetery on 36/227 and set back one half block from the highway, south of the current Second Baptist Church building.

NEW LIBERTY SECOND BAPTIST CHURCH Cemetery : Located on US 36/227 in New Liberty, on the east side of Main Cross St, one block south of Main St.

NEW LIBERTY IOOF : Located on State 227 just west of New Liberty on the north side of the road.

NEWBY - VINEGAR FAMILY Cemetery : Owen County.

NOEL [1] Cemetery : Located along highway 35, on the Grace Noel Oliver farm (1950s), 1 mile n of Monterey. TYPE: Family farm. CONDITION: Unknown.

NOEL [2] Cemetery : Located on Eagle Hill PO near Grant County line.

NUBY Cemetery - see James GREEN Cemetery.

O'BANION Cemetery : Located 500 feet off Ky 227 on Breck Road.

UPDATED:  OLD STEGER CEMETERY : Located on the south side of Gold's Valley Road off 36 (Long Ridge Road).  Was  incorrectly called DUVALL - STEGER Cemetery.

"In Eternal Rest (Eternal Rest, Owen County, Kentucky Cemetery Records. The Owen County Historical Society,1989), the name of the cemetery is noted as Steger Cemetery. Input for Eternal Rest was taken from a grave marker inscription survey conducted in 1978 that is filed at the Owen County Public Library."


OWENTON COLORED Cemetery : Owenton

OWENTON IOOF Cemetery : Located in city limits, on the east side of State 127 - 227 traveling north. Additional Listings.

Headstone Photos, Contributed By: Ethel Cotton

Headstone Photos, Contributed By: Lori  Powers

A study by Shirley Hardin Goodrich lists these graves to within recent years and is available from either the Library or Historical Society.


PARK RIDGE Cemetery : Owenton 

PARR Cemetery : Exact location unknown. The Parr Family lived east of New Columbus and just south of the Monterey pike.

PARR Cemetery : KYGenWeb Archives.

PAUPER Cemetery: Located on 330 about a half-mile east of Hallam (227), south of the road.

PERKINS Cemetery : Located on the east side of 845 (The Hesler - Lusby Mills Road) about a mile and a quarter east of 227.

PLEASANT HOME Cemetery : Located 400 yards north of US 22 in the center of Pleasant Home on a small gravel rut lane, west side.

PLEASANT RIDGE BAPTIST CHURCH Cemetery : Located on the west side of the Long Ridge - Sweet Owen road about a mile north of US 22.

PLEASANT VIEW Church Cemetery : Located about a mile west of New Columbus and SW of Natlee. 

POLAND Cemetery : Located Eagle Hill on old William Poland farm near Grant County line.

POPLAR GROVE IOOF Cemetery : Located about a mile east of the village of Poplar Grove on 127 on the north side of the road. A ridge cemetery that is old, reasonably well marked, and well cared for. Some stone damage, mostly from falling trees, and some sugaring and weathering of the stones making some very hard to read.

RATCLIFFE/RADCLIFFE Cemetery : Located on Pleasant Grove Road, land owned by W. Tom Romans.

RANSDEL Cemetery : Located on the west side Harris Ridge Road, just as the road turns east toward Waldrop Cemetery. About 2 miles NE of Owenton off 1287.

RAISOR Cemetery : Located 1/2 mile east of Hensley Lane on the west side of the Squiresville Road at #1885, back of house.

ROBERTS Cemetery: Located: North side of Big Twin Creek Road, about 2 miles west of Salem Church cemetery.

RICHLAND BAPTIST CHURCH Cemetery : Located 8 miles south of Owenton on 227, west side of road, behind church building.

RIDDLE #1 Cemetery : Location Unknown.

RIDDLE #2 Cemetery : Located on Ashcraft farm near Jonesville.

RISCH FAMILY Cemetery : Owen County

ROBERTS #1 Cemetery : Located on North Adams Street. The Roberts family bodies were removed according to Eternal Rest, apparently others remaining.

ROBERTS #2 Cemetery : Located on the north side of Big Twin Creek Road, about 2 miles west of Salem Church cemetery.

ROBERTSON Cemetery : Located near Owen/Franklin line on east side of 127 in a grove of trees about 75 yards from a small church.

ROWE Cemetery : Located on Carver farm on Poplar Grove road. Turn right at James Olds.

ROWLETT Cemetery : (See Clements Cemetery above.) Located on the west side of 355 at the Severn Creek bridge.

RUSSELL Cemetery : Located on Todd Road, off Sparta Pike on old Todd place.

SALEM CHURCH Cemetery : Located on Big Twin Creek Road, just west of the foot of Ball Ridge Road. Old, damaged, historic, still active.

SANDERS Cemetery: Located just east of KY 35/US 127 between the road and Cedar Creek, a mile south of Monterey. I think there are two cemeteries here, one an old church cemetery, somehow the Sanders name landed on both.

SANDERS #2 Cemetery : Located near Sanders and the Eagle Valley Recreation area.

SCOTT FAMILY Cemetery : Owen County

SEARCY Cemetery ...Now on Yancey farm in New Liberty, taken(?) from the Garvey farm outside New Liberty.

SEBREE Cemetery : Located several hundred yards off the road along Camp Branch near Rockdale on property owned by L. S. Massie during the 1960s.

SECOND BAPTIST Cemetery : Located on US 36/227 in New Liberty

SHARP-HUNTER Cemetery...not recorded : Located 1/2 mile north of the Owen-Franklin County line ne of 364 on a hillside up an old farm lane. Mostly fieldstones, 3 marked. Approx GPS: 38 21 15N, 084 46 17W

SHELTON Cemetery : Located near Monterey quadrangle, Epon Smith farm behind old house.

SMITH Cemetery : Located north of US 22 on the Smith Cemetery road about a mile west of the junction of 22 and the Long Ridge - Sweet Owen road at the Sweet Owen community.

SMITH #1 Cemetery : Located off KY 227

SMITH #2 Cemetery : Located on Lusby Mill & Hesler Road, KY 845.

SMITH #3 Cemetery : Located on the East Side of Cedar Creek, three miles from its mouth. Original church nearby.

SMITH #4 Cemetery : Located  back off the north side Buck Run Road about 2 miles west of Wheatley.

SMITH #5 Cemetery : Located Old New Liberty Road. Old Broadus place.

SMITHER #1 Cemetery : Located  south of Monterey on KY 897 "not far from road but not visible on the land of T. S. Spicer (1954).

SMITHER [2] Cemetery : Located on Ky 335.

SMOOT Cemetery : Located on River Road off KY 335 on Lena Park farm.

SNAPE Cemetery : Located on Golden Circle on Orville Prather farm.

SNODGRASS Cemetery : Located on the south side of Squiresville road just at the top of the Perry Park hill. About 50 yards from where the road turns east.

SOUDER Cemetery : Located on the west side of Pleasant Grove Road near the Lusby Mill/New Columbus precinct border (you can't miss it).

SOUTH FORK Cemetery : Owen County.

SOUTHWORTH Cemetery : Located on the dirt road beside Camp Branch about two miles from Caney Creek.

SPARKS & SMITHER Cemetery : Located 1 mile north of 127 on 355. Surrounded by fence, attended.

SPIERS Cemetery : Located on Point of Rock Road south of Monterey. CONDITION: Natural.

SQUIRESVILLE Cemetery : Located a half mile west of the village of Squiresville, on the north side of the Squiresville Road (County Road #1962). Headstone Photos  ;  Additional Headstone Photos

STAMPING GROUND Cemetery : Stamping Ground, Owen County

STEVENSON'S CHAPEL Cemetery (see ZION HILL Cemetery)

STEWART Cemetery : Located in Poplar Grove area, Owenton-Sparta Road, on Bond's Branch road.

SUGARCAMP Cemetery : Located on the farm south of the Harmony Bend about 300 yards near Elm Lick Branch.

THOMAS [1] Cemetery : Located off 127 at the Glencoe end on Martin Lane (aka Cook Road), near the end.

THOMAS [2] Cemetery : Located on the Gratz side of the Squiresville Road just after leaving the community of Squiresville heading east. The road turns due south and the cemetery is midway on the west side before the road turns back east. Map.


THORNTON Cemetery : Located 1/2 mile off US 127 on Cedar Creek Road. This cemetery is destroyed.

TOLBERT Cemetery : Located on Eden Shale estate.

TOWN Cemetery : Owenton

TRUE #1 Cemetery : Located on US 127 above Monterey, about a half mile north of the Franklin County line. On the east side of 127 at Gill Ridge Road, north of Gill Branch. Cemetery is fenced in a field.

 TRUE #2 Cemetery : Located on Pleasant Grove road about 3/4ths of mile south of the Souder cemetery. West side of road. About 1 1/2 miles due north of New Columbus. TYPE: unknown. CONDITION: unknown. GPS: 382912N, 843911W. TRUE #2 at Find-A-Grave.

TUCKER Cemetery : Located at Maple Grove Baptist Church.

UNKNOWN Cemetery No #1 : Located south of Golds Valley Road (off Long Ridge Road) on the east side of Snell Road about 1/2 mile below Franks Cemetery and similar distance above Hern Cemetery.

UNKNOWN Cemetery #2 : Located west of Huges Cemetery on the next Ridge about 300 yards from Hughes.

UNKNOWN Cemetery #3 : Located south of True Cemetery about a 1/2 mile, west off of Pleasant Grove Road. Near the end of a ridge farm about 400 yards from the road.

VALLANDINGHAM Cemetery : Located 300 feet west of Cull Road and on the first ridge south of Quisenberry Pike, about 3 miles from new Liberty. It had been marked by a double log cabin but that has been torn down recently. The farm has encroached upon the cemetery, folding stone walls inward, reducing its size by 2/3rds. Two stones still visible.

WAINSCOTT FAMILY Cemetery : Owen County

WALDROP Cemetery : Located very near the end of Harris Ridge Road, on the south side in a grove of trees.

WALLACE Cemetery : Located on US 22 below Squiresville Road. On the south side near and slightly below a lane called "Get A Way Place."

WATSON Cemetery : Located off KY 227 on Old Beechwood Road to the right of a dairy barn.

WEBSTER #1 Cemetery : Located on the NW corner of the junction of the old Frankfort Pike and (now old) 127.

WEBSTER #2 Cemetery : Located about a half mile down the first lane south on Dividing Ridge Road, just east of its junction with Herman Greene Road on land of Ken Webster. Map.

WHEATLEY Cemetery : Located in Wheatley near 227 junction with 669, SW on 669.


WHITE #1 Cemetery : Located south of Monterey on KY 897 "on land owned by George True and visible from the road (1954)."

WHITE [2] cemetery : Located in the New Columbus area.

WILHOITE [1] Cemetery : Located on KY 845

WILHOITE [2] Cemetery : Located in Hesler, on 227 on lane back of Amos Wilhoite's.

WILHOITE [3] Cemetery : Located on US 127, one mile s of junction with KY 845, on former Inez Oliver farm. Monterey Quadrangle.

WILLIAMS Cemetery : Located about a half mile south of the Pond Branch on the Sparks Mill road. On a hill facing the bend of the Kentucky river and surrounded by a stone wall.

WILLIAMS Cemetery : Located one mile of 607 on Towles Lane.

WORKS Cemetery : A family burial plot in a heavily wooded thicket located on the property of the late Wilford Smith.

WORLAND Cemetery : Located on the Old Todd farm, on Todd Road off Sparta Pike (this is not Russell cemetery)

WOOD #1 Cemetery : Located on Snell Road. Turn right off Golds Valley Road onto Snell/Martin Road...about one mile east of Hern Cemetery, south side, between barn & house on the road.

WOOD #2 Cemetery : Located off Sparta Road.

WRIGHT Cemetery : Located in New Columbus precinct, old J. B. Wright farm.

Betsy WRIGHT Cemetery : Located on Swope Road on old Donnie Rowlette farm in Hesler, se of Naill Cem.

YANCEY #1 Cemetery : Located  east of Cull on Pink Ridge off of Paint Lick Road (1761). Map.

YANCEY [2] Cemetery : Located on side of South Fork Road about half-way to Cull. Map.

ZION HILL Cemetery (aka Stevenson's Chapel): Located east of New Columbus about a mile near where old Dudley Pike joins with Leaning Oak Road. ZION HILL at Find-A-Grave.