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March 2015

Posted 03/16/15 Surname: Wheeler

I'm a junior in college, and I'm doing a genealogy project for one of my classes. My great-grandfather, Richard Wheeler, and his parents and siblings lived in Knifley around the turn of the last century.  I've found them in the census, but there are two things I'm running into a wall with.  One is finding information about the town.  I'm really coming up dry because of how small it is.  The other is finding vital records.  I've been searching at the county level and only getting spotty records (kept for a few years, then large gaps).  Can you offer any advice for where to look?  Thank you, Hannah Lee


Posted 03/08/15 Surname: Caffee

I am searching for my Great Grandparents death records and cemetery and have come up with absolutely zero. I am hoping you can help point me in the right direction. Great Grandfather is William H Caffee born in Adair county 1861, some records show an incorrect date of 1854. His parents are Wayne and Lucy Caffee. He died sometime after Jan 1899. I have no other information of his death. He married Cynthia A Beard, she died before 1899 but I have no other information on her death.  William married a Mary Pike Jan 11, 1899 and in a later Adair county census is shown as a widow. Hoping someone can help, Thanks, Joe and Lynelle Caffee

February 2015

Posted 02/19/15 Surname: Watson

This obit was sent to my grandma, Lena Watson Roberts, from Kentucky for John Tyler Watson his parents were Joel T. & Mintie Edrington Watson. There was no year on this but I found his death in the SS death index and John Tyler died 19 Jan 1980. Prior to that I had assumed it was an older death and had been sent to her father, Alexander Watson, which is not the case. He had died many years prior and this death was just 3 years prior to my grandmother’s death. We have had a devil of a time finding other family (above or beside)  for Alexander’s father Stephen Watson in either Tennessee/N.C. or Kentucky. I feel this obit might be the link we’ve been looking for as someone from Kentucky surely sent it to my grandmother and it was important enough to her for her to keep. If anyone has information about this family, please contact me... thanks, Janna Watson Craig


Posted 02/17/15 Surname: Baker

My father was Aarey Wallace Baker. Born Aug 8, 1917, I believe  he died 1957 in Cook Co. Ill. He was married to Cora Frances Freeman from Martin, Tn. They had a son Stanley Wallace  Baker & me. He had 12 brothers & sisters. I am looking for any information on this family... any help will be appreciated. Sheila Baker Parrott,

January 2015

Posted 01/17/15 Surname: Bryant

I am researching David Bryant born 10 Feb. 1808 in Adair county KY & died 30 May 1862 possibly Adair County KY.  He is buried in Ozark Adair County KY.  He was married to Sarah "Sallie" Grider.  Their son was James Clay Bryant.  I would love to know who David Bryant's family was.  Thanks for any help! Sue Meier ,

2014 Queries

Posted 11/17/14 Surname: White

Looking for Malinda Grider White who was buried at Smiths Chapel Cemetery in Gadberry, Adair County, Kentucky in 1900.     One of her daughters, Jennetta E. White, is my great-grandmother.   I am trying to find the connection  from Malinda Grider White to her father, Valentine Gryder, and mother, Mary Nancy Fugate, both of whom died in Kentucky. We know that Valentine Gryder and Mary Nancy Fugate were married by a Baptist preacher and we are also looking for baptismal records for Malinda Grider White but do not know how to begin our search for these old records.  Malinda was born in  1821-22.  I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me. Pete Castella,


Posted 08/30/14 Surname: McPherson

Looking for info on Elizabeth McPherson who was buried in Adair Co. in 1860. Her son married Catherine Shepherd in Logan Co.Ky.Not sure if some of the Shepherd family moved to Adair Co was why she would have been buried there,.She was born in Scotland in 1783 Marr William Mcpherson in Logan Co.Ky Thank you,  Jean Burton,


Posted 08/02/14 Surname: Wilson

WILSON:  Does anyone know the first names of my 4th great grandparents?  I am descended from Rev Samuel Wilson (3rd great grandfather) born in Rockbridge Co., VA @1794.  His parents moved to Adair Co. when he was "a small boy".  He married Sarah McCrosky in Scott County in 1827 & was ordained in the Transylvania Prespytery in 1828.  The 1830 census has him in Columbia with a daughter (Elvira Jane Wison).  Rev Wilson was supposedly the oldest of at least 4 brothers.  He freed his inherited slaves & sent them to Liberia in June 1833.  He moved to Rushville, IL in 1834 & died in Momouuth, IL in 1847.  Do I have cousins in Adair? Thanks for any help! Marj Wilson

Posted 07/14/14 Surname: Grant

My name is Marshall K. Grant. I am the great grandson of Albert Franklin (“A.F”. – 1850-1925) who, along with his wife Matilda and five children, left Adair County in the late 1890’s and relocated to Indian Territory, near what now is Hartshorne in Oklahoma, my home state. I am writing to ask for assistance in locating information about A.F.’s grandfather, Michael…my great, great, great grandfather.

A.F.’s father was Eli Grant (1813-1874), who is buried in the Grant Cemetery at Glen’s Fork. Eli and wife Frances had at least six children: Joseph M., Sarah M. “Sallie” (Walkup), Huldah (Strange), Albert Franklin, Eli, and Rosaline “Rosa” (Strange). Other children may include John Milton and N.H.(sons), and Mary Jane and Victory F. (daughters).

At this point, the line becomes confusing. Eli’s father, Michael, is believed to have been born between 1761 and 1767, either in Virginia or North Carolina, and to have died in Adair County between 1850 and 1854. Although there is evidence he was in Kentucky as early as 1788, I have documentation that, in 1806, Michael Grant received a Kentucky Land Grant for 400 acres in Adair County, near the Pettit’s (now Petty’s?) Creek water course. He appears to have spent the rest of his life in Adair County, appearing in the 1850 census as a member of son Eli’s 12-person household located in District 1. His wife, Jane (Mear) is listed as age 76.

I have been unable to confirm that Michael is buried in Glen’s Fork Cemetery with son Eli, nor have I located him in any of the several other Adair County cemeteries with multiple Grant graves. In addition, I am most interested to learn something about Michael’s mother and father, for whom I have no information other than a reported 1770 document from Rowan County, North Carolina, that suggests a Michael Grant, age 3, was indentured to a William Grant to learn the “art and mastery of a weaver”. This document states that Michael and his sister Rachel, age 12, are the “orphans of James Grant, deceased”. I have found no other dependable information about James Grant.

It is my hope that I have relatives living in Adair County who might be able to shed some light on Michael and his background. I would be very appreciative of any assistance. Thanks very much, Marshall K. Grant

Posted 04/12/14 Surname: Collins

I have hit a brick wall in my search for Samuel Collins. He was a resident of Adair County and lived and died near Montpelier about 1834-1835. He was married to Agnes's/Nancy Maxwell in Winchester Co., VA in 1810.  They had12 children, one - Nathaniel Maxwell Jackson - is my ancestor. My problem is that I have not found definite proof of his presence. Census, tax rolls, land deeds, all are dead ends. All my search is based on written family records which - for his children at least - match other records. I know he was in Adair Co. Help! Richard Collins,

Posted 03/28/14 Surname: Thomas

RE: ARW Land Grant #551 on Russell Creek for LUCAS, Thomas, May 1783:
Thomas Lucas of Orange County VA  received a land grant #551 on 6 May 1783. This was for service in the VA 1st during the ARW. The survey of the land mentions "Russell Creek" as the only waterway. The KY Secretary of States Office site, from Gazetteer of Early Kentucky, shows that the only Russell Creek was in the Military District, Green, Adair, Russell County.
Thomas and his family appear in the Scott County KY tax records in 1810. Thomas died in Scott County in 1833. I can't find the Lucas family in Adair County. Could his land grant have been in Adair County and yet he settled in Scott County? Any assistance in locating Russell Creek in 1783 or land transfer, would be greatly appreciated. Trying to document Thomas as a Patriot for DAR. Thanks in advance, Charlotte Olson,

Posted 03/24/14 Surname: Morgan

I am trying to find birth records for George Morgan, born 1810 in Adair County, Kentucky.  Specifically, I am looking for the names of his mother and father.  My family history records (handwritten, I'm afraid) say he was born to Patrick Morgan, who in turn was born in Ireland and was the son of Lewis T. Morgan and Rachel Huffman. Patrick immigrated to the US and had a brother named Thomas, who (accordingly to this history record) was captured and raised by Indians until almost grown.  Quite a history!  I know George Morgan married Delila(h) Bishop in 1827 at the ripe old age of 16 (!!), and they had a son named Hiram Stillwell Morgan who married Amandi Fite and had a son named Jefferson Morris Morgan. All public family trees say George Morgan's father was Thomas (the brother of Patrick I am guessing) but obviously my family history disagrees, so I am trying to find the birth record for George Morgan. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated!! Laurel Hayles,

Posted 03/12/14 Surname: Richards/Bradbury

I am looking for information about Samuel Richards born in Tenn. married Rhoda Bradbury in 1849 in Adair co. She died in 1897 and is buried in Rowetown cemetery. Samuel lived with son James in Adair co. in 1900. James's children were
Ada and Anna. Any help will be appreciated, Gilbert Richards,

Posted 03/01/14 Surname: Rodgers/Rogers

I am trying to find the birth parents for James B Rodgers born 1809 in Adair Co Ky.  I have seen some sites that think it might be Elijah Rodgers and Prudence? But I can't find any evidence to prove that. Thank you for your help, Cheri Maddux,

Posted 02/17/14 Surname: Dooley

Searching for ANY info for Milton H.Dooley b.1828 who married Amanda F. Neat. Appreciate any help!! Thanks, Kay Pierce,

Posted 02/09/14 Surname: McGaha

My grandfather was Elihue McGaha.he lived with his family in Adair county in Knifely and surrounding area. His father I am told was James Allen McGaha and his mother was Manervia Ray but I am having trouble vertifying this. Can any one help me? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Debbie Criscillis,

Posted 02/02/14 Surname: Scott

I am searching for the parents of Cyrus Crawford Scott, born 1798 in Columbia, Adair County, Ky.  Married to Elizabeth A. Westerfield in Mercer Co, KY 1816.  They lived in Columbia until 1843 when the family moved to Limestone, Alabama. Any help would really be appreciated! Thanks, Jefferson McKinley Ramsey,

Posted 01/11/14 Surname: Fletcher/Stotts

I am looking for evidence (marriage cert. etc.) of my third great grandparent's marriage in Adair Co, Ky.  The names are John Fletcher (1810-1880) and Paulina Ann Stotts (1813-1861).  I have seen a marriage date of 10 Apr 1833 but cannot verify it with an actual record.  Could anyone assist me with this? Thank you, Terry Roll Lauritsen,

Posted 01/04/14 Surname: Epperson/Wolford

My connection to Adair Co and Russell Co Ky is thru Mary Jane Epperson and John Wolford. They were married in Russell Co in 1848 and moved to Texas ca 1855.  I am trying to locate Mary Jane Epperson's family.  My closest 'guess' is perhaps the William and Elizabeth Montgomery Epperson family. They were the parents of 3 daughters and 5 sons one of them being John
Jefferson Epperson born in 1823.  They also had a daughter, Mary, who was born in 1820. Is this my Mary Jane? Does
anyone know the children's names of William and Elizabeth Epperson? Any help will be appreciated! Angie Smith,