Henry County Obituary Records -

These records are a PARTIAL extract of the Henry County Local (HCL) Obituaries. These records range from the early 1900's to the present day and were Submitted By: the contributor listed below. Not all the obituaries contained during the years of the newspaper have been extracted. Please use this information as a starting point for your own research.

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John Nalley, Sr.

John Nalley, Jr.

Clarence Nash

Jack Nash

Dr. William Gill Nash, Sr.

Clifford Nation

William Nation

Jewell H. Nay

Bernard E. Neal

Bernard Neal

Bernice Neal

Infant Neal

Marshall Neal

Gary Neale

Annie T. Neblett

Sanford B. Neblett 

Thomas Evans Neblett

Dorothy Nelson

Fred Nelson

Hertle Nelson

Isabel Nelson

J. W. Nelson

Louis Nelson

Martha Nelson

Mamie Nelson

Michael Nelson

Robert Nelson

Walter Nelson

Vincent “Butch” Neser

Bennie S. Nevill

William Neville

Charles Nevitt

Allie New

Mary Melear New

Lee Newman

Lena Newman

Mary Newman


Zenah Bryant Newman

Willie Newman

Mary Newton

Virgil Newton, Sr.

Wesley Newton

Earl Nicholas, Sr.

Earl Eugene Nichols, Jr.

Garvin Nichols

Kelley Nichols

W. I. “Nick” Nichols

Grover T. “TY” Noe

Kesler Noe

Morris Noe

Russell Noe

Sarah J. Noe

Stith Noe

Mrs. W. E. Noe

Boyd Noel

Dora Noel

Vernon Noel

Berdine Nolin

Ellie Louise Nolin

Frank Nolan

Roy Wilburn Nolin

Thomas Nolin

Raymond Norman

Raymond L. Norman, Sr.

Alice Jay North

Julia North

Maggie North

Rosella North

Ann G. Norton

Bernice Norton 

Juanita Norton

Dr. Wyatt Norvell

Rev. C. J. Nugent

John Nuttall

Jeanetta Nutgrass