Henry County Obituary Records -

These records are a PARTIAL extract of the Henry County Local (HCL) Obituaries. These records range from the early 1900's to the present day and were Submitted By: the contributor listed below. Not all the obituaries contained during the years of the newspaper have been extracted. Please use this information as a starting point for your own research.

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Ida Wachter

Brittany Caroline Wade

Carl Wade

Eva Gordon (Mrs. W. R.) Wade

Georgia Ann Gillespie Wade

Mary Wade

Nettie Wade

Juanita Robinson Wade

Willie Ray Wade

Truman Waford

David E. Wainscott

Ernest Wainscott

G. E. Wainscott

Roy Wainscott

Ruth Wainscott

Bessie Wyland Waite

Ada Belle “Mrs. Robert” Waits

Robert Waits

Stanley John Walenczyk, Jr.

Mary Walker

George Walker

George E. Walker

James Walker

John W. Walker

Lewis H. Walker, Col. U.S. Air Force, Ret.

Luther Walker

Mary Bell Walker

Mildred Walker

Orville Walker

Rickey Lee Walker

Sallie Walker

Mrs. William Walker

Bertha R. Wallace

Clyde Wallace

Ebenezer “Ebb” Robert Wallace III

E. R. Wallace

Eugene O. Wallace

Joe Morris Wallace

John Perry Wallace

Joseph Wallace

Louise Wallace

Mayble Wallace

Nancy Ivers Wallace

Ross Coleman Wallace, Jr.

Ross Wallace

Sylvan Wallace

Charles Waller

Neva Walling

James Walters, Jr.

Lillian Walters

Catherine Ward

Charles Ward

Avery Wardrup

John Warner

James Warren

Lane Warren

John Wash

Charlie Washburn

Clarence A. Washburn

Edith Washburn

Elizabeth Washburn

Joe Washburn

Lou Washburn

Rosa Washburn

Viola Washburn

W. M. Washum

Mrs. W. M. Washum 

Nadine Wathen

Joyce Watkins

Richard Watkins

H. T. Watkins

W. T. Watkins

Almira Watson

Anthony Watson

John T. Watson

Jack Watts

Jerome B. Way

Lucinda Way

Claude Wayne

Barbara Ann Webb

Chester Webb

Richard Webb

Phyllis Webster

Evon Ellis Webster

Doris Weeks

Patrick Weeks, Sr.

Everett Weidekamp

Priscilla Weikel

Michael Wells

Virginia Wells

Herbert Welsh

Herbert “Eane” Welsh

Laverne Welsh

Mary Welsh

Cathryn Mable Manley Wentworth

Fannie Wentworth

Shelby H. “Pockets” Wentworth

Wallace Wentworth

Charles West

Clyde West

Elsie West

Leona West

Phyllis R. Truman West

James Clark West

Mildred West

Phyllis West

Joseph Whaley

Bettie Wheeler

Elnora Wheeler

Orem Adair Wheeler

Daniel Whigham

Lillie Whitaker

William Whitaker

Dick White

Howard “Red” White, Jr.

Olivia White

Sallie White

William White

Mary Whitfield

T. C. Whitehead

Lee Whittinghill

Hugh Wilborn

Benjamin Wilcke

Bobby Wiley

Barbara Sue Willard

Shane Willard

Denise Willhite

Fronie Downey Willhite

Jane Willhite

Roberta Willhite

Roy Willhite

Russell Willhite

Shirley Willhite

Thomas Willhite

Brian Wilhoite

Elizabeth “Punkin” Willhoite

Billie Joe Williams

Charles Williams

Charles N. Williams

Dora Williams

Elsie Williams

James Williams

James Williams, Sr.

Joel Williams

John Williams, Jr.

John L. Williams

Joyce Williams

Lura Williams

Marion Williams

Mary Williams

Mildred Williams

Stella Williams

Kenneth Williamson

Frank Willis

James Willis

Lenora Willis

Porter Willis

Elizabeth Willett

Ernest Willoughby, Jr.

Lucille Willoughby

Belle Wills

Dorothy Wills

Ernest C. Wills


Jackie Wills

John D. Carroll Wills

Landon Wills

Landon Wills

Lucy Wills

Rebecca Wills

Alma Wilson

Anna Wilson

Annabelle ‘Bee” Wilson

Bertie Wilson

Betty Wilson

Betty Wilson

Charlie H. Wilson

Clarence Wilson

Dave Wilson

David Wilson

Doris Wilson

Douglas C. Wilson

Earl Wilson

Glenn Wilson

Grace Wilson

J. H. Wilson, Sr.

Joseph “Joe” Wilson

Joseph O. Wilson

Joyce Wilson

Lillian Wilson

Lizzie Wilson

Lorene Wilson

Louise Meek Wilson

Marian Wilson

Mark Wilson

Mary Wilson

Maurice Wilson

Melvin Wilson

Minnie Wilson

Minnie Katherine Wilson

Nadine Wilson

Naomi Wilson

Olynthus Wilson

Patricia Wilson

Rachel Wilson

Raymond Wilson

Rebecca “Pink” Wilson

Robert Wilson

Roger Wilson

Roy Chester Wilson

Sam Wilson, Jr.

Shawn Wilson

Simon Wilson

Tracy Wilson

Velma Wilson

Vicki Wilson

PFC. Charles Winburn

David Winburn

Douglas “Dougie” Winburn

George Winburn

Irene Winburn

James Thomas Winburn

Leeroy Winburn

Martha Winburn

Paul M. Winburn

Stanton Winburn

Stanton Ford Winburn

Thomas Winburn

Robert H. Winburn

Robin L. Windsor

Stephen Winegarden

Lula Wingham

Wilma Winiecki

Betty Winters

Gladys Winters

James Winters

John Allen Winters

Latha Winters

Stella Winters

Tommy Winters

Edward Wisdom

Emma Wise

Marvin W. Wise

Edward Wiseman

Nellie Wiseman

Alice Witt

Mike Wix

Addie (Mrs. John) Woirhaye

Lucy Woirhaye

Ina Wojtas

Betty Wolf

F. W. Wolfe

Johnny Wombles

Mrs. John Woirhaye

Albert Wood

Albert R. Wood

Alfred M. Wood

Catherine Wood

Christine Wood

Dorothy Gardner Wood

Dr. George Wood

Helen Wood

Helen Pile Wood

Joe Wood

Mrs. Joe (Lillie Bell) Wood

Judy Wood

Julian Wood

Luther Wood

Maggie F. Wood

Malissie Wood

Martha Wood

Mary Gladys Wood

Mary Swain Wood

Mrs. Montra (Effie Lena) Wood

Pauline Wood

Ralph Wood

Rose Wood

Sally L. Wood

William Wood

Callie Woods

Charles N. Woods

Connie Woods

Dorothy Woods

Georgia B. Shelton Woods

Hattie Woods

Iva F. Woods

James Woods

Jesse Woods, Sr.

Jesse Woods, Jr.

Kathryn Woods

Marvin Woods

Michael “Andy” Woods

Pete Woods

Richard Woods, Jr.

Sandra Woods

Sharon Woods

Thomas Woods

Tonya Woods

Virgil Woods, Sr.

Wheeler Woods

William Woods

Minnie Smith Wooldridge

R. S. Wooldridge

Vicky Wooten

Diana Woosley

Earl Woosley, Sr.

Marty Woosley

Wayne D. Woosley

Darlene Wortham

Bobby Wright

Carroll Wright

Catherine Wright

Dorothy Wright

Elnor Wright

Fannie Wright

Forest B. Wright

James Wright

Janet Wright

John Wright, Jr.

Mary Alice Wright

Melvyn Wright

Melvyn Wright, Sr.

Nicole Wright

Nina Wright

Omer Wright

Richard Wright, Jr.

Rose Thomas Wright

Stephanie Wright

W. W. Wright

William J. Wright

Edmond Wyatt, Sr.

Linda Wyatt