Adair County Marriages

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Adair Marriages Performed by Rev. Henry Winfrey  NEW!!!!

Marriage Records in the State of Kentucky - Why can't I find my ancestor's?

Lost Marriage Bonds of Adair County  

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Rubarts - Neal Elopement - 1914

Alexander - Simpson Nuptials - 1910

Pendleton - Adams Marriage - 1855

Elopements of Adair Countians

recorded in the Adair County News, 1900-1910

Squires - Dohoney 1909

Cheatham - Dohoney 1907  

 Crystal Green & Ruby Mason Marriage - 1946

Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Goode 60th Wedding Anniversary - 1946

Blair - Smythe Nuptuals - 1937

Jackman - Graham Wedding Announcement


Nathaniel & Simeon Bratcher Marriage Bonds

Dominicus Harden & Susie Hughes - 1904

Richard Roe & Florence McKinney - 1899

Adair County Marriages 1834 - 1835

Wedding Announcements

Adair Residents Married in another County

Mattie Roberts to Murray Pennell - 1908

Ida Triplett to Mont Reynolds - 1900

Nettie Price - 1900

 Eva Jones to Mont Bennett - 1900

Marriage Bond of Philip S. Jones and Elizabeth Humphrees -1839. 



 Alfred A. Mcallister and Elizabeth Ann Floyd

 William Frank Martin and Laura B. Mcallister

 Marriage Bond of Bessie Lee Martin & Tom Gilpin

Contributed By: Julie Click

Adair County Marriages 1985 - 1999 submitted by Joseph Simpson

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Adair Co. Marriages - Surnames "A" - 1973 thru 1984 submitted by Joseph Simpson

Marriage Bond for Benjamin Elisha Lane and Sarah Belle Smith submitted by Julie Click

 Burton Brides & Grooms up to 1910 submitted by Jason Harmon

  Smith Family Marriages submitted by Marilyn Fair

  Marriage License for Lilburn Shepherd and Montra Harmon - 1922 (written in pencil) Submitted By: Morris Shepherd

 Marriage Notices for 1939

 Marriage Notices for 1941

The following Adair Co. marriage records were taken from the South Central Kentucky-L archives, with the generous permission of Sandra Gorin.... thank you Sandi! I will be adding additional records in the next few weeks. Please Note: these marriage records are for ALL years and are not in order.

Adair County Marriages, 1802-1840
Aaron - Ballinger Barron - Blankenship
Bolen - Bryant Buckhanon - Combs
Compton - Curry Dillingham - Elliott
Janes - Lester Kearns - McClain
McFall - McPeak  
Adair Co. Marriages after 1840
 Bryant - Burriss
 Burton - Bybee  Cabbell - Carson
 Carter - Cofer  Coffey - Compton
 Conner - Coomer  Corbin - Damron
 Daniel - Dohoney  Dooley - East
 Estep - Ewing  Edrington - England
 England - Ewing  Farlee - Fletcher

 Fees - Fleming

 Flick - Frazer
 Frost - Giles  Fletcher - Gayle
 Gentry - Gifford

 Gilbreath - Goudge

 Gill - Grant Graves - Harvey
 Grant - Hanson  Hardin - Hial
 Hays - Hopper  Hopper - Hutchinson
Hill - Hopkins

 Humphrey - Hutcherson

Janes - Jesse  Ingles - Jackson

 Ingles - Jameson

Johnson - Jude

Karnes - Kerns

Killman - Lawson
Leach - Long Loveall - Marshall
Martin - McDonald McElroy - McWhorter

Meader - Monday

Monroe - Morgan
Morris - Mullens Murrah - Overton
Pablio/Pablis - Patterson Pelley - Pettey
Pickett - Powell Prentice - Redman
Reece - Rippetoe Roach - Rogers
Romine - Rutledge Sanders - Sharp
Shaw - Sims Sinclair - Smith
Snow - Stapp Stayton - Stotts
Strange - Taylor Thomas - Triplett
Tucker - Tweedy Vance - Walker
Walkup - West Wesley - Wilcox
Wilcox - Willis Wilmore - Woodward
Winfrey - Woodram Wooten - Young


Additional Adair Co. Marriage Records....

Adair Countians married in Cumberland County

Whitlock Marriages

Metcalfe Co. Marriages with Connections to Adair Co.

Caffee & Williams Marriages in Adair Co.

Early Meridith Marriages in Adair Co.

Early Marriages in Adair County  

Helm Marriages in Adair County

Keeton Marriages in Adair County

Bailey & Gill Marriages

Marriage Bond of John Creel & Molly Casey

Marriage Bond of Durham Creel & Polly Smith

Marriage Bond of Andrew Murcer & Mary Jane Townsend

Marriage Bond of Simon Creel & Matilda Waggener

Adair County Marriage Records 1822 - 1845 (partial)

McGaha Marriages of Adair Co.

Marriage Records at RootsWeb

Marriage Bond of Isaac C. Curry

 Adair Co. Marriages, 1834-1835

Adair County Marriages from KY Footsteps


Additional Adair County Marriages

William E Garland age 18 to Nancy Pickett Brown age 19 married Dec 1,1904.

This from "Adair County, Kentucky Marriages, 1802-1840", published by the Adair County Genealogical Society in 1998, page 65:

Pettyjohn, Jacob and Polly Cumpton, dau of Ebenezer Cumpton. 21 Dec. 1818. Attest William Cumpton.

Pettyjohn, James and Nancy T. Smith. Attest John Smith. Married 29 Mar 1827 by Hardwick.

Pettyjohn, John and Jane Smith. Marrie 29 Mar 1827 by Hardwick.


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